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Stupid things in life that piss me off.

It sucks to be a celebrity: I want my privacy and not stalkers!

It sucks to be a celebrity!

I spent sometime on Youtube tonight watching Celebrities getting caught up by aggressive paparazzi. In general people think that if you become a celebrity, part of the job in your personal life is being recognized, photographed, stalked and followed.

Think about that..

What “if” a celebrity got into acting for reasons of money, but moreso, perfecting their craft of the ability to act. In the beginning they didn’t realize that they could no longer walk in public without the shot of multiple cameras, and their entire life being subject to public scrutiny.  They wanted to act, because they had a talent. That’s reasonable.

Some of you reading this might think, well, if they are going to be a celebrity, they should have known what that means, and they deserve everything they get.  But really, do they?

Fine,  you want to judge a celebrity based on their last performance, that’s your right. But please leave them alone while they are off the film set.  The person you know on camera, has their own personal desires, loves, and needs, and guess what? They’re human too.  As humans, we all want some peace, some time to ourselves, and time to enjoy life.


If you see a celebrity on the street, in a restaurant, or some place, do them a favor. Just smile, and say nothing. Don’t approach them. Don’t pull out your phone and take a picture.  That’s the initial reaction for most people — approach or take a picture.

Now let’s take a moment to think for yourself.  How would you like it, if everytime you left your home, people were pulling out cell phones and taking pictures, approaching you, and watching your every move on your day off?  At first, it seems like “wow, I have fans”. But after a few weeks of it, it turns into “wow. I have stalkers. I really can’t live a normal life anymore

Just because you want to act, or because you decided that acting was your thing, and you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal life.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t walk and enjoy your personal space in public.  Not all of these people were birthed in a petri dish [sarcasm] to be actors and sign away their right to enjoy life.  These can be normal people, that have a talent, and while they’re on set or at work, fine, they’ll welcome the recognition.

But if these same people just want to go to a burger joint to grab a burger unhindered like the rest of society, let them do that without holding up phones, or snapping paparazzi pictures, etc.

More than the fact that they are actors, they are humans, with a limited life on this earth, same as you. Give them space when they are not work.

To prove my point, think if you became an A-list actor.  At first the fame and fortune sounds great. But guess how fast you become a prisoner if you become too successful.

— Walk to the nearest park without the paparazzi following you? Not a chance

— Get a buggy and walk down the aisles of the nearest grocery store without being followed or talked to? Not a chance

— Go for a jog, without someone spotting you? Not a chance

If we love the celebrities that give us entertainment on screen, the best compliment we can give them is to GIVE THEM THEIR SPACE in their personal life.  They’ve worked very, very, very hard to get where they are, and enjoy their talents in a production, a film, a TV interview etc.

But realize, when you see a celebrity who is not working.. guess what? THEY ARE NOT WORKING, and you’re invading their personal time that is very valuable to them.

They won’t take it as a compliment when you notice them in public.  Thousands of other people have done that already.  You’re not the first… You’re probably #5139 that has said “hey! I know you. I’m such a huge fan” in the last few months. It gets old fast to the celebrity. They’ve heard that numerous times already.

If you really do love and admire the celebrity you see… want to know what the best compliment you could do?  Pretend you don’t notice. Give them their space. No pictures, no approaching. Know that you could have acted like a jerk like everyone else and tried to own the moment for your own selfish purposes. But instead, you walked away. You smiled, and said nothing. You just backed off..

Those tender moments when a celebrity is recognized and not fawned over, and treated with respect.. are far and few between. Do that… Be part of that.. Every now and then, a celebrity can walk down the street and there is no paparazzi, or if they get noticed, someone smiles and looks away and says nothing.  When that happens, they’re aware of their surroundings, and they are especially happy that I can just “be me” for this hour, without flashes of cameras, or people screaming my name. I can actually enjoy my day off like the rest of the world lives.

So give celebrities what they crave so much. PRIVACY.

That’s not too much to ask. You can have all the money in the world, but if you can’t walk down the street, or be in public without being stalked, how do you value life?

Take a look at this video:

Listen to the fan squeal “He’s one of my favourites” — like it matters. Is he just a statue or piece of your collection? Do you even care how he is feeling at that moment? No? As long as Kaneau can pose for a picture with you in it, I guess everything is fine, right?

Study Mrs. Loudmouth, vs Kaneau’s reaction. She’s elated that she might get a picture with Kaneau, and yet she never asked him. She classified him as “one of her favourites”. Like a comic book character, a big nothing in her context of actors she likes…

This type of situation happens every day, and it’s sick to watch..

Celebrities are people too.  Stop exploiting them or selfishly using them for your own purpose.

Look how Kaneau looks like a zoo animal. Putting on a fake smile, just to make those fans happy. No one in that picture cares how about how he’s feeling, what he’s been through for the last 2-3 hours. As long as they get a Kaneau picture, that’s his problem, and they are happy.

..and then she says “I love all your movies”, like that is the sentence which basically says “Because I like you as a celebrity, and because I love all your movies, I deserve to treat you like a zoo animal with pictures for my own private benefit, so I’m happy… you probably just wanted your privacy, but I don’t care.. since I will be popular in my own inner circle by proving I met Kaneau Reeves..”

Stop treating celebrities like that..

With that being said, this is a non-stalker non-paparazzi blog.  I just paid $780 for a truck repair and I’m struggling to survive.  If you’re a celebrity reading this and agree with what I said, please send a few bitcoins to:


Even if I get nothing by that BTC address, I’ll still continue to understand celebrities and the struggle they go through.  I think the rest of us need to take a step back and leave celebrities alone… That’s the best compliment we can give them.




