How to get on the first page of Google (SEO tips)

If you have a website, and want to get on the first page of Google Ranking, this info may help you. It is really not that hard to promote your website,  and if you take these simple steps, you might find that your website will get the attention it deserves. To be honest, the way to do this is quite simple.

First of all, you must take time to think what is it that Google wants from a website before it lists the top 10 highest ranking websites on a search term..

People search Google for certain keywords and they want to ensure that particular search engine  is worthwhile spending time on. To keep their audience happy, they have to return legitimate results for all of their keyword searches. (If their search results were garbage, people would stop using the service)

Most website owners are looking for the easiest way to get “ranked higher in 3 easy steps”. Getting ranked high on Google isn’t magic. It is simple common sense with some work behind it. Have a good, resourceful website, that people want to visit and enjoy, and you’ll get your visits.

So what should a website owner do?

This comes the easy part. Have content and links that keep people around, and want to bookmark your site as a valuable resource. If the people visiting your site love it, so will Google.

In the older days (5+ years ago),  getting ranked high on Google meant that all you had to do is implement small changes on your website to trick the search engine spiders and get ranked high based on their ranking criteria.

Fast forward to 2013. There are no tricks anymore. Google is wise to all of them. If you want to rank high on Google’s search results, there is only a few  things you can do:

1) Make your website content useful. Make it so that someone interested in your topic wants to come back and check out what other things you have to offer.

2) Go to Google and search your own topic or keywords. Do any of those sites have better graphics, text, or layout? Do they truly offer more than your website does?

To get on the first page on Google means you are doing every single thing right, and have turned your website into a really nice resourceful  library that not only attracts Google, but keeps your visitors interested too.

Most of all, don’t fall into any of these SEO company traps, that claim they’ll put you into the 1st page of search results without any effort involved. Those companies only want your money. If your website sucks, well, sorry to say, it just sucks. No amount of money you pay to a marketing company will change that, unless your website changes too.

At the end of the day, stop listening to search engine optimization experts. The goal of your website shouldn’t just be geared to how to get listed properly on Google.  It should be more about, how to produce quality content for your website visitors.

Rankings and quality content go hand in hand.  Everyone seems to miss the point these days.  Most people think you can start off with a horrible functioning website, pay someone a few hundred dollars for SEO work, and instantly, your horrible website would appear on the first page of Google.  Calm down and think about that for a moment.  Do you think that is what your visitors want? Do you think that’s what the search engine wants on their first page? No? So why are you trying to cheat the system?

A solid, working website, with a lot to offer, will rank high on its own merit without help from anyone. So build your website with that in mind. Don’t look for shortcuts or easy ways to the top. The more you try, the more likely you are to fail.

Want to know how the advice I am giving you is real? I told you this for FREE.  I just want to help the internet community without making money on it.  This blog needs a lot of work, and I know it.  My next step will be to improve things on this end without looking for some fly by night SEO artist to charge me $1200 to promise me 1st page google rankings and then run away with my money.

So now you know. The only way to get on the first page of Google is with a lot of hard, honest, work.  That’s the secret.

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