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What gives? A horrible expression that shows lack of intelligence.

There are certain phrases that people use without putting much thought into them. One of them that irks me is the phrase “What gives?”

What taints that expression is that it’s usually found in the same sentence as WTF.

“WTF man, why is this thing still broken? What gives?”

Often when someone says “what gives”, it’s rarely used when something positive is happening.  The speaker who says it, is usually pissed off and complaining about something.

Here’s the problem. (By the way, this blog post might be coming out in riddles. You may have to re-read it a couple times to understand my points. There is no easy way of taking a phrase like this, splitting hairs about why it’s wrong, and convincing anyone of the alternative).

Emotion is stirred into the phrase, which means, logical communication has dwindled down to the point someone has to say “What gives”.. it is akin to showing anger. That’s why I hate the phrase “What gives”.

In my opinion “What gives” is a simple way of saying “Why am I experiencing this problem, and who is going to fix it before I get even more upset”.

…so I ask, why do people keep saying it? What gives???

If people were to calm down a little, realize that not every problem in existence is present “just to piss you off”. Sometimes it’s something that can easily be fixed. Or, it simply means, that a solution hasn’t been found yet.

How about instead of asking “What gives”.. ask “Is there anything that I can do to help?”

“What gives?” Shows frustration, and anger, demands a solution, and does very little to help the situation, instead, it only compounds the problem further. Now there is two problems. The first problem which is unsolved which caused someone to demand “What gives”, and now there is a second problem, calming down, and satisfying the person who demands “What gives”.

As someone who has worked with customer service before, I’ve heard the “What gives” phrase one too many times. Usually our response would be “Thank you for reporting the problem, it’s been worked on right now, and will be fixed shortly”

…but at no time is there a way to truly answer “What gives?” why bother asking that question in the first place.

Similarily, if someone asks “WTF?” — again, there is no way to answer that question either.

My recommendation to you, the next time you’re upset, and want to communicate that you’ve noticed a problem. Don’t use “WTF” or “What gives”, because they are both negative connotations that are not constructive or helpful. Just leave them out of your speech.  Instead, just report a problem, ask if it has already been reported, and what is being done to correct it.

Maintaining your composure during problematic times, by not stomping your feet, wailing like a child, and using phrases like “WTF” or “What Gives”, will earn you a lot more respect in the long run.

This is the best way I can articulate how I feel about the phrase “What Gives” and how I wish it would disappear from existence. After that, “WTF” can be next.

Enjoy the rest of your day or evening. 🙂

“There is more where that came from” — an evil saying – stay away from it at all costs!

When I had more that I needed, and spent it without a care, I believed in the old age saying There is more where that came from.. now, after there is “no more”, I realize how foolish I was.

There was a time that I was making money faster than I could spend it.  NO – I wasn’t rich – I just had a solid income. My bills were paid, all of the staples were covered. I had money for taxes, my accountant, my medical bills, insurance, house payments — everything was paid.

So I would end up with “extra” every week or two. That meant to me (at the time) it was extra I could spend carelessly, because…


..and I believed in that adage.. As long as money was pouring in, and I met my expenses, and things should only get better, there was always more where that came from – I was free, happy, and deserving because I had worked hard to get to that point in my life.

So we use to go to fancy restaurants, and tip good servers (Waiters/Waitresses) well. We use to stay in above average Hotels, and enjoy the good life. We spent the first half of our years working like dogs to finally get to the point where we had extra cash, and there was more on the way.

That worked for awhile, when we were ahead of the game. It felt great. I never saw an end in sight.

I’d do silly things like accidentally blow $600 in a night at a local casino, but I wouldn’t worry. “There is more where that came from”. — All of this was legal. I had a small business, that was growing to become a medium business – it was all legit. $600 casino nights were par for the course.


          ..then it happened..




The economy turned. Competition moved in, we began struggling to keep even. Then it got even worse. No longer were we struggling to keep even – we were struggling to just pay the bills. Then it got worse. Now we were not only choosing which bills got paid, but we were wondering whether we could keep the house, the car, and whether or not we could keep our fridge full of food.

That’s how easily it happened to us — and how easily it could happen to anyone.

So whoever invented the phrase “there is more where that came from” was obviously drunk, disillusioned, or just plain stupid. That is one phrase or cliche we could all do without.

Never should you believe that there is more where that came from – because that only holds true for a short period of time. It may be weeks, months, or even a couple years. Eventually the MORE stops – and there is no more WHERE THAT CAME FROM.

Instead, things like “SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY” or “PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE” are real solid pieces of advice that people need to hold true to their heart.

Just when you work so hard all your life to have the “extra” — no one is there to tell you to save it, and keep it, because life as you know it today, can change on a dime tomorrow. That’s pretty much on how fast life turned for the worst for us – on a dime.

One day we’re sitting pretty, and the next day, we’re wondering what’s happening.


If I would have read a blog post like this – maybe I wouldn’t be in the boat I’m in…

I feel better about sharing this information – if it helps you, please take the 2 minutes to comment.


The customer is always right. Please forget it, it’s not true.

No one is always right.

So please stop referring to the phrase “The customer is always right”. We are plagued with this stupid marketing slogan that was used back in 1909 from Harry Gordon Selfridge as part of his marketing campaign.

Enough already.

It’s obvious that there are some really stupid customers out there. There is even more greedy shady people, posing as customers who deliberately try to get what they are not entitled to, meanwhile the rest of us pay for it in our normal prices.  For example, a customer complains his meal wasn’t hot enough, goes back into the fast food restaurant and walks out with an extra free food item. Yes, that item was free to the customer who was actually just trying to get a freebie, but the rest of us pay for it the next time we order something because the cost gets factored back in…

The customer is always right, just leads to abuse by customers. It happens everyday. Customers cannot be trusted. Have you ever had a legitimate complaint about some product or service, and when you bring it to a staff members attention, they kind of look at you sidewise with one eye open larger, thinking “yeaahhh right…”. As soon as you begin talking, they are already discounting everything you say in their mind, because they’ve met the scammer customer before, and they think you might be one of them too.