Too busy to read a blog. Too busy to comment. Blogs are dead?

It was only a couple years ago, everyone was told “you had to have a blog”..

The only way to survive on the internet was to have a blog. People did it, companies did it, socialites did it. Everyone had a blog, because the “in” thing to do, was to have a blog.

Guess what happened? There was an over-saturation of blogs and no one was reading them anymore.

I love (and still do) writing a blog post.  It’s my way of sharing my inner most feelings about the way I view life and see who listens. The problem is, that I do get a couple dozen people who read my stuff, but none of them will ever push the button to leave a comment.
It is ok, I’m fine with it now. YES! I am talking to you.  You’ve read this far, and you are the exact type of person I’m referring to.. I don’t mean to call you out like that, but if you were me, you’d understand.

People are busy these days. Definitely too busy to comment to blog posts. Actually, aren’t blogs dead anyway? Everything is Youtube and video now. Who has the time to read.

—-> I will tell you who has the time to read <—-

…intelligent people. People that have gone on Youtube, watched the amateur dribble on there, and want more. People who aren’t afraid to enrich their brains by reading text.

I admit, in this blog post I’m getting a little cynical. For that I apologize.

But the only people I am apologizing to, are those that have read this post to this point. That’s you!  Do you realize over 100 people have landed on this blog page, and you’re one of the 1% that actually kept reading and might even respond?

So let it be.. people may be too busy to read a blog, or comment, and blogs may be dead.

That’s not the reason I started blogging about my thoughts though. I will continue to do so, irregardless of how Google wants to rank me.

I am curious though, about you.

Have you been here before? Ever written a blog yourself? What do you think about blogs?These are simple questions, and if you could take the next 30 seconds out of your day to even answer one of them, that’d be so nice..

I guess at this point, I’ll have to wait and see.. 🙂


How to get on the first page of Google (SEO tips)

If you have a website, and want to get on the first page of Google Ranking, this info may help you. It is really not that hard to promote your website,  and if you take these simple steps, you might find that your website will get the attention it deserves. To be honest, the way to do this is quite simple.

First of all, you must take time to think what is it that Google wants from a website before it lists the top 10 highest ranking websites on a search term..

People search Google for certain keywords and they want to ensure that particular search engine  is worthwhile spending time on. To keep their audience happy, they have to return legitimate results for all of their keyword searches. (If their search results were garbage, people would stop using the service)

Most website owners are looking for the easiest way to get “ranked higher in 3 easy steps”. Getting ranked high on Google isn’t magic. It is simple common sense with some work behind it. Have a good, resourceful website, that people want to visit and enjoy, and you’ll get your visits.

So what should a website owner do?

This comes the easy part. Have content and links that keep people around, and want to bookmark your site as a valuable resource. If the people visiting your site love it, so will Google.

In the older days (5+ years ago),  getting ranked high on Google meant that all you had to do is implement small changes on your website to trick the search engine spiders and get ranked high based on their ranking criteria.

Fast forward to 2013. There are no tricks anymore. Google is wise to all of them. If you want to rank high on Google’s search results, there is only a few  things you can do:

1) Make your website content useful. Make it so that someone interested in your topic wants to come back and check out what other things you have to offer.

2) Go to Google and search your own topic or keywords. Do any of those sites have better graphics, text, or layout? Do they truly offer more than your website does?

To get on the first page on Google means you are doing every single thing right, and have turned your website into a really nice resourceful  library that not only attracts Google, but keeps your visitors interested too.

Most of all, don’t fall into any of these SEO company traps, that claim they’ll put you into the 1st page of search results without any effort involved. Those companies only want your money. If your website sucks, well, sorry to say, it just sucks. No amount of money you pay to a marketing company will change that, unless your website changes too.

At the end of the day, stop listening to search engine optimization experts. The goal of your website shouldn’t just be geared to how to get listed properly on Google.  It should be more about, how to produce quality content for your website visitors.

Rankings and quality content go hand in hand.  Everyone seems to miss the point these days.  Most people think you can start off with a horrible functioning website, pay someone a few hundred dollars for SEO work, and instantly, your horrible website would appear on the first page of Google.  Calm down and think about that for a moment.  Do you think that is what your visitors want? Do you think that’s what the search engine wants on their first page? No? So why are you trying to cheat the system?

A solid, working website, with a lot to offer, will rank high on its own merit without help from anyone. So build your website with that in mind. Don’t look for shortcuts or easy ways to the top. The more you try, the more likely you are to fail.

Want to know how the advice I am giving you is real? I told you this for FREE.  I just want to help the internet community without making money on it.  This blog needs a lot of work, and I know it.  My next step will be to improve things on this end without looking for some fly by night SEO artist to charge me $1200 to promise me 1st page google rankings and then run away with my money.

So now you know. The only way to get on the first page of Google is with a lot of hard, honest, work.  That’s the secret.

Parental instinct: New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

I watched a TV show tonight (20/20) to be exact where they showcased mothers that have no internal instinct towards the children they’ve given birth to.. They had a whole avalanche of excuses of why it was ok to abandon their sons and daughters because taking care of them didn’t fit into the mother’s life long goals.

First of all, this makes absolutely no sense.
If you are a birth mother and bring another human on to this earth, knowingly and willingly, it is now your commitment to ensure your child grows, develops, and remains safe.

