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How weird can normal everyday people really be?

Too busy to read a blog. Too busy to comment. Blogs are dead?

It was only a couple years ago, everyone was told “you had to have a blog”..

The only way to survive on the internet was to have a blog. People did it, companies did it, socialites did it. Everyone had a blog, because the “in” thing to do, was to have a blog.

Guess what happened? There was an over-saturation of blogs and no one was reading them anymore.

I love (and still do) writing a blog post.  It’s my way of sharing my inner most feelings about the way I view life and see who listens. The problem is, that I do get a couple dozen people who read my stuff, but none of them will ever push the button to leave a comment.
It is ok, I’m fine with it now. YES! I am talking to you.  You’ve read this far, and you are the exact type of person I’m referring to.. I don’t mean to call you out like that, but if you were me, you’d understand.

People are busy these days. Definitely too busy to comment to blog posts. Actually, aren’t blogs dead anyway? Everything is Youtube and video now. Who has the time to read.

—-> I will tell you who has the time to read <—-

…intelligent people. People that have gone on Youtube, watched the amateur dribble on there, and want more. People who aren’t afraid to enrich their brains by reading text.

I admit, in this blog post I’m getting a little cynical. For that I apologize.

But the only people I am apologizing to, are those that have read this post to this point. That’s you!  Do you realize over 100 people have landed on this blog page, and you’re one of the 1% that actually kept reading and might even respond?

So let it be.. people may be too busy to read a blog, or comment, and blogs may be dead.

That’s not the reason I started blogging about my thoughts though. I will continue to do so, irregardless of how Google wants to rank me.

I am curious though, about you.

Have you been here before? Ever written a blog yourself? What do you think about blogs?These are simple questions, and if you could take the next 30 seconds out of your day to even answer one of them, that’d be so nice..

I guess at this point, I’ll have to wait and see.. 🙂


How much makeup is too much? Real cosmetic advice and tips for women & girls.

Most of us, whether you are male or female will spot someone who is obviously wearing too much makeup. The problem is the person innocently doesn’t realize it.  Here’s some real advice for girls and women who might accidentally wear too much makeup. The reason for this post is simple..

Today on youtube, I watched a girl doing a product review on something, and I was totally distracted by the amount of makeup on her face instead of what she was saying. That’s a sure sign that she was wearing too much makeup. When your makeup distracts from what is coming out of your mouth, that’s a clear indication that something is wrong.

If I was a jerk, I’d link to her video. That wouldn’t be fair to her, and I’m not going to.. But imagine in your mind how much makeup she must have had on for it to trigger me to write this entire blog post.  “Yeah.. it was that bad.”

I’m not one of those guys who hate makeup and cosmetics. I think when it is applied correctly, it can bring out a girl’s features and give her the attention she deserves (in a good way).

[Side note: By the way, I have this weird thing, where I never know the appropriate time to say girls, or women, so forgive me if I seem to use the wrong word in the wrong context. I know it’s about context when using those words, but let’s concentrate on makeup and ignore that little fiasco.]

Make up, when applied correctly will bring out a girl’s features without “creating new ones”.  For instance, a little light eyeshadow can bring out your beautiful eyes. Too much eye shadow looks like you’ve created bruises above your eyes and looks plain silly.

Too much blush, goes from a little healthy color in your face, to someone who has a serious medical condition (maybe heart problems? Or Rosacea?)  The amount should be just enough where someone can’t tell if you’re actually blushing vs whether or not you need to see a doctor. (Genuine blushing is a little cute, so I think that’s why blush to this day is named that, and the look people are striving for..)

Watch your colors.  You should re-do your makeup depending on where you are going, and the time of day. It looks silly if you’re wearing darker colors at 2pm in the afternoon, as if you just walked out of a night club.   Daylight vs night, has an incredible effect on makeup, so watch for that..  Often cosmetics come with names to help you out with that..

Caking your face where your face is a different color than your neck, is a sure sign you’ve applied too much makeup. By that point, you are now layers deep, and it shows. This doesn’t mean you should start applying makeup to your neck either. If you did that, the back of your neck or arms would look different from the front view, and you’d create another disaster.

Women and girls are obviously a little more self aware about their look than most other people.  Done right, we see the overall package.  Whether it be clothes, hair, makeup, smile, or demeanor.   Too much makeup ruins the overall package effect, so please don’t go that far with it.  A little bit goes a long way. Too much is a mess.

