Being rich is boring. Receiving an inheritance and being wealthy sucks.

If you are rich and wealthy and found this blog post, then you’re lucky. Personally, I watched a documentary on how rich kids who inherit fortunes get bored easily. That makes perfect sense.

For regular people, everyone thinks that if you are born into money, life must be so easy and they look down upon you. You’ll have servants in your life who give you a fake smile, which you see through, because the family has money.

From an early age, you are taught, to respect money and how lucky you are to have a family with fortune, but how lucky are you?

What IF, you were ready to make life more challenging, and wanted to be important in your own way irregardless of your family path?

All of this is possible! Being rich does not have be boring, and having an inheritance does not have to be such a burden if you use it the right way.

So what could you do with your fortune?

Always giving money to charity just to gain tax deductible donations is boring. But it doesn’t have to stop there..  Perhaps you are not using your fortune the right way.

What if you.. something out of the ordinary? Find a struggling entrepreneur, a business person in need of funding. Make their dream come true. Who knows? Maybe a small investment on your behalf ($50,000) could double in the next couple of years, and at the same time, you helped someone else who needed the money to get started?

Investing in the right people, even on a gamble, for a wealthy person can turn into a WIN-WIN scenario.

If you have wealth, use it in a creative way. Enjoy your gift and share it with other good natured people (even strangers) who can help it grow.

Strategically using your wealth to financially back a struggling entrepreneur could have unexpected rewards. Think about it. Why let your money sit in a bank account, when you could invest $50,000 into a sole proprietor who has the talent, but no funds?

I’ve never understood that about rich kids. They have more money than they can spend in their life, yet they don’t seem to seek out the people who could really use their help. I’m not talking about charity. I’m talking about the silent majority of new start up business entrepreneurs. People that have a dream and want to get there, and are looking for that “angel investor” to help them make it come true.

I already know, if I won the lottery tomorrow, that is exactly what I would do.. I’d give a bunch of money to charity, but I’d also reserve some money for helping out a struggling entrepreneur who could really use the help. The bonus here, is if it paid off in the long run, together we could generate more money and help charity even more.

Want to know where I’d start?

Two places:        or

Both of these are project proposal websites that have posted business plans. These entrepreneurs just need is funding. You could send them $5 dollars or $5,000 dollars.  There are rewards for your contribution, (or you can be anonymous too).

Seed money is a beautiful thing to a project. Problem is, that everyone expects banks to be the only source of funding.

What about wealthy kids who have inherited their wealth and want to help build something?


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