People who stare at restaurants! What is their problem?

Ever sit in a restaurant, look over, and you see someone staring you, or the people you are with? Often it is an older couple, usually in their late 50’s, mid-60’s. They sit right next to each other, so they can have the same viewing angle.

These people watch people walk into the restaurant, they watch how people behave, they watch walk towards the watchroom. They just take in the scenery together. They NEVER talk to each other other than in the form of a quiet whisper and a slight nod towards whoever they happen to be talking about.

It’s the busy body disease. These people are have such shallow souls that they need to judge each and every person they see in a public place in order to feel better about themselves.

You can almost hear what they’re talking about…

“Oh, look at what she ordered! My god, she’s not going to eat all that is she?”

“Look at the small tear in that guys shirt? Do you think he knows it?”

“Hey, see the guy sitting next to the lady we just talked about? Look how dirty his shoes are! Isn’t that discusting?”

“Oh no, look at this guy, he looks like he won’t be able to afford his dinner. I wonder what he’s going to order”

“Look at that mother, why doesn’t she stop her 2 year old from fussing like that?”

People, they created dinner theaters for a reason. If you want to be entertained, do it at a dinner theatre. Don’t make the general public your personal clowns. We’re here to enjoy our dinner, and you make it very difficult when everytime we lookup from our plate, we see your ugly face staring..

I find that couples who cannot chit chat among themselves, have very dull dreary marriages, and they depend on getting out in public and watching and judging everyday people to take away their boredom.

Usually I will just disregard and ignore them. However in extreme cases where you look up at the person, and stare back, and they are so secure into their own comfort zone that they do not shyly look away for a second.. It is these aggressive starers that I hate the most.

These are the ones that aren’t still judging you, but have passed judgement on you, and they think they are better than you. You look back, and they’re not afraid. After all “you” are the freak in their mind. How dare you stare backat us?

Well when that does not work, I will often approach these insecure, shallow people, and I’ll start up a conversation. Sometimes I’ll start with “do I know you? I notice you’ve been staring at our table a lot tonight, so perhaps we know each other?”

It usually takes them about 5 seconds for their fixed glaze to wear off, and then to immediately begin to think “uhn, no! I’m uhh, no I don’t know you”. You can see the surprise on their face when they switch from stare, to shock.

Now you’ve called them out. Now they are no longer in their comfort zone. Now the spotlight has shifted from you to them, and they NEVER want to be in the spotlight. They hate this so much. Usually that does the trick.

Now everytime you look up, they will look away, or they simply will not look at you again. They are so afraid you are going to walk over and catch them in a conversation again. They want to be the audience, but not part of the act. By dragging them into your world, you make them a part of you, which they never want. They want disassociation, prejudgement, and the feeling of being an elitist. How can they do that while you are speaking with them?

The problem with these people, is that the next time they go out to dinner, they’ll do it again. They’ve turned their staring habit into such a routine, that they can barely eat without starting and judging someone. They’ve done it so many times that they can’t stop themselves.

It is rude to stare. It is socially unacceptable to stare. Staring is threatening to the person who is being stared at. In the animal kingdom, staring often happens just before an attack.

It is natural for staring to be an act of hostility towards you and it should not be tolerated!

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