Food prepared with love… What is that anyway?

Have you ever had a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend make you something to eat?

Do you find it tastes better? It could be anything, a peanut butter sandwich, a grilled cheese, or a steak. Food prepared with “love” in mind, seems to taste better. Why is that?

Simply put, when someone that cares about you cooks, and prepares a meal for you.. there is more care taken to the dish. You won’t get burnt toast. You won’t get burnt food. You’ll get carefully seasoned and prepared food, because the person cares…

When you cook with love, you are actually going that extra mile to prepare it right.

Now, we’ve all eaten in grease pits before. Where they slop the sandwich or burger together, with “time” (instead of love) being their momentum.

Rushed food never tastes the same as food make with love.

(Similarily, frozen food NEVER tastes the same as fresh neither).

So at this point, you might be asking, or wondering.. What is my point? Why are we talking about food prepared with love… ?

Quite simply: someone has to talk about it. It happens everyday, and no one seems to recognize it as being something special.

A grilled cheese is two pieces of bread, butter/margarine and cheddar cheese fried in a pan…

BUT NOT when it is made with love…

Then it is, two pieces of carefully selected bread. butter/margarine spread thinly, and to the corners… Cheddar cheese that is freshly sliced, or even if it is processed, it is placed on the bread in such a fashion that it completely covers the bread slice. The sandwich while it cooks is watched like a hawk. If the pan gets too hot, it is flipped over. When you make grilled cheese with love, there is NEVER any burning. When it is ready, you cut it carefully and perfectly, and you serve it right away.

…and then there is the psychological effect by the “eater”…

When someone you love walks toward you, with something they cooked or created for you… Smiles and says here you go “hunnie”….

It’s that magical angel dust in the air, that turns a sandwich into something spectacular. Someone spent the time and effort into cooking for you… with love… How could you not appreciate it?

Now some of you may think I’ve beaten this topic to death.. and to those of you that say that, I have one thing to say…

“Food prepared with love” isn’t something I came up with.. we’ve all heard it before. Perhaps I’m the first one to analyze and talk about it openly and publically?

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  1. Radha says:

    you are definitely onto something but would be good to put some facts in here to back it up:)

    Perhaps you’re familiar with Dr. Emoto’s Water

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