There are also situations, where any makeup at all, is wrong to wear, this includes common sense events like:

a) CAMPING.  Makeup stays at home. It doesn’t matter who you are with, or how long you’ve known them. You’ll look ridiculous even if your makeup is applied correctly for other situations. Anyone that knows you, will remember the times you were looking your best.  Wearing makeup on a camping trip means you are too vain about your looks, and it looks like you bring a lot of psychological baggage with you.  Just don’t do it.  Camping and makeup don’t go hand in hand. If they did, believe me, Coleman ™ would bring out a whole ton of survival makeup gear if it was that necessary to have. They don’t, and for good reason.

b) HANGING AROUND AT HOME.   This one is going to be a little harder to decipher, so I’ll have to give some examples.  If you wake up in the morning, take a shower, do your hair, and have breakfast with family, you don’t have to be all glitzed out at 9 am in the morning. It’s fine if you put makeup on before you leave the house, or if you are expecting company to come over.  Doing yourself up should have a reason.   If you are going to be slinging around boxes in the garage doing a reorganization that particular day, or doing yard work, you don’t need makeup to do it.

c) EXERCISING.  I understand that the gym is where a lot of girls can meet a nice guy, and they want to look their best, but you can apply it just before you leave the gym. This is similar to the camping situation.  If you have heavy makeup on while exercising it gives the impression you aren’t there just to work out. Instead you’re there looking for attention. That is too strong of a sign your giving out, and the only people you’ll attract at that point, is sneers from other women and stupid guys who have superficial likes about women.  It’s just not a good idea.

There are probably others, but those are the biggest three no-no’s that I think are worth mentioning.  Naturally this is just my opinion, but if you have something to contribute, I’d be happy to hear it.

There are things like painted on eyebrows, and the like, I could go further into, but I don’t want to over analyze this situation. The idea is to give you a few tips, and this is especially for those women out there who overdo it. The majority of us don’t want to see it.  In addition, you’re probably creating a problem for yourself without realizing it.

Real girls have some imperfections, and that’s fine.  A little accented makeup will help.  Too much makeup creates a new imperfection that screams a little loud, and you might be creating an entirely new problem for yourself.

So be careful out there, and share your thoughts.




The reason why life works the way it does is obvious to some degree.

The famous question about life is “why are we here?”

Well that’s the end game answer everyone seeks, but before we go there, let’s look at some basic ideas:

If everyone was slim, no one would know what fat is..

If everyone was always happy, we wouldn’t know what sad is..

If everyone was rich, we wouldn’t know what poor is..

[starting to see the trend?]

If everyone ate well, we wouldn’t know what hunger is… on and on..

What if?

Life is about every one having different emotions, situations, fears, experiences, etc, and we all learn how to co-exist, develop and help one another?

For instance, say I was an obese guy, and some guy comes fresh out of the gym with his muscles pumped and goes “Hey buddy, you could use some time in the gym. Look how buff I am!”

..and I turned to him and said “How do you know you’re buff? The only way you know that is in comparison to looking at me..”

That’s right. We need to have a mixture of body shapes, attitudes, social status, and more around the world for anyone to be able to define themselves.

Would it make any one happier if we all looked the same, had the same attitude, same money in the bank, drove the same car, had the same pets, the same tastes, the same..

No, life would be a bore.

Perhaps some of us were suppose to be rich. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be poor. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be better well off, and others looking for their next meal. As imperfect as it sounds, maybe that’s the way life works.

So, with the example I just gave. The “buff” guy coming out of the gym talking down to some obese guy. Who’s the better person? The one with a great body shape and horrible attitude, or the innocent obese bystander who isn’t bothering anyone?

Now the point isn’t to say anyone that goes to a gym and exercises is always this way. It could be reverse. How about the obese guy who walks around in public with a dirty shirt, spits on the ground, farts in public, doesn’t bother to shower, and curses or swears profanities in public? Is he any better?

In these two examples, it doesn’t matter what you look like, or what your social status is.. Nor does anything mean about what clothes you are wearing, what job you have, or anything else. Everyone has the potential of becoming a strain on society.

So the reason why life works the way it does, is for us all to learn, we share the same planet.  If your ego tells you that you’re better than someone else, you’re probably wrong. On the other hand, if your ego tells you are no better than anyone else, you’re probably also wrong.

Too much self-confidence is a bad thing.

Lack of self-confidence is also a bad thing.

Walking past someone on the sidewalk and saying “hello” as you pass, irregardless of your social status is a GOOD THING.

