Valentine’s Day Ideas: How to make it special

If you are looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place.  This is a great list of Do’s and Don’ts and helpful advice.  Learn how to make this holiday special for that special someone.

On Valentine’s Day, DO NOT:

– DO NOT take your date out to a nice restaurant without making prior reservations. You’ll look like an egghead when they tell you there is a 2 hour wait, or that they are fully booked.

– DO NOT call a restaurant the day before, or the same morning of Valentine’s Day and try and get a reservation. Their phone system was already lit up with people who are trying to make reservations at the last minute. This is something you should have done a few weeks ago.

– DO NOT run to the card store on Valentine’s Day and expect the “right” card to be on the shelf. It’s already been picked through by then. You should have bought your card a minimum of a week prior to that..

– DO NOT do only “predictable” things. A restaurant, flowers and/or chocolates – those are simple cheesy attempts at proving how you love someone. Think of something new, out of the ordinary, and be creative.

– DO NOT order a bouquet online unless you see it first. Many of these online flower stores have “terms and conditions” which state that they can substitute the online bouquet for something similar. Actually visit a store, find a bouquet of flowers, pick it out yourself, and ensure the one you chose is the one that will be delivered. Why? Often they’ll substitute something of equal value which translates into a wilted mess with half dead flowers.

Here is a list of “DO’s” for Valentines Day:

– DO figure out your game plan a couple weeks in advance. You know it is coming, so why not make preparations as soon as February 1st on the calendar hits?

– DO take time to find that special card ahead of everyone else. Want to see a team of frantic men? Just visit any Valentine’s Day card display on February 14th, and watch about 12 men clamaring around the same cards on display at the last minute.

– DO book a special restaurant reservation well in advance. This way you can show your date that you made advance preparations for dinner at 6pm, and you won’t be sitting there looking at the hostess as an avalanche of couples get told “Sorry, we’re busy tonight, there is a 2 hour wait. You can have a seat and wait over there.”

– DO buy a gift. A dinner out, and a card, is the minimum that almost anyone can do.  Buying something (does not have to be expensive) but a little wrapped gift of something special can totally surprise and entice your date into realizing to you took him/her seriously on this special day.  The reason is simple. Choosing a nice restaurant is fairly easy. Picking out a card is fairly easy. Finding a nice gift that the person will treasure the rest of the year, is something totally unexpected and appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring either. Find out what his/her birthstone is, for under $200 you can have a ring with their birthstone on it.  It is no secret, if it is jewelry related, it is often the right day for this type of gift.  Otherwise, it could be something like a little porcelain figurine, a stuffed teddy bear, something that says “I love you”.


– Personally, I would NEVER EVER dine at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for the simple fact that the restaurant is going to be overcrowded, filled to the maximum. The food and service is less likely to be at par when the restaurant is so busy. Do you really want to have that romantic dinner around 50 other couples trying to do the same thing?  The chances your steak will be cooked wrong, or the fact that your drinks will run dry before a refill is a lot more likely during the busiest dining night of the year.  The next idea can remedy this potential problem:

– Ask your date if they are willing to celebrate Valentine’s Day the night before, or the night after, to make it “that much more special between the two of you”.   Valentine’s Day is about attention and appreciation for the person you care about. The timing is less important. Remember, your date is less concerned about whether or not they have dinner on Feb 14th, but more so, how they are treated and appreciated during that special holiday.

– Valentine’s Day is about the “thought that counts” and the effort involved. Sending a cute text message like “I love you” or “will you be my Valentine?” may be a good starting point. But everyone knows it took you 5 seconds to thumb that into your phone. Every girl knows, for instance, having a bouquet delivered to the house, means you actually had to choose one, and order one. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. Just put some thought and effort into what you do, and they’ll love you even more. However, it has to come from your heart.

– Dinner out on Valentine’s Day is nice (with advanced reservations). What is extra nice, is a guy, who can’t cook, who tries his best to buy the groceries ahead of time, and follow a recipe for his special mate.  Whether dinner comes out good or not, it doesn’t matter. “Oh, honey, you tried, it’s good. I can’t believe you went to the effort” is what you’ll hear.


So by now this Valentine’s Day blog post should have your thoughts running. Be creative, spend a little time thinking ahead, and you should be able to easily come up with someone special for that person in your life.

If you have any ideas that could add to this list, that you’ve done, that could help someone else out, please leave a comment.

P.S. I wrote this blog post on Jan 16th. As you can see, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Start planning as soon as you can, you’ll be glad you did.

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