Back to school: Supplies and Being Cool

So it is that time of year again where people are buying Back to School Supplies.

In the old days, it usually meant you had enough binders, lined paper, a ruler, enough pencils, pens, a padlock for your locker, that sort of thing.

While a lot of that is the basics, in 2012 now we have to add a USB Thumbdrive, an iPhone, an ipad, and things like that. Even worse, it not only includes a new pair of jeans and some running shoes for gym (physical education) but..

It has to be the latest pair of $250 running shoes that were just released on the market.

About 20 years ago, your back to school supplies would have cost probably about $60, and you’d have everything you need.

In 2012, it can cost upwards of $500 to $1000 especially if you add in all the digital toys and latest styles for clothing and footwear.

I remember hearing that back in the 70’s public schools (up to grade 8) use to give you the supplies you needed. You didn’t have to buy anything.  I think around that time they use to ask your parents to send $20 to school, and it included everything you would need for the entire year.

Back then field trips were free. You just had to pack your own lunch. Today? Kids have to get their parents permission and include $25 to $50 to attend. After all, gasoline is at a premium these days.

Even just eating at school can be expensive in the cafeteria.  You use to be able to buy a burger and fries for $3 before. I bet it’s up close to $8 now.

We all know that prices and inflation increases, it’s just too bad when we see it happen at school.

Your comments?


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