Some of these mothers who “check in” on their abandoned children figure that that because they have no inherent maternal instinct, it is quite okay, to walk away.

My response to that, is simply, raising children isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries day in and day out. Just because you don’t want to fulfil your roll as a parent, doesn’t make it ok, to abandon your children and leave them without a mother figure in their lives.

Some of these women will say “well, they’re doing well, and to be honest, so am I, living away from home. I’ve become a better mother by leaving the house and having our odd talks over the internet”


Are you serious?

How can you possibly carry a new born for 9 months, give birth to them, and then walk away like they are some sort of family pet? People aren’t hamsters, goldfish or guinea pigs.

Do you have any idea how much you could harm your own child in life by leaving them to fend for themselves, regardless if the father is present?

It’s not a lot to ask. Every child wants to know their mother and father as they grow up.

So do new born birds, new born puppies, and new born hamsters.

Now the weirdest part of these mothers who decided to abandon their children, never went through the experience their advocating. For instance, many of them had Dad and Mom nearby. But in 2013 with new age thinking, they fully believe they don’t owe anything to their own children.

Listen closely. If you brought someone onto this Earth, you have a duty to them, as a civilized human being to guide them, help them, and be there for them.

This is common sense. These idiotic mothers who put themselves first, and leave kids behind, need a wake up call.

Now the 20/20 show did a camera cut to the kids which one 13 year old daughter said “I understand, and I’m fine with it”

Want to know why she acquiesced to that? Because she has no choice. She simply doesn’t know better. If you grew up as a child and your mother was a click a way, on the internet via Skype, you wouldn’t know better. You’d simply learn how to accept things as the best you could get.

Now I realize that not everyone is going to be Super Dad or Super Mom.. that’s not my point.

But at the very minimum, if you bring a child into this world, you have no right, under any logical point, to let them fend for themselves like that..

Just to reiterate, the person I’m mostly speaking about has her own “justifiable” blog here:

I read through her nonsense and half cared about her points. All the while I was thinking, how selfish are you to put your own wants and needs ahead of your kids that you birthed?

Life is a challenge. Being a parent to kids is a challenge. What none of us are really allowed to do, is bring new kids into the world and abandon them.

Here’s the clincher:

This same woman is now complaining about 4th stage cancer after abandoning her kids for her own goals and paths in life.

Her idiotic attitude to this day must be “why me – why do I have cancer?”

Well, you were given life on this earth to do something for the betterment of mankind. Instead you chose to use your time on this earth for “Me, Me, Me, and more Me”. Now you have 4th stage cancer, and still holding true to your illogical values. Your kids are suffering, and you use your time to write a blog talking about your 4th stage cancer.

You, Madam, by your own accord have become a waste of space, time, and effort on this earth. I have no compassion for your 4th stage cancer any more than you have compassion for your children out there that you have chosen to ignore.

At the end of the day, justice will prevail. Her eldest daughter (under 15) is already talking about the day will come when she has kids and she will never act like her own mom.

Life’s responsibilities aren’t a choice. They are a calling. If you avoid them, and ignore them, and you get 4th stage cancer, don’t wonder why.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. But in this particular case it is hard for me to break down and cry for her.  I fully believe this woman brought it on herself with her selfish attitude. Perhaps the Universe in it’s intricate way s gave her an opportunity to do something valuable here, and she decided instead to spend her time here on her own self-interests.

I wish the best for her kids. For her, I hope before her medical condition worsens, she realizes her mistake. Selfish ideology never pays off. Shame on you.

If you have any comments to share, I’m really interested in hearing them.


Just so you know, I’m like you, but if I was your neighbor, you wouldn’t know it!

Every one likes to think they are different.


A) Do you sleep in a BED? So do I..

B) Do you try to have breakfast every morning? So do I

C) Does it bother you when terrible things happen in the world? It bothers me too

D) Do you hope for a new, brighter, future tomorrow? (So do I)

How are we different? We’re not. We’re very similar. We want to enjoy life. Or are you the type of person that doesn’t want to enjoy life? (never met someone like that before).

We may look different, and be on different paths, but we both want the same things in life. Happiness, enjoyment, good feelings about our day, and more.

Problem is that you are reading this website and I’ve never had the opportunity to shake hands with you or smile at you. That is strange to me. Anyone worthwhile is surely deserving of a smile or a hand shake.

The problem is (in 2013) that community relationships are no longer important.  I could be your neighbor next door, and I bet you wouldn’t know how old I am, or what my middle name is.. Think about that for a moment.

Here you have, someone living right next you, and you’re not sure of their age, their middle name, or even any part of their history. How is any of that right? I could understand if you just moved in a month ago, but what if you’ve been living there for years?

Today’s problem is that people put walls up, and they don’t talk to one another. They do that for the sake of privacy. If a tornado or earthquake hit your home, how much would you be concerned about privacy at that point?

What if the things you cared about, and are worried about, are the exact type of things your neighbor cares about? Could it make a good conversation? Could you support each other, or is it something that will never be known?

That’s the funny thing about people.  We are so obsessed with our own lives, we don’t look around. What IF there was something you could do to help your neighbor? What IF there was something your neighbor could do that could help you?

Back in the western days, you would have had no choice but to know your neighbor. When things got rough, every one helped each other out.  They did that, because they wanted to, but most of all, because you never know when you might need a helping hand back.


