Kentucky Grilled Chicken: Is it finger licking good?


We recently tried Kentucky Grilled Chicken.  Here’s our review. First of all, I appreciate how much healthier grilled chicken is for you, and it makes taking home quick meal worthwhile.

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However one of the things we noticed is that they also include lots of honey flavored packets. They almost encourage you to put some of the honey on top of the chicken.  When you do, it really enhances the flavor — but now you’re back to square one again. The honey packets add a lot of calories and it’s akin to putting on a bunch of sugar on top of your chicken.

We should all just familiar with the new Grilled Chicken flavor, and forget about the honey packets altogether.

Chicken pieces cooked at home, requires you to go to the store, buy it, store it (often the freezer), defrost it. It usually takes a lot of cleanliness to avoid raw chicken from contaminating your kitchen. In addition, it requires your oven to be on at 350 degrees for an hour which increases your hydro bill. There is more energy wasted when you are washing out roasting pans, etc.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken is a nice quick healthy meal, ready when you are — and there is no problem feeding it to your family. Just watch out for the unhealthy sides. The macaroni and cheese side dish is loaded with calories, so is the gravy that inevitably coats the mashed potatoes.  The corn cobs are good and the calories they offer are natural, and a good choice.

I think that KFC is doing something right with their Grilled Chicken, and I encourage you to try it before something happens where they realize it is not a big seller. I don’t know how well their sales are doing – but I hope it remains a part of their permanent menu.

I wish there were more fast food restaurants dealing in healthy alternatives, but at a decent cost.

For instance, if I buy a chicken salad at a restaurant, I’d rather be paying $2.99 than $6.99 — lettuce is not expensive, and the tiny bit of chicken they include doesn’t cost a lot either. I find that a lot of healthy alternatives cost more, without any good reason. They just figure that the demographic that actually buys the healthier choices is use to paying more money – so most restaurants up the price on healthier items.

Let’s tax fat, and high calories instead. Make it that unhealthy eating “costs more” and we’d find a better, more slimmer society that is healthier and more productive. This is how we can make our country’s productivity level increase, simply by having a better diet.

I should not be able to get a double cheeseburger from McDonalds for $1.99 – if I want to have something unhealthy like that, it should cost me $5.99. But if I want a chicken salad with a lite dressing — that  instead should be $1.99 making healthy food more accessible and affordable.

Have you tried Kentucky Grilled Chicken? Did you like it either way (with or without) the honey packets?


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