Coincidence? No such thing. Things happen for a reason..

Sometimes when things work out in our favor, we think well, what a coincidence. I’m lucky today.

What people don’t seem to understand, is that coincidence isn’t luck. Things happen because you deserve it to work out. It could be something you did 3 weeks ago, or three months ago. It is the universe paying you back your due.

Sometimes a good deed takes time to come full circle for you to see it. Usually when it does, we write it off as being coincidence, or being lucky.

For instance, you blow out your tire, roll to the side of the highway, and what a coincidence, a high school friend shows up with a tow truck. What luck!

Or is it really that simplistic?

We can live through our whole lives without realizing how luck and coincidence are purposeful helping hands in our life that show up at the right time, when we need it.

Karma is huge. What you put out there,  you get back one way or another. Don’t be negative or domineering to other people – if you do, you’ll get yours later.

After too many freakish moments, where something has happened “just too perfect”, I no longer believe in coincidence. Sometimes the universe is delivering what we need, because we deserve it. It is ignorant to think of it otherwise. Accept the gifts that the universe has to deliver, and recognize them without frivilously thinking of it nothing more than being coincidence or sheer luck.

Everything you do, the way you think, the way you act, and the way you live your life on earth might be evaluated somwhere out in the galaxy without you knowing it. (Or for religious purposes, God himself).

That does not mean that if you generally do good, you will not have a bad day, or terrible things happen to you. Those are life challenges that each of us have to experience every now and then..

What it does mean, is that if you go over and above the call of duty (sounds so official doesn’t it), for someone else, without any thought of reimbursement or payback? I believe that it means that in the next few weeks, or next few months, or next couple of  years it is going to come back to you at the right time.

Today I learned something about ID, EGO, and SuperEgo. Never heard of those concepts about our inner personalities before.

If you want to enrich your life and learn about yourself, check out this wikipedia page.

So the next time you get into a weird moment where something good happens by “coincidence”. Think twice about it. It is quite possible you did something good for someone else a long time back, and now the universe is staging the cards to help you out later.

It seems that everything I am saying is so spiritual and mystical. But, what if I’m right? You decide  😀

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