Back in the old western days, it was common when you passed a lady, you took off your hat, or at least tipped it in her favor. That’s gone. When a woman entered or left the room, all men in her company would stand, in respect. That’s gone too.

Now the fault isn’t men in this case, because even today you could hold a door open for some women, and they won’t even utter a thank you.

What does all of this mean? The more I write, the more confusing it sounds.

Let me get to the point.

The reason why life works the way it does is quite simple. Life is full of experiences. Many good and many bad. Life is what you make it. Or to be more exact, life is what you strive for, and want it to be.

You can either let things get you down in life, or you can look at it as an opportunity to seek a better world out there.

For instance. Let’s say you say hello to four different strangers on the sidewalk and all of them either look away or grunt back at you. You could look at it and say “that’s it. I’m not being friendly anymore. There is no point”.

But some of you might go ok, perhaps I met the wrong four people. I’ll try again anyway. Doesn’t cost me anything, and it’s free to be polite. The fifth person in your travels, you say “hello” and they stop in awe and say:

“Oh, hi! I’m not from around here. I’m trying to get to 22nd street. I’ve been trying to ask for directions and everyone I approach they either look away or grunt.”

There you go.  Just because it SEEMS like that’s the social way people deal with each other, doesn’t mean that’s what is happening in everyone’s minds these days. Perhaps your next friend could be around the corner, and you’d never know it until you physically bump into them and strike up a conversation.

Life isn’t a roadmap. No one (as far as I know) is selling a roadmap to the inner workings of life.

So treat each new day as a new day, irregardless of how what your past might have taught you. Never give up hope. In any given month, you’ve probably walked next to about 50 people similar to yourself in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, in traffic, at the restaurant, wherever. However society dictates we can’t know each other unless we’re formally introduced.

Ever heard “we need to break the ice?”

Where does this ice come from? Why are people, who live in the same neighborhoods so foreign to each other. Is it really that bad to strike up a conversation with someone without sounding like a pervert or a salesperson wanting something?

People, we all share this same planet together.  Life works this way, but it really shouldn’t.  The leaps and bounds we could make as a society is unseen.

I’ve decided long ago that I’m not a “glass half-empty” person.  I believe the “glass is half full” has potential everyday. I hold that true. While it’s fine, the next four people I may meet won’t validate that, maybe the fifth person will.

I think we all need to be less pessimistic and friendly toward each other. Once some of us start doing that, the rest will follow. Soon, the world will become a better place to live, and we can all share and enjoy life much better.

This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s reality. Unfortunately most of us are contributing to the problem and we shouldn’t.

So the next time a stranger says “hello” with a smile… just smile back, and say “hi”.  Friendliness and happiness is contagious just like a smile can be..

Comments?  What do you think?





Flooding. First time happening to you. How and why?

Before I begin, I’d like to send my heart out to all those who have recently experienced a flooding in their neighbourhood. There is no way to soften a blow like that.. when mother nature decides it is time to reclaim her earth, she doesn’t pick and choose where it happens.

People need to remember, that we’re all visitors here, for a temporary time. The earth will do, what it needs to do, without consulting anyone first.

If you do historical research, you will learn that continents, mountains, and lands have been re-shaped, and re-formed many times over the centuries. When the time comes for water to flow over the river banks and flood your town, there is nothing you could have done ahead of time to stop it.

It is no secret. Everyone likes to live near water. Some of the most expensive homes are near the ocean, lakes, or even creeks or rivers. As humans, we need water to survive. The sound of fresh water is soothing to our ears.
But there comes the catch-22. If you have access to nearby water, be ready at some point in your life, for it to become your worst enemy.

You’re not at fault for that, any more than mother nature is at fault for the natural cycle of the environment.  If you are to blame someone, don’t blame nature. Blame the developers who built your house near floodplain who knew this was a possibility. Blame yourself for not checking into the potential problems that could arise by owning a home so close to a natural water source.

As I mentioned, the earth is going to do its thing regardless of what type of urban structures we’ve built nearby.

So in the end, a flooding problem could be blamed more on the naivety of the citizens, developers, and City Hall who allowed something to be build next to a possible “flash flood” area. Sure, you could live there for 10, 20, even 30 years. But the day will eventually come. For many people, that day has already happened.

How can you properly prepare for something like this?

Well that’s kind of simple. The day you move in, get ready for a “grab and go” bag when the waters start to rise. Find an insurance company who will insure against floods. Your realtor may tell you that the place hasn’t flooded in 40 years. All that means is, that your flooding situation is overdue.