OMG,  How awkward is that? Asking for help from the guy on the other side of the fence? I’d rather do it myself than ask for his help. Guess what he/she is doing? The same thing! AWKWARD.

Want to know what an awkward situation really is? Two people capable of helping one another, but because of societal disconnects, neither one helps the other.

Is that logical?

Back in the old days, when someone new moved into the neighborhood, they were brought pies, the neighbors introduced themselves, and there was a community spirit.

Today, everyone segregates themselves like we’re enemies at war. Why do we do that?

…the answer will come “because it’s safer, and easier that way”


If there was an earthquake or tornado ripping through your neighborhood and your house was in shambles, and one of your loved ones was trapped would it still be “safer and easier that way?”

We all don’t need to wait for a catastrophe to learn who our neighbors are.. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you have to bake pies or lasagna and continually shower them with home coming gifts. But a simple conversation, “Hello, how are you? Goes a long way!”

There are people on your street, very similar to you, and you don’t even know them. You could have a campfire at a campground and have better conversation with the passersby than the people on your own street that live there all year long. How does any of this seem right?

The point of this blog post is to say.. You, yourself may not want to make the first move to knock on your neighbors door, to say “Hello” or go in for a coffee.  In addition, your neighbor probably isn’t going to come to your door either.

But at 9am when you’re both sipping coffee, why not share the moment and do it together?

That’s the strangeness of society. Everyone thinks they are above, beyond, and better than the person next door. It causes a disconnect, which is pure stupid.  If you are going to live right next door to someone for the next 5 years, then it is about time you get to know one another.

Knowing your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to love them, or want to be with them every waking minute. What it does mean, is that you can both to learn how to socialize and be friends. Doesn’t mean someone is knocking at someone’s door once a week. But if a tornado or earthquake hits, you know who you could call for help (or volunteer help) ..

Don’t be afraid of your neighbors. Make the first move. Because it is obvious that if you don’t, no one will.


What is important in life?

I always thought at an early age, I’d be someone special like a famous person.

I now have a very clear understanding of what life is about. If anything I say isn’t true, you’ll know it pretty quick reading this..

Not everyone is suppose to be a celebrity. Not everyone is suppose to be stinking rich. While it is true, we are all trained to think that being a celebrity or stinking rich is the ultimate goal, it’s actually far from what why we were created or what we are suppose to do here..

If you ask anyone on the street, everyone has a dream, a goal, something they want to strive for.. and get there, and that is good. It keeps us on a certain path to get there. The problem is, is that many of us will never get there, and we begin to wonder.. if I never reach my goal, is my life just a complete waste of time?

Have you ever been in that moment of your life, when you have every reason why you could just walk away, and NOT help someone, but you do anyway?

That’s precisely why you are here.. You are listening to your alter-ego, your spiritual self, that basically says when you have the capability of helping someone, you should.

So now your question might be, so that’s it? I am here to help other people? That’s my sole mission in life?

No.. You’ll find that in tender moments of your own life, you’ll witness the same thing happening to you. When you are truly stuck for a while, some person will show up and help you out of your own problem and you’ll never see it coming.  Think back. Some of the terrible jams you’ve been in your life, some lucky thing has happened where you go…

“Omg, if I didn’t get that job, I would have been on the street”

“If they didn’t let me rent that place, I would have been homeless”


“If I didn’t get a meal, I would have been hungry for days”


I don’t know about your particular situation – but I already know, there have been times in all of our lives where we have suffered.  Give it a few days or a week, and something out of no where shows up and helps us.  That usually only happens to true spirited people.

So the next time you feel you are at the bottom of the pit of life, give some hope and faith. Someone around the corner might be helping you out of your jam just at the right time, just wait for it.

When we look at the question again “What is important in life?”

Maybe it is that simple. May be we’re here for those particular times that we are able to help someone out of their situation at the right time and the right place?

Everyone is on earth for a reason.

Many people abuse that opportunity.

Many people happily exist and help others.

Who are you? The one that abuses your existence, or someone who is not impartial to helping a stranger?

If you have gotten this far in this blog post, I already know who you are…

You’re someone who cares. Someone that thinks about the meaning of life, and wonders why you are here..

Thank you for that – you’re special,  and I’m interested in your comments.

I know that I’m here to share meaningful words without knowing who I am talking to, and I am happy to do that.. If there is some part of you that says, I want to respond, then DO IT. That feeling proves that you’re breaking out of your daily routine and comfort zone, and you need to share who you are, and what you think.

At the end of the day, we’re all human on this planet, and it is long overdue that we get to know one another.


Dentures: Why they break, how to repair Dentures, and who to trust making them.

My grandmother got her first dentures about 18 years ago. Her first set last her 15 years before they broke.  It’s been a crazy situation over the last 3 years since she got her replacement set (which have broken a third time).

(By the way, the correct term is denture, no one calls them “false teeth” anymore.)

Sometimes when it comes to things like shopping for a new TV or a new refrigerator, we do our research.  Since something like dentures is something we don’t buy often, we normally do not understand the quality difference and we should. After all, it is our mouth and our chewing teeth that we’re dealing with.

Typically dentures are expected to last 5 to 10 years without problem.  Anyone that makes dentures generally has “some” training, and they may even be a member of a local Denturist Association. This is where things change.

In the denture industry, there is something known as BPS certification that we didn’t know about. I’m going to talk about that after you hear what happened to my grandmother.

After 15 years with her first set of dentures, they finally wore out and broke.

