New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

The best part of every new year, is that we bring it in the same way.  A celebration!  Good friends, good times, good music, good food and drink, what a better way to kick off this holiday? If you’re throwing a New Years Eve party this year, now is the time to start thinking ahead.  There are things you can do to make your party a real hit.

What everybody always does (yawn):

a) Put out food and munchies

b) Have mixes and ice

c) Has the stereo going with decent music

d) Watch the apple drop (east coast), or the space needle drop (west coast) on TV

e) Invite a bunch of friends over. Watch as the night progresses and people drink themselves silly.

That’s often usually good enough – and fine, but wouldn’t you rather do something a bit more special this year?

Here’s some New Years Eve party ideas:

1) Setup a group game like Pictionary or Win, Lose, or Draw.

Basically all you do is get a whiteboard (with dry erase markers) or even a chalk board will do
Visit a thrift store, and you can find actual Pictionary cards, or even simple Trivia cards can work too, where the answers can words you have to draw

The idiotic drawings people inevitably make bursts the room into laughter, almost every time.

2) Karaoke

No body wants to sing at the beginning of the night, but by the time the night is over, everyone finds themselves wanting to be on the mic.

Karaoke machines are cheap these days. You can pick one up for under $100, they usually connect to your big screen TV with RCA cables too!

They need CD+G compact discs, but these are easily found. Just contact your local Target, Walmart, or Best Buy – they know what you are looking for..

3) Who am I game

Everyone gets a piece of paper taped to them with a famous person written on it.  They can only ask questions that yield a yes or no answer.

For instance, if you had Elvis taped to your forehead or your back. You’d ask questions like, “Am I man?”, “am I a musician?”, “am I alive or dead?”

Certain famous people would yield interesting questions, and interesting answers. Think of controversial famous people and it’ll be a hoot.

4) Quarters: Drinking Game

All it requires is a quarter and a cup.  Each player tries to bounce a quarter off the table. If they succeed in getting it to land into the cup, they

can appoint anyone else to have to take a drink.  If the player misses, they take a drink.

5) Make up the best man

First two male contenders.  Each man goes into a separate room, and the room splits off into two teams. Try and see who can create the best wo-MAN with makeup.

There are hundreds more – you can Google them into your heart is content.  Planning one or two of these for your guests will make the night a lot more memorable and generate a lot of laughs.  Get creative and think of some ideas that you think your guests would be willing to do..

I’d be interested in hearing any of your own ideas that you’ve tried before, and turned out to be a real hit. For me, the Win, Lose, or Draw / Pictionary idea works well every time, but we only do it after people have a buzz on and their guard is down.  It is not something you want to try too early in the evening.

Have a safe, fun, New Years Eve!

Your comments?

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