Bloggers want comments. Readers just want to consume.

This is a rant. Bloggers, people who take the time to sit and type from their heart to the internet feel that it is worthwhile as long as someone is listening out there. All it takes is a few comments from their readers like “I agree” for it to be worthwhile. Yet comments are like pulling teeth.

I, myself am guilty of the same thing. I love blogs. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them. When I come across a decent blog post, I’m ecstatic that someone took the time to write it.  Rarely do I comment though, and I should. Here I am writing blog posts and getting very little, to no feedback.

Bloggers need to understand, that in order to get more comments, you simply need to giveaway a free iPad or iPhone, or something like that… (that’s half joking and half serious).

…but we are all dumbfounded on what to say. It’s easier to read a post, gain the benefit of it, and click off and leave.   That may be easier for the reader, but it’s really tough on the blogger who spends the time to write the blog post.  I fully expect this particular post will yield hardly any comments, and if it does, it means I’m right! 🙂

If you, yourself, is stumped, and won’t leave a comment below, is that what you look like? (See the cartoon pic above).  Are you puzzled and too busy to write a sentence saying things like “I liked what you wrote…. or I understand, and agree… etc, etc”

The internet is such an evolving place, yet we’re all abusing it.  It’s suppose to be about being open and sharing with one another.   If someone shares ideas with you, share a comment back.  To prove my point, I think I’m going to make a special concerted effort to do exactly that…

See if you’d like to join me in this endeavor.

Anytime you read something of value, leave a comment. Even a simple one that says nothing more than “I enjoy what you’ve written, and thanks”.  Not only is it polite, but it also encourages the person to continue doing it.

If you are a blogger yourself, leave a comment below, and I’ll visit your blog AND leave a comment. I promise.  I’m self admitting that you can hold me to it. 🙂

…for the rest of the silent readers out there. I’ll continue to post without comments, but it really is becoming amusing to me (in a sick sense) on how many people will yield the benefits of some of the content I write, and just enjoy and leave without saying a word.

If it sounds like I’m calling people out, I don’t mean to be quite so direct. But let’s put it this way…  Your thoughts and feelings toward any topic have just as much importance to something you’ve read on a blog as the blogger as well. Use this opportunity to create a dialog.  When that happens, and people speak out, usually the blog comments have more power than the initial post itself.  I love seeing that..

Unfortunately I won’t be giving away a free iPhone or free iPad today. But will this post yield even one comment from _someone_ out there?  Let’s see.

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  1. Instillari says:

    Nice post! I definitely agree with you. Sometimes I pour my heart and soul into writing something and hardly get any response. I wonder, did anyone like this? And I always want to connect with people and see their opinions. I’m glad someone mentioned this without sounding like begging. If you want to visit my blog it is

    • Jason says:

      I visited your blog. What a pleasant surprise, I enjoyed reading the word of the week. Nothing better than visiting somewhere and picking up a piece of knowledge too. 🙂

  2. Mitchell-atrueranter says:

    Normally I wouldn’t comment, so you are right, and I’m a blogger too and just that little bit of recognition DOES make it all worthwhile, thank you, you have inspired me to comment.

  3. Jen says:

    Well, you inspired me to comment, as well. I wasn´t aware how much bloggers wanted comments, because, as cletch mentioned, I thought people were writing for themselves and putting it public, because they thought that what they had to say would somehow benefit and/or amuse others. However, I don´t blog, and got to thinking about why a blog wanted comments–googled it and ended up on your blog. I enjoyed reading your post. You´ve given me a reason to comment on the blogs I read more often.

    • Jason says:

      This is great news. A few comments really energizes a blogger, and encourages them to keep writing! In addition, it can spawn some decent discussion. The search spiders seem to like it too, so the more comments the better in their minds. For myself, I’m happy just to get a few comments a month. But it was nice to hear from you Jen, and thanks!!

  4. cletch says:

    I stopped worrying about comments a long time ago. It’s the same as being worried about what other people think. I’ll continue to write/do what I want, when I want, because I do it for me not because I require a mirror. That said, conversation is nice especially when another person contributes or builds on an existing idea in a post. I bet if you have readers reading and not commenting, they are in agreement with your points and don’t feel they have anything to add! 🙂

  5. Jo says:

    You have inspired me to make a comment.

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