Get to know your neighbours, so you can help one another in a time of need.  Learn where the high elevation parts are in your neighbourhood.  Read your community disaster plan before a disaster hits. (All communities have one).

Keep extra money on hand, so if an unexpected emergency shows up, you’re not holding the latest popular cell phone, laptop or tablet, but instead have funds available to clothe, feed, and move you to safe ground when things go wrong.

Long ago, before people had houses, electricity, or even the English language, natives were flooded out of their shelters. When that happened, they became wiser, experienced, and passed down that knowledge to their own children.  We are not exempt from that either.

When mother nature unleashes her fury, we need to learn from that, and not be upset. After all, the writing was all on the wall the entire time. We simply didn’t listen.

My heart goes out to those evacuated families in Alberta, Canada.  I bet none of them will be buying their next home next to a “riverfront”. But at the same time, we shouldn’t chastise them for an innocent mistake.  When disaster hits, it brings everyone together. It’s one of those few times that community spirit means everything.

If you have a comment, please share it.

Anger & Animosity are Chemical Reactions You don’t Need

This is a frequent phenomenon, and it is understandable.  People get angry, they have animosity toward other people, and they do illogical things in the heat of the moment. “Hang up the phone, stop the conversation, get upset and walk out of the room”

This is counter productive to yourself, and the person you hold the animosity towards.  When you are old enough to read, all of us should have been given an owners / operator manual on how to be human.  That sounds too technical and stupid – the moment I wrote it, I realize that…

..but it doesn’t make it any less true.   When we feel emotion, what seems most important to us at that moment? The way we feel. is where things go wrong.

If you’re human, like me, you’re guilty of this too, all of us are..

When we feel anger & animosity, we feel it must be for a very good reason. We’re offended, upset. Someone has caused us to feel this way, and life was fine before that happened. Therefore, we must lay blame. We must hold someone accountable for stirring these emotions in us.

What if we’re not perfect though? Most people will say “I know I’m not perfect”.

So then.. when you are angry, and feel animosity towards someone.. just because it feels right to be upset. Does it truly mean you have the right to be upset? If there was a judge and jury of 12 people investigating the reason you were upset, would they agree with you?

This is beginning to sound like a riddle, so before it does, let me explain.

When we get upset and feel anger and animosity, more often than not, someone has said something that is outrageous, insulting, or plain stupid in our minds. “How could they say such a thing? After all I’ve done…”  or we qualify it with things like “…if they are so stupid not to see or understand..”

For a moment, step outside of your mind and your body and realize the problem. To do that, will require you entertain some what IF’s  (and no one likes to entertain what “if’s” but for the sake of understanding this, take the time to try this out)..

1. What IF the person simply failed to communicate what it is they were trying to say, and did it poorly. While their honest intentions were true, and they really didn’t mean harm. It simply came out the wrong way? After all, the person that caused you to feel this way is also human, and prone to making mistakes of their own. We all make mistakes, whether it be intentional or unintentional. BE READY TO GIVE A PERSON A BREAK. (That includes whether or not you feel they deserve it at the moment)

2. What IF they are actually right? Just because you don’t initially believe they are right as a first instinct, doesn’t make you right. Your emotions, your anger, your animosity are triggered. You know how you feel. Surely you feel this way for a reason. But what if THEY ARE RIGHT, AND YOU ARE WRONG?

3. What if their life situation (health, finances, etc) has cornered them, and made them act out this way, and there is a bigger issue they aren’t telling you?

4. You have a brain, and a physical body. When you feel emotion, can you name 13 different chemicals in your brain that are released and flowing within your cerebral cortex? Probably not, even I can’t. But we feel it.


By now, you’re probably annoyed and irritated and wondering “what is the point here?”

Here it is…

When you’re feeling emotional, there is a 99% chance you’re acting illogical.  This isn’t saying you’re wrong, or the other person is wrong. It simply means, while your brain is being overrun with chemical reactions due to severe stress, you are not thinking logically.

What is the solution?

Stop thinking! It’s that simple. Stop reacting! It is that simple.

Leave the situation, go calm down, and come back to it when you are thinking clearly again.

You are your own worst enemy when you’re heart is beating faster and you’re full of emotion, ideas and thoughts are running through your mind, while you’re trying to deal with a difficult situation that is upsetting you.

If you come back, “tomorrow”, and the situation is equally difficult, then perhaps you were the person that was fully right before this happened. But while you are in the heat of the moment, you don’t get to have the opportunity of being right under any circumstance.

So with all of the forgoing being said..

