Stupid kids: School notes and detention

Two days ago the Orthodontist has their automated dialer call saying my 16 year old son has an appointment on Thursday at 2:30pm. I immediately write him a note to get out of class and bring it to his room. His girlfriend is laying in his bed with the covers up to her neck, my son is a little red faced, somewhat annoyed and embarrassed at the same time because I’m interrupting him. I hand him the note, and he says, I don’t need a note, I can just leave during 3rd block. I said well take the note anyway, just in case, throw it in your wallet – you never know. He insists the note is useless and there is no point to it.

I said well its my job as the parent to ensure you have the note, if you don’t want it, then what you do with it is up to you. I just recommend you keep it on you incase someone questions you while your leaving or later, etc. That same night we chat a bit about the appointment and I say, remember your appointment, and remember to keep the note somewhere on your body. He says “yeah” to shrug me off, and I drop it.

The next day, wouldn’t you know it that he calls me from school at 1:20pm all panic stricken. I’m at school and about to leave class for my appointment, and I can’t find the note anywhere. I need it.  My teacher says that If I leave without having my parent note it I’ll get a detention. Can you please call the school for me? So I call the school. Pretty interested how he fought me on taking the note in the first place, and then he calls all panicky when at school because he doesn’t have a note…

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