Customers ruin it for other customers. So how can we possibly say that the customer is always right?

Here’s my complaint. I can’t stop hearing that phrase from people. It’s everywhere and used to this day. But this is exactly happens to these cliche phrases, THEY NEVER DIE.

This is why I can’t put all my eggs in one basket.  (I don’t keep eggs in baskets at all, I use egg cartons)

It’s why whats good for my goose, is good for the gander. (I don’t have a goose, don’t want one, and I could careless what is good for a gander of geese).

Let’s start inventing some *NEW* fresh cliche phrases, shall we? Help me think of some!

How about…

Run a Google search, find a spammer. Run several searches, find even more spammers”  … hmm sounds dumb right? Well so does “The customer is always right” so if you can accept that cliche, you should be able to be happy with mine.

Do you see my point? Cliche phrases really aren’t all that useful.  If you pick them apart and analyse them, they really hold us back from using our heads to think about situations.

The fact that an “apple does not fall far from the tree” does not mean that because your weird uncle is in jail, that the rest of you are prone to being in jail too. An apple and a tree, have nothing to do with a weird uncle and yourself. Do you see the point?

 I bet you could write an entire story with cliches… Would make a good school project.

My uncle was in a store trying to return something he stole for cash. He told the cashier that the customer is always right, and he demanded a refund. The cashier looked at him, and said sorry sir, but you appear to be a little wet behind the ears, we saw you steal that item on our security camera.

My uncle looked at her and said “you’re not going to hang me out to dry” are you?

She said, sir, “your ass is grass” and “you’re all washed up“, I’m sorry but “your name is mud”. I’m calling security.

He replied, look, “i’m hungry as a horse“. I know “you have an axe to grind”  with me, but would you please let me off of this one?

She looked at him sternly and said ok, I’m going to “hold out the olive branch” for you and “I’m going to let this slide.” Just be very careful to “not look a gift horse in the mouth” ok?

My uncle just smiled, and that’s the end of the story.

Now, if I did it right, the story was suppose to sound dumb and stupid. This happened because of the heavy use of old stale cliche phrases. I tried to make my point, and if I didn’t…

“Oh well shit happens.”

Stupid Cliche Phrases – Let’s talk about this!

Here’s a dumb cliche for you.. “Everything happens for a reason.”

I say, “so? Your point is??” Usually the response is:

“Well it was obviously meant to be”

“It’s God’s will”

“God works in mysterious ways”

Now in this blog entry, I’m not attacking religion. What I am doing is pointing out how stupid cliche phrases really don’t carry much weight behind them. Why do we use them and depend on them so much?

Let’s look at some scenarios, and possible theories as to why it was “meant to be” or “God’s will”, or why “God is working in mysterious ways”.

Example #1: You are walking through the house and accidentally stub your toe into a coffee table leg.

Example #1 Reason: Stubbing your toe happened for a reason. Well yes, it did. You were clumsy and weren’t paying attention.

Example #1 God’s Involvement: It was God’s will that you stubbed your toe. He works in mysterious ways. Well that sounds bizarre. I can’t think of any possible reason why God would purposely setup events for you to stub your toe.

Maybe we need to add some descriptive language for these stupid cliche phrases to have them make more sense..

Let’s leave the correct phrase “everything happens for a reason” alone, because in some microscopic or technical way, yes, everything does happen for a reason. (Even “nothing” happens for a reason)


Let’s change these:

“It was obviously meant to be” TO “Some things are meant to be”

“It was God’s will” TO “It may have been God’s will.”

“God works in mysterious ways” TO “We have no idea what God wants or what he does”


So this way, the next time something happens of significant value, where these cliche phrases come into play (other than stubbing your toe), it will sound like this:

Your uncle dies…

Someone comes up to you says “Sorry for your loss, everything happens for a reason”

You say “I know, his health gave out, but why him?”

To which they say “Some things were meant to be”

You say “I know, but was this one of them? Perhaps he was just old and sick”

To which they say “It may have been God’s will”

You say “Maybe, I guess we really won’t know if God wanted this, or if it was just a physical limitation of our natural cycle as human beings”

To which they say “We have no idea what God wants or what he does”

You say “that’s right. So can we stop with the stupid cliche phrases and just deal with the fact that my sick elderly uncle died, and anything you say won’t change it? You can give theories and hypothesis all day long about why it happened — the fact is that it happened, and cliche phrases don’t solve anything.”

Why do people feel that stupid cliche phrases fix things? They don’t. They are wasted breath and carry little value.

Let’s just stop using them. Why carry them through generation to generation? Some of these exist the same way dumb internet chain emails recirculate for years and years..

It’s not a bad thing to take a moment, look at ourselves and realize HOW LIFE IS FUNNY and how stupid we are for participating in the same thing that everyone else falls victim to..

Stop stupid cliche phrases! They are just a waste of time.

So the next time someone says “Everything happens for a reason“, return the comment “You’re right, and stating the obvious helps whom?

BTW, it may seem that writing this blog entry I’m over exaggerating, or stretching the concept too much to prove a point. The reality is, that I’m addressing a significant problem with stupid cliche phrases that are used everyday, by hundreds of thousands of people, and very little thought is given to it.

Then again, maybe I did this because:

1. Everything happens for a reason

2. It was obviously meant to be

3. It is God’s will

4. God works in mysterious ways.