Anger & Animosity are Chemical Reactions You don’t Need

Bloggers want comments. Readers just want to consume.

This is a rant. Bloggers, people who take the time to sit and type from their heart to the internet feel that it is worthwhile as long as someone is listening out there. All it takes is a few comments from their readers like “I agree” for it to be worthwhile. Yet comments are like pulling teeth.

I, myself am guilty of the same thing. I love blogs. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them. When I come across a decent blog post, I’m ecstatic that someone took the time to write it.  Rarely do I comment though, and I should. Here I am writing blog posts and getting very little, to no feedback.

Bloggers need to understand, that in order to get more comments, you simply need to giveaway a free iPad or iPhone, or something like that… (that’s half joking and half serious).

…but we are all dumbfounded on what to say. It’s easier to read a post, gain the benefit of it, and click off and leave.   That may be easier for the reader, but it’s really tough on the blogger who spends the time to write the blog post.  I fully expect this particular post will yield hardly any comments, and if it does, it means I’m right! 🙂

If you, yourself, is stumped, and won’t leave a comment below, is that what you look like? (See the cartoon pic above).  Are you puzzled and too busy to write a sentence saying things like “I liked what you wrote…. or I understand, and agree… etc, etc”

The internet is such an evolving place, yet we’re all abusing it.  It’s suppose to be about being open and sharing with one another.   If someone shares ideas with you, share a comment back.  To prove my point, I think I’m going to make a special concerted effort to do exactly that…

See if you’d like to join me in this endeavor.

Anytime you read something of value, leave a comment. Even a simple one that says nothing more than “I enjoy what you’ve written, and thanks”.  Not only is it polite, but it also encourages the person to continue doing it.

If you are a blogger yourself, leave a comment below, and I’ll visit your blog AND leave a comment. I promise.  I’m self admitting that you can hold me to it. 🙂

…for the rest of the silent readers out there. I’ll continue to post without comments, but it really is becoming amusing to me (in a sick sense) on how many people will yield the benefits of some of the content I write, and just enjoy and leave without saying a word.

If it sounds like I’m calling people out, I don’t mean to be quite so direct. But let’s put it this way…  Your thoughts and feelings toward any topic have just as much importance to something you’ve read on a blog as the blogger as well. Use this opportunity to create a dialog.  When that happens, and people speak out, usually the blog comments have more power than the initial post itself.  I love seeing that..

Unfortunately I won’t be giving away a free iPhone or free iPad today. But will this post yield even one comment from _someone_ out there?  Let’s see.

Having a sense of humor is great. Overdoing it is idiotic!

Cracking some funny jokes is great. People love someone with a funny spirit who wants to make us laugh. Here’s a big problem though, and it is important that someone point it out.  I just witnessed a perfect example of someone who could be funny, but ruins the moment.

The other day I was waiting in line to get my passport photo taken. The girl behind the counter was running around rampant trying to serve the line up of customers.  The guy ahead of me sat in the chair and decided to crack jokes one-after-the-other hoping he’d be funny and amuse everyone.

To be truly funny, means you carefully pick and choose a pun, a joke, a situation, to make a comment.

To arbitrarily crack 50 jokes in a 15 minute period, hoping 2 or 3 are actually funny just makes people roll their eyes…

..and I rolled my eyes…

Let’s give you a rundown of what this guy did, and let me ask your opinion if you thought he was funny.

Actually I won’t.

I began to write a lengthy play by play about it, and I decided to stop and save you the trouble. We’ve all been there. Someone who cracks non-stop jokes hoping that some of them will be funny. That’s not a funny person because people see through it.

I find this type of raw sense of humor is often echoed by the new breed of teenagers and young adults these days.  In a group setting, they all try and crack as many jokes as possible hoping some of them will be funny.

That’s not good comedy.  Cracking as many jokes as you can in hopes that a few of them will be a hit, just makes you look stupid.






A good comedian will carefully pick and choose special moments to crack a good joke, or poke fun at a situation.  It gets greater laughs if you are SELECTIVE about when you come out with something funny.  Be patient, and wait for that truly funny opportunity to present itself.

…but just running your mouth off, non-stop, hoping some of the things you say in jest are funny, is just purely idiotic.  When you eventually do come out with a knee slapper… it will be too late. By then people have begun to ignore you and shrug you off.

This is a strange topic for me to cover, considering this blog is titled “Life is funny”. But sometimes, idiots ruin the best funny moments by overdoing it.

Don’t be idiotic with your humor. Save it for those special moments when a crowd will erupt with laughter because you came out with the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME.

