What is the meaning of life? Time to realize it.

People often wonder what the meaning of life is all about. I think here was even a comedy show from Monty Python about it.

To be honest, the meaning of life, in a general sense, means you were put on the earth do DO SOMETHING. At the very minimal LEARN SOMETHING.

I must have already lost some people based on those two statements alone. Do Something? Learn Something? What does that mean? Is it referring to the fact that I shouldn’t party every weekend? Does it mean this? Does it mean that?

What the meaning of life means (in my eyes), is that you were given birth, lived your life, for the purpose of discovering yourself as a human being and doing something significant before you go. This could mean creating a picasso art painting. It could mean that you helped someone in desperate need. It could mean that you wrote a book. It could mean that you smiled to someone on the subway who was about to commit suicide that day, but because of your smile, they held on for one more day.

I think it is an indisputable fact. People were born here, for a deliberate reason. You might go through your whole life and not understand why… and then.. the day comes. Omigosh, I can’t believe it!  Something happened today that was completely out of the ordinary that I was a part of..  (Now you can see it)

I believe that the earth is nothing more than a “proving ground” or “testing ground” for souls.  Sure, they give you a body, and let you run around amuck like children, but when truth comes to shove.. they watch how you react.

What IF the earth was just that? A trial or testing ground for souls.  You are not allowed to move on spiritually unless you become a decent human being on earth?

Sometimes you don’t get all the answers you want, simply by asking questions. Once in awhile, listen to the silence around you, ask the questions and see if you can intellectually hear answers in your head.

I realize that last sentence might seem strange to someone. “See if you can intellectually hear answers in your head”

Let me clarify.

We’ve heard terms like our “alter-ego”, or our “guardian-angel”, or the “voice of our conscious”.. It is that voice that you hear in your head that seems to come from abroad.

If you slow down for even just 5 solid minutes. Block out the city noise around you.  Breathe, and think of some questions, and listen…  You might be given an answer back. Where does that voice come from? Is it you? Or from some place far away? Is it the universe?

Actually it does not matter what you hear, as much as it means, how willing you are to know yourself, what you are capable of, and what you will try to do tomorrow.

For the people that still don’t get it:

You weren’t given life, to be born on earth, to watch TV, to buy the latest cell phone, and to dine at the best restaurants.

Perhaps you were put here to develop into a real person, with some importance, to give back to society, your neighbor, family, or even a stranger. But you exist for a reason. Some people never find that reason. Some people do.. It’s actually up to you. Are you receptive to the idea you can do some good while you’re here? Or are you just here to party your heart out without a care in the world?

Having fun, is nice.

Caring about the purpose of your existence is deep, and shows that you have a heart, are intelligent, and are in tune with things.

Understanding who you are is free. It just takes some time to realize who you are…

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  1. Instillari says:

    Yes, I definitely believe we are here for a reason. God created us and has given us each unique traits to share with the world. What are your beliefs? You say “they” gave us a body. Do you believe in more than one God?

    • Jason says:

      My beliefs are very open minded. It could be “he” or it could be “they” as the case may be. (He referring to God, or they referring the energy of the universe in general). Until something is 100% disproven to exist, it is possible that maybe it could be true (irregardless of how strange it seems to us).

      Everyone seems to be focused on who “exactly” created us. Really, that matters less in the scheme of things. Living your life with a good conscious, treating things around you with care, being honest with not only yourself, but with others, etc, etc is important.

      Let’s say that God was proven not to exist (would never happen, but for arguments sake). Does that mean all of a sudden it is okay to rape, be a thief, etc? Of course not.

      I believe that God could be the one and only answer.

      I also believe that perhaps there could be multiple God’s

      I also believe that maybe there are no God’s, but we’re God (if you believe that God created you in his own image. It doesn’t necessarily mean “physical”)

      Or I believe that we’re here as an Alien experiment.

      Or I believe we were created out a a freakishly odd big bang.

      Or I believe we’re not really here. We’re just figments of our imagination. We’re actually bacteria on the underside of a rock somewhere on the moon, and we just believe we’re seeing this 3D world.

      Or I believe… Or I believe… Or I believe…

      I think importance should be less on what you BELIEVE and put more into how you BEHAVE. The point is what I do with my life while I’m alive, and while I’m here in the global scheme of things. I do the best I can, but to err is human. I try to learn from my experiences. 😀

      • Instillari says:

        I think that is a reasonable explanation. It is definitely important to behave appropriately and give respect and love to everyone, no matter what they believe. I find that it is still important to have some belief system to live your life otherwise people make up their own guidelines based on opinion. Nice discussion.

        • Jason says:

          I agree with you. For instance, it could be considered one way of living to be “politically correct”. I hate that. Not all things politically correct are correct. At the end of the day, you have to listen to your inner conscious, your spirit, what you can hear from nature (if you take the time to listen, breath, and relax).

          The answers are all around us. Often we are too busy or to preoccupied to listen. What works for me, isn’t suitable for someone else, and vice-versa.

  2. Jen says:

    I agree 100% and wonder how you came upon this idea–any book suggestions?

    • Jason says:

      No, although it sounds like a good book idea. Life is so busy these days, very rarely does anyone have the time to ponder “the meaning of life”. But I still believe, we’re not only here for a reason, but moreso, to develop our spirits before moving on.. If we can garner morals, be a decent person irregardless of money, and have a heart.. Something on the other side is waiting for us. But if we decide to spend our time on earth, with greed, stealing, having a selfish attitude.. Well enjoy your time here, because that’s all you are going to get. When you die, if you have conducted yourself that way, your soul goes in the trash bin as a “dud”.

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