For almost $600 she was fitted with a second set of dentures 3 years ago.  Two years later, they broke.  The denturist charged her an additional $200 for a repair.  A week later, they broke a second time!

When she complained to the denturist that the $200 repair didn’t last, he showed her the denture. He said,”It appears they broke in a different spot this time. It will cost another $200 to fix them again, I recommend we order you a new set for an additional $600″.

We asked how long the new set would take, and they said since they “sent away” for them to be made, she’d have to wait until the new ordered set would arrive.  You’d expect the denturist to make them himself.  Well instead, all he does, is take moulds, orders, sends away for the product.  He makes small adjustments and repairs on site, but he doesn’t craft them himself.

Where does he get these dentures from? CHINA is our guess. We don’t really know.

On her small pension, she couldn’t afford to pay the $600 and she didn’t trust him on another $200 repair, so she looked for a repair product and found one called the D.O.C. Denture Repair Kit

Without too much trouble, she was able to glue and sand them back together again.  The dentures worked great for a full year! (It’s an ironic situation when an amateur repair can outlast the repair done by a Denturist).

Well a year later they’ve broken again. It is time to go with a new set, but we are surely not going with the same original denturist this time.  We started making some phone calls together.

First, we called our unreliable denturist anonymously. We asked if there was any warranty with their dentures. “No, sorry. The only thing we do is offer 3 months of adjustments, but there is no warranties on the dentures whatsoever”. (Great, at least now they admit the quality of their product).

Next, we opened the yellow pages and carefully began reading the entire details of each and every Denturist advertisment.

We noticed that a lot of them advertised a “BPS” logo, with the exception of a bare few.

We called a new Denturist and asked them about their warranty. “All of our dentures come with a 2 year warranty against normal wear and tear”, the receptionist stated. WOW! That’s a big difference than the Joe-Shmo who was playing denturist with cheap china made dentures down the street.

It turns out that BPS stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic Denture System which is a high quality denture.

This is why good denturists advertise “BPS” and our unreliable guy did not..

I’ve even seen it mentioned that a true BPS denture has an official BPS logo stamped somewhere on the denture itself, to prove it’s authenticity!  DO NOT be fooled by sub-standard denturists who use cheap quality products, who offer no warranties. From now on, we will only trust a BPS certified denturist. We learned our lesson the hard way.

So if you are wanting to find a high quality denture, made professionally by a BPS certified technican, you can find one on this official website link.

iPhone 5? What about the iPhone 6? How much better can it get?

So the latest trend is the iPhone 5. You can already guess that the iPhone 6 is already in top-secret development.  There is a feature that people should be asking for, and no one does. A major upgrade would be a replaceable or removeable battery.   The battery is basically the heart of the device. Without battery power, an iPhone might as well be a paper weight.

DISCLAIMER: these are my personal opinions and may not be factual. Let’s see if you agree?

While it is true, an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s can have the battery replaced by a specialist (With brain surgeon soldering skills), it’s not economically practicle.

It is no secret that Apple knows, and so does every cellular retailer, that iPhones often come with 3 year contracts in order to subsidize the phone cost.  What does that mean? In short, the next major revision of the iPhone has to hit the market within a few months of people’s 3 year term contracts expiring.

So when they design the phone, they do it with a battery that should keep up for 2 or 3 years before the phone starts turning into a dud.

Users usually ask for:

a) A bigger, and better screen

b) More memory

c) A faster processor

But rarely do people ask for the basic design upgrades, like how about an interchangeable or removeable battery?  As long as cell phones have been on the market, a key feature has always been pulling off the back plate, removing the battery and replacing it without needing a soldering iron.

For whatever reason that escapes me, iPhone gets away with hardwiring their batteries right to the motherboard. As far as I know, it is the only popular phone that does that..

So I’m hoping that iPhone 6 will have that single, most important feature. A removeable or replaceable battery without needing a soldering iron.

If they do that, it will bring longetivity to the device.  That’s probably their reason for not wanting to have that feature.  They know that once your iPhone stops keeping its charge, and it eventually starts crashing from irregular DC volt power, you’ll be looking for the next generation iPhone purchase ASAP.

It’s a consumer market, and they are your dealer to generate sales.

I, myself, am still using a Palm TREO 650, one of the earlier smart phones from 2005.  That was 7 years ago, but the phone still works, its quad-band, and lets me browse the web, check email, and use simple apps.  When I bought the phone when it first came out, it cost me $900.  Just last year, I bought another second one as a backup for $40 off eBay. That’s a $860 discount!

The reason the TREO 650 phone still works to this day, is because I was able to remove the battery and replace it with a new one. No soldering skills needed.

Once the iPhone 5 came out, a friend of mine “gave” me their iPhone 3GS, considering the iPhone 3GS worthless in the grand scheme of things.  The problem was simply that the battery wasn’t holding a proper charge, and the newest iOS upgrade was causing problems for the phone.

So all you iPhone 5 users today, touting your new device in 2012, I can already anticipate by 2015 most of you will be holding an iPhone 6. History dictates that when your 3 year term runs out, the iPhone 6 will be there waiting.

Let’s be more specific. I can estimate right now, the iPhone 6 will hit the market September 2014 or September 2015. That’s a fact (in my opinion). A few months before Christmas, but in time enough for iPhone 5 users who have term contracts that run out. It will enable you to buy the latest iPhone 6 and re-comit yourselves to the next 3 year contract period.

