Freegans & Wasted Edible Food: Witness this!

Today I was at the green composting center where you can drop off your yard waste, tree trimmings, and other compost material.  When I arrived, I was stunned to see the following massive waste of food:


It must have been about 900 lbs of apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, bananas, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, even bread! Worse yet, the food wasn’t rotten. It was simply bruised in some way or another.  This food could have been cleaned, and the bad parts sliced off.  Completely edible. At the very minimum, it could be made into soups, stews, even fed to chickens or pigs.  This is good food that is left now to rot and be composted.

They had bunches of bananas with small black spots on them. Perfect for making a lovely banana bread.

The food had SKU sticker codes on them, which meant this all came from a grocery store or commercial fruit stand.

When a grocery store wastes this much raw product, it simply means they have to compensate for the loss, by raising their regular food prices.  Could this be a clear example as to why food costs are as high as they are these days?  If the grocery store is throwing out 900 lbs of food, where do they recover that loss? On your next grocery bill!

This amounts to simple mismanagement at the grocery store. Not having enough SALE items, and overcharging for their food in the first place. Under no circumstance should 900 lbs of salvageable edible food be thrown out this way. At the very minimum, contact some soup kitchens, or some farmers with livestock who could use this stuff. Why let it rot and decompose?

If a truck dumped this off in a starving nation like Ethiopia or Uganda, this 900 lb waste would be 95% used.

What a wasteful society. I’ve heard about this, but never seen it before myself.

Now I have – and it’s a real shock.

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