How much makeup is too much? Real cosmetic advice and tips for women & girls.

Most of us, whether you are male or female will spot someone who is obviously wearing too much makeup. The problem is the person innocently doesn’t realize it.  Here’s some real advice for girls and women who might accidentally wear too much makeup. The reason for this post is simple..

Today on youtube, I watched a girl doing a product review on something, and I was totally distracted by the amount of makeup on her face instead of what she was saying. That’s a sure sign that she was wearing too much makeup. When your makeup distracts from what is coming out of your mouth, that’s a clear indication that something is wrong.

If I was a jerk, I’d link to her video. That wouldn’t be fair to her, and I’m not going to.. But imagine in your mind how much makeup she must have had on for it to trigger me to write this entire blog post.  “Yeah.. it was that bad.”

I’m not one of those guys who hate makeup and cosmetics. I think when it is applied correctly, it can bring out a girl’s features and give her the attention she deserves (in a good way).

[Side note: By the way, I have this weird thing, where I never know the appropriate time to say girls, or women, so forgive me if I seem to use the wrong word in the wrong context. I know it’s about context when using those words, but let’s concentrate on makeup and ignore that little fiasco.]

Make up, when applied correctly will bring out a girl’s features without “creating new ones”.  For instance, a little light eyeshadow can bring out your beautiful eyes. Too much eye shadow looks like you’ve created bruises above your eyes and looks plain silly.

Too much blush, goes from a little healthy color in your face, to someone who has a serious medical condition (maybe heart problems? Or Rosacea?)  The amount should be just enough where someone can’t tell if you’re actually blushing vs whether or not you need to see a doctor. (Genuine blushing is a little cute, so I think that’s why blush to this day is named that, and the look people are striving for..)

Watch your colors.  You should re-do your makeup depending on where you are going, and the time of day. It looks silly if you’re wearing darker colors at 2pm in the afternoon, as if you just walked out of a night club.   Daylight vs night, has an incredible effect on makeup, so watch for that..  Often cosmetics come with names to help you out with that..

Caking your face where your face is a different color than your neck, is a sure sign you’ve applied too much makeup. By that point, you are now layers deep, and it shows. This doesn’t mean you should start applying makeup to your neck either. If you did that, the back of your neck or arms would look different from the front view, and you’d create another disaster.

Women and girls are obviously a little more self aware about their look than most other people.  Done right, we see the overall package.  Whether it be clothes, hair, makeup, smile, or demeanor.   Too much makeup ruins the overall package effect, so please don’t go that far with it.  A little bit goes a long way. Too much is a mess.

There are also situations, where any makeup at all, is wrong to wear, this includes common sense events like:

a) CAMPING.  Makeup stays at home. It doesn’t matter who you are with, or how long you’ve known them. You’ll look ridiculous even if your makeup is applied correctly for other situations. Anyone that knows you, will remember the times you were looking your best.  Wearing makeup on a camping trip means you are too vain about your looks, and it looks like you bring a lot of psychological baggage with you.  Just don’t do it.  Camping and makeup don’t go hand in hand. If they did, believe me, Coleman ™ would bring out a whole ton of survival makeup gear if it was that necessary to have. They don’t, and for good reason.

b) HANGING AROUND AT HOME.   This one is going to be a little harder to decipher, so I’ll have to give some examples.  If you wake up in the morning, take a shower, do your hair, and have breakfast with family, you don’t have to be all glitzed out at 9 am in the morning. It’s fine if you put makeup on before you leave the house, or if you are expecting company to come over.  Doing yourself up should have a reason.   If you are going to be slinging around boxes in the garage doing a reorganization that particular day, or doing yard work, you don’t need makeup to do it.

c) EXERCISING.  I understand that the gym is where a lot of girls can meet a nice guy, and they want to look their best, but you can apply it just before you leave the gym. This is similar to the camping situation.  If you have heavy makeup on while exercising it gives the impression you aren’t there just to work out. Instead you’re there looking for attention. That is too strong of a sign your giving out, and the only people you’ll attract at that point, is sneers from other women and stupid guys who have superficial likes about women.  It’s just not a good idea.

There are probably others, but those are the biggest three no-no’s that I think are worth mentioning.  Naturally this is just my opinion, but if you have something to contribute, I’d be happy to hear it.

There are things like painted on eyebrows, and the like, I could go further into, but I don’t want to over analyze this situation. The idea is to give you a few tips, and this is especially for those women out there who overdo it. The majority of us don’t want to see it.  In addition, you’re probably creating a problem for yourself without realizing it.

Real girls have some imperfections, and that’s fine.  A little accented makeup will help.  Too much makeup creates a new imperfection that screams a little loud, and you might be creating an entirely new problem for yourself.

So be careful out there, and share your thoughts.





  1. cletch says:

    I just bought a grill from Coleman so the thought of them offering make up just made me laugh out loud. Thank you for giving me an excuse for not wearing make up… I don’t bother to put it on when I’m working from home but then I forget and go out. I’ve gotten used to it…. for the first time in my life I don’t wear make up more often than I do and it’s probably when I need it the most! LOL Make up for video is difficult – light make up doesn’t show, she probably just hasn’t gotten the hang of “how much” is enough to appear on video.

    • Jason says:

      OOoh good point about the video thing. It’s true, TV personalities cake it on, but with the right film crew, it works well. Just not on amateur video on youtube though.

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