On another note, I fully expect by 2015 someone will gift me an iPhone 4S by then, considering it junk, once the iPhone 6 hits the market. People like myself that are patient enough, just wait for the hand me downs to be free or super cheap given to us. We never need to hop on board the latest technological wave and pay premium prices to enjoy the technology that everyone else has had the benefit of, over the last few years.

So my recommendation to iPhone 5 and future iPhone 6 users is this…. Please start demanding that they incorporate replaceable batteries in the new iPhone 6. Doing that will bring longetivity to the devices they create, and will stop this madness of when the battery loses its integrity, so does the usefulness of the iPhone.

We don’t need more junk in our land fills. If a user replaceable battery can keep a device working for years to come, then let’s see that already.

What are your thoughts?

Back to school: Supplies and Being Cool

So it is that time of year again where people are buying Back to School Supplies.

In the old days, it usually meant you had enough binders, lined paper, a ruler, enough pencils, pens, a padlock for your locker, that sort of thing.

While a lot of that is the basics, in 2012 now we have to add a USB Thumbdrive, an iPhone, an ipad, and things like that. Even worse, it not only includes a new pair of jeans and some running shoes for gym (physical education) but..

It has to be the latest pair of $250 running shoes that were just released on the market.

About 20 years ago, your back to school supplies would have cost probably about $60, and you’d have everything you need.

In 2012, it can cost upwards of $500 to $1000 especially if you add in all the digital toys and latest styles for clothing and footwear.

I remember hearing that back in the 70’s public schools (up to grade 8) use to give you the supplies you needed. You didn’t have to buy anything.  I think around that time they use to ask your parents to send $20 to school, and it included everything you would need for the entire year.

Back then field trips were free. You just had to pack your own lunch. Today? Kids have to get their parents permission and include $25 to $50 to attend. After all, gasoline is at a premium these days.

Even just eating at school can be expensive in the cafeteria.  You use to be able to buy a burger and fries for $3 before. I bet it’s up close to $8 now.

We all know that prices and inflation increases, it’s just too bad when we see it happen at school.

Your comments?


What is the meaning of life? Time to realize it.

People often wonder what the meaning of life is all about. I think here was even a comedy show from Monty Python about it.

To be honest, the meaning of life, in a general sense, means you were put on the earth do DO SOMETHING. At the very minimal LEARN SOMETHING.

I must have already lost some people based on those two statements alone. Do Something? Learn Something? What does that mean? Is it referring to the fact that I shouldn’t party every weekend? Does it mean this? Does it mean that?

What the meaning of life means (in my eyes), is that you were given birth, lived your life, for the purpose of discovering yourself as a human being and doing something significant before you go. This could mean creating a picasso art painting. It could mean that you helped someone in desperate need. It could mean that you wrote a book. It could mean that you smiled to someone on the subway who was about to commit suicide that day, but because of your smile, they held on for one more day.

I think it is an indisputable fact. People were born here, for a deliberate reason. You might go through your whole life and not understand why… and then.. the day comes. Omigosh, I can’t believe it!  Something happened today that was completely out of the ordinary that I was a part of..  (Now you can see it)

I believe that the earth is nothing more than a “proving ground” or “testing ground” for souls.  Sure, they give you a body, and let you run around amuck like children, but when truth comes to shove.. they watch how you react.

What IF the earth was just that? A trial or testing ground for souls.  You are not allowed to move on spiritually unless you become a decent human being on earth?

Sometimes you don’t get all the answers you want, simply by asking questions. Once in awhile, listen to the silence around you, ask the questions and see if you can intellectually hear answers in your head.

I realize that last sentence might seem strange to someone. “See if you can intellectually hear answers in your head”

Let me clarify.

We’ve heard terms like our “alter-ego”, or our “guardian-angel”, or the “voice of our conscious”.. It is that voice that you hear in your head that seems to come from abroad.

If you slow down for even just 5 solid minutes. Block out the city noise around you.  Breathe, and think of some questions, and listen…  You might be given an answer back. Where does that voice come from? Is it you? Or from some place far away? Is it the universe?

Actually it does not matter what you hear, as much as it means, how willing you are to know yourself, what you are capable of, and what you will try to do tomorrow.

For the people that still don’t get it:

You weren’t given life, to be born on earth, to watch TV, to buy the latest cell phone, and to dine at the best restaurants.

Perhaps you were put here to develop into a real person, with some importance, to give back to society, your neighbor, family, or even a stranger. But you exist for a reason. Some people never find that reason. Some people do.. It’s actually up to you. Are you receptive to the idea you can do some good while you’re here? Or are you just here to party your heart out without a care in the world?

Having fun, is nice.

Caring about the purpose of your existence is deep, and shows that you have a heart, are intelligent, and are in tune with things.

Understanding who you are is free. It just takes some time to realize who you are…

Phones and computers are enslaving people.

So now we have smart phones and everybody can be connected 24 / 7.  Is this a good thing? Who’s the nerd now? Just cuz you may believe that you are not a geek, doesn’t mean you’re not a geek. If you are walking around with an iPhone in your purse, and you’re constantly checking your email messages everytime the phone beeps…

Apparently you are exhibiting the behavior of a nerd.

Seems like I’m trying a little too hard to call out the guilty here.

But really look at the situation.

Is e-mail THAT important? Can’t it wait until you return to the office, or go back home?

Does a message from someone need to pop up on your smart phone while you are moving down the aisles of a grocery store?

Is it a life and death situation that if you don’t reply to someone 5 minutes after you left the house or office? What if they have to wait until tomorrow morning to get your response? Is everyone’s life hanging closer to financial ruin if we don’t respond instantly?

