It sucks to be a celebrity: I want my privacy and not stalkers!

It sucks to be a celebrity!

I spent sometime on Youtube tonight watching Celebrities getting caught up by aggressive paparazzi. In general people think that if you become a celebrity, part of the job in your personal life is being recognized, photographed, stalked and followed.

Think about that..

What “if” a celebrity got into acting for reasons of money, but moreso, perfecting their craft of the ability to act. In the beginning they didn’t realize that they could no longer walk in public without the shot of multiple cameras, and their entire life being subject to public scrutiny.  They wanted to act, because they had a talent. That’s reasonable.

Some of you reading this might think, well, if they are going to be a celebrity, they should have known what that means, and they deserve everything they get.  But really, do they?

Fine,  you want to judge a celebrity based on their last performance, that’s your right. But please leave them alone while they are off the film set.  The person you know on camera, has their own personal desires, loves, and needs, and guess what? They’re human too.  As humans, we all want some peace, some time to ourselves, and time to enjoy life.


If you see a celebrity on the street, in a restaurant, or some place, do them a favor. Just smile, and say nothing. Don’t approach them. Don’t pull out your phone and take a picture.  That’s the initial reaction for most people — approach or take a picture.

Now let’s take a moment to think for yourself.  How would you like it, if everytime you left your home, people were pulling out cell phones and taking pictures, approaching you, and watching your every move on your day off?  At first, it seems like “wow, I have fans”. But after a few weeks of it, it turns into “wow. I have stalkers. I really can’t live a normal life anymore

Just because you want to act, or because you decided that acting was your thing, and you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal life.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t walk and enjoy your personal space in public.  Not all of these people were birthed in a petri dish [sarcasm] to be actors and sign away their right to enjoy life.  These can be normal people, that have a talent, and while they’re on set or at work, fine, they’ll welcome the recognition.

But if these same people just want to go to a burger joint to grab a burger unhindered like the rest of society, let them do that without holding up phones, or snapping paparazzi pictures, etc.

More than the fact that they are actors, they are humans, with a limited life on this earth, same as you. Give them space when they are not work.

To prove my point, think if you became an A-list actor.  At first the fame and fortune sounds great. But guess how fast you become a prisoner if you become too successful.

— Walk to the nearest park without the paparazzi following you? Not a chance

— Get a buggy and walk down the aisles of the nearest grocery store without being followed or talked to? Not a chance

— Go for a jog, without someone spotting you? Not a chance

If we love the celebrities that give us entertainment on screen, the best compliment we can give them is to GIVE THEM THEIR SPACE in their personal life.  They’ve worked very, very, very hard to get where they are, and enjoy their talents in a production, a film, a TV interview etc.

But realize, when you see a celebrity who is not working.. guess what? THEY ARE NOT WORKING, and you’re invading their personal time that is very valuable to them.

They won’t take it as a compliment when you notice them in public.  Thousands of other people have done that already.  You’re not the first… You’re probably #5139 that has said “hey! I know you. I’m such a huge fan” in the last few months. It gets old fast to the celebrity. They’ve heard that numerous times already.

If you really do love and admire the celebrity you see… want to know what the best compliment you could do?  Pretend you don’t notice. Give them their space. No pictures, no approaching. Know that you could have acted like a jerk like everyone else and tried to own the moment for your own selfish purposes. But instead, you walked away. You smiled, and said nothing. You just backed off..

Those tender moments when a celebrity is recognized and not fawned over, and treated with respect.. are far and few between. Do that… Be part of that.. Every now and then, a celebrity can walk down the street and there is no paparazzi, or if they get noticed, someone smiles and looks away and says nothing.  When that happens, they’re aware of their surroundings, and they are especially happy that I can just “be me” for this hour, without flashes of cameras, or people screaming my name. I can actually enjoy my day off like the rest of the world lives.

So give celebrities what they crave so much. PRIVACY.

That’s not too much to ask. You can have all the money in the world, but if you can’t walk down the street, or be in public without being stalked, how do you value life?

Take a look at this video:

Listen to the fan squeal “He’s one of my favourites” — like it matters. Is he just a statue or piece of your collection? Do you even care how he is feeling at that moment? No? As long as Kaneau can pose for a picture with you in it, I guess everything is fine, right?

Study Mrs. Loudmouth, vs Kaneau’s reaction. She’s elated that she might get a picture with Kaneau, and yet she never asked him. She classified him as “one of her favourites”. Like a comic book character, a big nothing in her context of actors she likes…

This type of situation happens every day, and it’s sick to watch..

Celebrities are people too.  Stop exploiting them or selfishly using them for your own purpose.

Look how Kaneau looks like a zoo animal. Putting on a fake smile, just to make those fans happy. No one in that picture cares how about how he’s feeling, what he’s been through for the last 2-3 hours. As long as they get a Kaneau picture, that’s his problem, and they are happy.

..and then she says “I love all your movies”, like that is the sentence which basically says “Because I like you as a celebrity, and because I love all your movies, I deserve to treat you like a zoo animal with pictures for my own private benefit, so I’m happy… you probably just wanted your privacy, but I don’t care.. since I will be popular in my own inner circle by proving I met Kaneau Reeves..”

Stop treating celebrities like that..

With that being said, this is a non-stalker non-paparazzi blog.  I just paid $780 for a truck repair and I’m struggling to survive.  If you’re a celebrity reading this and agree with what I said, please send a few bitcoins to:


Even if I get nothing by that BTC address, I’ll still continue to understand celebrities and the struggle they go through.  I think the rest of us need to take a step back and leave celebrities alone… That’s the best compliment we can give them.




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