Too busy to read a blog. Too busy to comment. Blogs are dead?

It was only a couple years ago, everyone was told “you had to have a blog”..

The only way to survive on the internet was to have a blog. People did it, companies did it, socialites did it. Everyone had a blog, because the “in” thing to do, was to have a blog.

Guess what happened? There was an over-saturation of blogs and no one was reading them anymore.

I love (and still do) writing a blog post.  It’s my way of sharing my inner most feelings about the way I view life and see who listens. The problem is, that I do get a couple dozen people who read my stuff, but none of them will ever push the button to leave a comment.
It is ok, I’m fine with it now. YES! I am talking to you.  You’ve read this far, and you are the exact type of person I’m referring to.. I don’t mean to call you out like that, but if you were me, you’d understand.

People are busy these days. Definitely too busy to comment to blog posts. Actually, aren’t blogs dead anyway? Everything is Youtube and video now. Who has the time to read.

—-> I will tell you who has the time to read <—-

…intelligent people. People that have gone on Youtube, watched the amateur dribble on there, and want more. People who aren’t afraid to enrich their brains by reading text.

I admit, in this blog post I’m getting a little cynical. For that I apologize.

But the only people I am apologizing to, are those that have read this post to this point. That’s you!  Do you realize over 100 people have landed on this blog page, and you’re one of the 1% that actually kept reading and might even respond?

So let it be.. people may be too busy to read a blog, or comment, and blogs may be dead.

That’s not the reason I started blogging about my thoughts though. I will continue to do so, irregardless of how Google wants to rank me.

I am curious though, about you.

Have you been here before? Ever written a blog yourself? What do you think about blogs?These are simple questions, and if you could take the next 30 seconds out of your day to even answer one of them, that’d be so nice..

I guess at this point, I’ll have to wait and see.. 🙂


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  1. TJ Notoma says:

    Hey, commenter here. This is the first time I’ve come to this site, just stumbled on it while messing around on Google. I’ve written one blog…for school. Cletch has a point, most ppl aren’t used to writing and/or voicing their opinions. Most times it’s easier to just read.

  2. James M Wallace says:

    I just celebrated my sixth year on WordPress and I was thinking the same thing. My blog is being tracked by over two dozen people but only one of them bothers to comment. I decided that this was fine, because I didn’t really expect much in the way of traffic, and I tend to think of the site as a personal journal/scrapbook/creative writing exercise of sorts anyway.

    You are right about many people not even willing to take the time to read a five sentence paragraph, much less write a response. I consider myself the exception to the rule because a) I read a great deal despite being a gamer, and b) if I see a literary work worth commenting on, I’ll definitely leave a response.

    Regarding your questions, I enjoyed your spam-related post (“why we keep dealing with this crap?” – June 2013) and it was thought-provoking. I just happened to stumble on it after doing a Google search after removing several spams from Askimet (a daily exercise). Hopefully you’re still active and I can comment on more of your material.

    In regards to your second question, Lone Wolf Gaming is the fourth iteration of my WordPress-based project. Unlike the other projects I’ve been working on since 2007, LWG caters to my needs instead of me constantly trying to conform to others’ tastes. That’s probably why I managed to last this long and am only content to write for myself – I’m not posting on a weekly schedule in an attempt to cater to gamers and podcast listeners (though I sometimes do miss that).

    To answer your third, I perceive others’ blogs as glimpses into their personalities, as well as their thought processes. As previously stated, if a piece is written well and the writer is still active then I’ll visit that site often, but if it’s an intellectually-deprived rant then I won’t waste a lot of time reading it. From the two posts that read (the spam-related one as well as this one), you appear to be the exception to the rule regarding blogs today.

    A good post and keep up the good work.

    James M Wallace

  3. cletch says:

    It does feel that way… but keep in mind that only a small percentage of us are writers, a large percentage are readers and not comfortable writing their two cents worth. Today’s bloggers build a readership by creating relationships with other bloggers and commenting on each others blogs. That in turn increases eyes, readers and eventually commenters. Frustrating, yes, but surely Jason has written a blog post on the number of followers in society? 😉 I’ll often read a good blog post and decide I don’t have the time to form an articulate response…. I have to work at my intelligence, it doesn’t come easy. 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Did I actually do a blog post on the number of followers in society? Did a search and can’t find it. I assume you’re just poking fun at the idea, but now I’m confused. It does sound like a worthy topic.

      • cletch says:

        It was a poke at you because if you haven’t done one yet – you will – because you’re observant that way. 🙂

        • Jason says:

          Alas you know me. What’s strange is that I had all my security preferences turned on in Firefox “do not let sites track me” and “do not accept cookies”. I couldn’t figure out why I was able to login to Disqus but not comment. Finally I did a Google search and realized that I had to change my browser settings just to be able to comment. Sigh. I wonder if this type of issue might be happening to other people as well. I suppose instead of just ranting and complaining I could offer some helpful advice to people on my blog. Wouldn’t that be a change of pace? 🙂

          • cletch says:

            I think people enjoy both. Being anonymous has it’s benefits but I decided a long time ago that it’s easier to accomplish what I need to by letting them track me. It benefits them and it benefits me.

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