At what point do we all becomes slaves of technology? Why is it no longer socially or financially acceptable to leave the computer, to leave our phone, and just walk around in the open world without constantly checking for incoming email?

It’s a sad joke if you really look at it. We stopped living our own personal lives, just because technology is here.

Recognize the problem. It’s obvious.

What spawned this post, is that I was talking to someone recently that was bragging about how she gets her email on FOUR different devices.  “I get it on my phone, I get it on my iPad, I get it on my Laptop, and I get it on my Desktop”, she stated and then grinned.

I looked at her, like she was someone in need of a therapist. She had this idiotic happy look on her face that she gets the opportunity to re-read each message four times as it comes in. If I handed her a fifth device, I think she’d be ecstatic.

It’s akin to zombies walking around saying “more brains”

Only these zombies are saying “more email devices”

Thankfully the portable internet-enabled toilet never was created, but Microsoft tried!

When u think you know someone, it’s $$$ that stands between you.

I have first hand experience at this today, and I don’t like it. However, it is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Money rules everyone. People are greedy. Reading this, you may think you’re the exception to the rule, but are you?

Everyone has bills to pay, riches to earn, and things they want to be able to have, or to do, in their future.

Many of us, I think a lot more than people may think, enjoy helping someone without getting paid. At least, that is the type of person I am.. If I truly help someone because of talent I may inherently have, I’m always happy to do so.. My thanks is enough by seeing the smile on someone’s face that needed help.

I’d like to believe, and always wanted to believe, that if I help a bunch of people, some day, someone will help me too..

Today, I got slapped with reality, and I got slapped really hard by it.

I could elaborate into details, but that doesn’t take away from the point, so let’s stick with the basic points…

I was working pro bono for someone, helping them with what it is they need, without talking money, expecting that if I needed similar help, they’d be there for me.  I found out today, that is not the case…

Ever see one of those carnival dunk tanks? Where the person sits on a bench, you throw a ball, and they get dunked?

..that is what this person needs to have done for them. They need a fresh, cold water, dunk into a tank to wake up.

I realize I’m beating around the bush here, and I don’t mean to do that, as much as I’m trying my darnest to not publically identify the guilty.

In a nutshell, this is what happened…

1) I did about $1800 worth of work for someone

2) I asked them to help me with a project I was working on, and see what they could do

3) The labor involved in the $1800 I provided them works out to about 35 hours of my talents, abilities, and cost to provide..

4) I needed something that would have also worked out to be about 35 hours of their own talents, abilities, and costs to provide…

5) Fair deal, so I thought.

6) Met with them. They initially quoted me a non-friendly $8000 before the meeting, and then reduced it down to $5,000 after the meeting.

…here is where things get fun..

7) Two days later, this person revises their quote, and goes “Yeah, I’ve re-decided after the meeting, that what it is, I can help you with, is actually worth $12,800 and here is 10 different sweet reasons why you need to pay me for it.

This was a semi-friend that did this to me.  I’m speechless.   How could you possibly quote $8,000, meet with me,  then quote $5,000, wait two days and up the ante to $11,800 ?

I already know the answer to my question.

ANSWER: Because you are in a position to do exactly that.. you did it, because you can.

Just because you can, and are able to do something, doesn’t mean you should.

This type of thing that goes on with people, in business negotiations shouldn’t be hidden. When a wrong has happened, speak about it. You don’t have to identify the guilty parties, but surely you are in the right to share the problem publicly on your blog..

Which is what I am doing, exactly now.

The world is rough enough. It’s even worse when you can’t trust friends (ok semi-friends) which are people you trust to be there for you, when you were already there for them.

So I learned a hard lesson tonight, against my will, which is that you shouldn’t put too much trust in anyone.. Even those people you think are close acquaintances of yours.

Which, in short translation means.. This is not a win-win situation now. Now it becomes a lose-lose situation. You upped your price more than double.. see where I’ll be later when you actually need me.

Money doesn’t rule all here, and now I certainty won’t trust you again.

So Mr. Greed, thanks for your nonsense quote. I’ve now learned that you’re not someone on my short list of people who I’ll ever go to again. Take your greed and stuff it..

Life is funny. Out of every 100 people, there is probably only 2 or 3 that are decent.  I see that more and more everyday.

Life is suppose to be about give and take. It just seems that some people want to always take, without giving anything back.

Whatever. I’ll still manage. But to Mr. Idiot out there that took advantage of my goodwill… you have what is coming to you. With that attitude, and something bad happens, it is not me that caused it. It’s you that deserved it.

..enough said..

Best wishes to the rest of you. Please don’t let life let you become this type of financial monster where you have to lose friends and acquaintances for money, it just isn’t worth it.

Bloggers want comments. Readers just want to consume.

This is a rant. Bloggers, people who take the time to sit and type from their heart to the internet feel that it is worthwhile as long as someone is listening out there. All it takes is a few comments from their readers like “I agree” for it to be worthwhile. Yet comments are like pulling teeth.

I, myself am guilty of the same thing. I love blogs. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them. When I come across a decent blog post, I’m ecstatic that someone took the time to write it.  Rarely do I comment though, and I should. Here I am writing blog posts and getting very little, to no feedback.

Bloggers need to understand, that in order to get more comments, you simply need to giveaway a free iPad or iPhone, or something like that… (that’s half joking and half serious).

…but we are all dumbfounded on what to say. It’s easier to read a post, gain the benefit of it, and click off and leave.   That may be easier for the reader, but it’s really tough on the blogger who spends the time to write the blog post.  I fully expect this particular post will yield hardly any comments, and if it does, it means I’m right! 🙂

If you, yourself, is stumped, and won’t leave a comment below, is that what you look like? (See the cartoon pic above).  Are you puzzled and too busy to write a sentence saying things like “I liked what you wrote…. or I understand, and agree… etc, etc”

The internet is such an evolving place, yet we’re all abusing it.  It’s suppose to be about being open and sharing with one another.   If someone shares ideas with you, share a comment back.  To prove my point, I think I’m going to make a special concerted effort to do exactly that…

See if you’d like to join me in this endeavor.

Anytime you read something of value, leave a comment. Even a simple one that says nothing more than “I enjoy what you’ve written, and thanks”.  Not only is it polite, but it also encourages the person to continue doing it.

If you are a blogger yourself, leave a comment below, and I’ll visit your blog AND leave a comment. I promise.  I’m self admitting that you can hold me to it. 🙂

…for the rest of the silent readers out there. I’ll continue to post without comments, but it really is becoming amusing to me (in a sick sense) on how many people will yield the benefits of some of the content I write, and just enjoy and leave without saying a word.

If it sounds like I’m calling people out, I don’t mean to be quite so direct. But let’s put it this way…  Your thoughts and feelings toward any topic have just as much importance to something you’ve read on a blog as the blogger as well. Use this opportunity to create a dialog.  When that happens, and people speak out, usually the blog comments have more power than the initial post itself.  I love seeing that..

Unfortunately I won’t be giving away a free iPhone or free iPad today. But will this post yield even one comment from _someone_ out there?  Let’s see.

Freegans & Wasted Edible Food: Witness this!

Today I was at the green composting center where you can drop off your yard waste, tree trimmings, and other compost material.  When I arrived, I was stunned to see the following massive waste of food:


It must have been about 900 lbs of apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, bananas, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, even bread! Worse yet, the food wasn’t rotten. It was simply bruised in some way or another.  This food could have been cleaned, and the bad parts sliced off.  Completely edible. At the very minimum, it could be made into soups, stews, even fed to chickens or pigs.  This is good food that is left now to rot and be composted.

They had bunches of bananas with small black spots on them. Perfect for making a lovely banana bread.

The food had SKU sticker codes on them, which meant this all came from a grocery store or commercial fruit stand.

When a grocery store wastes this much raw product, it simply means they have to compensate for the loss, by raising their regular food prices.  Could this be a clear example as to why food costs are as high as they are these days?  If the grocery store is throwing out 900 lbs of food, where do they recover that loss? On your next grocery bill!

This amounts to simple mismanagement at the grocery store. Not having enough SALE items, and overcharging for their food in the first place. Under no circumstance should 900 lbs of salvageable edible food be thrown out this way. At the very minimum, contact some soup kitchens, or some farmers with livestock who could use this stuff. Why let it rot and decompose?

If a truck dumped this off in a starving nation like Ethiopia or Uganda, this 900 lb waste would be 95% used.

What a wasteful society. I’ve heard about this, but never seen it before myself.

Now I have – and it’s a real shock.

Having a sense of humor is great. Overdoing it is idiotic!

Cracking some funny jokes is great. People love someone with a funny spirit who wants to make us laugh. Here’s a big problem though, and it is important that someone point it out.  I just witnessed a perfect example of someone who could be funny, but ruins the moment.

The other day I was waiting in line to get my passport photo taken. The girl behind the counter was running around rampant trying to serve the line up of customers.  The guy ahead of me sat in the chair and decided to crack jokes one-after-the-other hoping he’d be funny and amuse everyone.

To be truly funny, means you carefully pick and choose a pun, a joke, a situation, to make a comment.

To arbitrarily crack 50 jokes in a 15 minute period, hoping 2 or 3 are actually funny just makes people roll their eyes…

..and I rolled my eyes…

Let’s give you a rundown of what this guy did, and let me ask your opinion if you thought he was funny.

Actually I won’t.

I began to write a lengthy play by play about it, and I decided to stop and save you the trouble. We’ve all been there. Someone who cracks non-stop jokes hoping that some of them will be funny. That’s not a funny person because people see through it.

I find this type of raw sense of humor is often echoed by the new breed of teenagers and young adults these days.  In a group setting, they all try and crack as many jokes as possible hoping some of them will be funny.

That’s not good comedy.  Cracking as many jokes as you can in hopes that a few of them will be a hit, just makes you look stupid.






A good comedian will carefully pick and choose special moments to crack a good joke, or poke fun at a situation.  It gets greater laughs if you are SELECTIVE about when you come out with something funny.  Be patient, and wait for that truly funny opportunity to present itself.

…but just running your mouth off, non-stop, hoping some of the things you say in jest are funny, is just purely idiotic.  When you eventually do come out with a knee slapper… it will be too late. By then people have begun to ignore you and shrug you off.

This is a strange topic for me to cover, considering this blog is titled “Life is funny”. But sometimes, idiots ruin the best funny moments by overdoing it.

Don’t be idiotic with your humor. Save it for those special moments when a crowd will erupt with laughter because you came out with the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME.

I found this article difficult to explain, because humor is subjective usually.  I’m going to depend on the comments below to see what other people can contribute.

No comments? That’s fine. Everyone is too busy these days it seems.

Hopefully you got my point.