I found this article difficult to explain, because humor is subjective usually.  I’m going to depend on the comments below to see what other people can contribute.

No comments? That’s fine. Everyone is too busy these days it seems.

Hopefully you got my point.

People – and the do gooder attitude

With this blog post, I’m going to take a different turn. I want to be open and honest to call out certain people (let’s see if you are one of them).

People Type #1: “Saved by attendance”

Saved by attendance people are those that go to Church, feel they are saved. They have a Bible, they read the Bible, and go to Church every Sunday. Not only do they go to Church, but they ALWAYS contribute to the offering. They know the 10 commandments and live by them (or so they think). They pray, they believe in God. They are members of a local Church, and believe that all you have to do is believe in God, or Jesus, accept him into your heart, and you’re saved.




          WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.




I suppose the pastor of the Church hasn’t had the opportunity to explain this to you yet, but God doesn’t take attendance. If God exists, he’ll be a lot more interested in the way you live and conduct your life – not who was sitting in the piu, or what type of offering or donation you gave to the basket.

There are people (by the thousands), who think that God somehow takes attendance at Church every Sunday, just like elementary or middle school. He doesn’t. Yes, it could be considered by some, that it is God’s house — but if he exists, he can see past the superficial being that you are.

To explain in detail:

IF you are someone that attends every service, AND gives a generous amount to every offering – that is not enough, because both of those are superficial acts. Even a murderer could attend Sunday Church and give generous offerings — does that mean they will be saved?

No – the truth is quite simple. How you live your life on a daily basis. Not how you live your life on Sunday – or how you put on your best Church clothes or what type of offering you give. Those that don’t even go to Church, or give an offering, but do a kindness to their neighbor, stranger, or fellow citizen have a much better chance at the gates of heaven than you do..

BE VERY CAREFUL that you’re not following a stereotype. “Have a bible, go to Church, give an offering, I’m saved”. I am surprised about the amount of people that live in this plastic concept that there is a simple road to heaven this way.


The same Church person will generally have a routine, and after they’ve dressed up, attended the sermon on Sunday, gave at the offering, they will leave the Church and go out for a family breakfast at a local restaurant. I know this is true, because Church generally gets out at 10:30am, and by 11:15am, ALL RESTAURANTS ARE PACKED EVERY SUNDAY BY PEOPLE IN THEIR CHURCH CLOTHES.

…so talking like this, means I know something — don’t believe me? Go to your local iHOP Pancake house at 10am on a Sunday and watch the sudden crowd in Church clothes that appear at 11:30am – it’s very obvious.

Now that being said, and agreed upon..

This same Church crowd that visits the International Pancake House at 11:30am after Church has let out, will do certain UGLY and UNGODLY things:

1) They will honk and give curse expressions with their hands and arms while in bumper to bumper traffic

2) They will be selfish and try and race to get into a parking spot without concern to the other vehicle in the same lot, irregardless if they have their 80 year old mother with them.

3) They’ll sneer and think they’re above people of different color, race, financial position, or social status. You could almost hear them talking to their kids, saying “We were at Church, look at that drug addict bum. We were at Church, look at that FAT disgusting person. We were at Church, what would the Lord think of that gay couple?”


So if you are one of those people, who go to Church every Sunday, and thinks God takes attendance — he doesn’t. He’s not watching the offerings you gave, as much as he’s watching how you conduct yourself outside of his house. Your thoughts, your demeanor, and not what clothes you wore to iHop are what matters.

I am really tired of seeing hypocritical people that believe that to love thy brother is to love one’s self is a concept to live by.. Immediately thereafter walk out in public and think their obligation ends as soon as they leave the Church steps.

God doesn’t take attendance – but he knows.

People Type #2: “I’m good because I did this simplistic action”

This is the most dangerous type of person. Those that aren’t necessarily “Bible thumpers” – excuse the rude comment, so I can prove my point. It sounds derogatory, and I don’t mean to be so obvious about it. However, it helps to make a clear line between people that believe in God, and that’s why they try to do the right things, verses people who DON’T go to Church regularily, but think they’re equally entitled to similar entitlements.

These are the people that walk around thinking “I’m good because I did this simplistic action”

Here’s a few things these people do, figuring they are worthy in life, of getting their just desserts later by simplistic actions:

1) They see someone standing on a concrete island at an intersection holding a cardboard sign saying “God Bless, Please Give. Hungry” — They immediately roll down the car window, hand $5, and figure not only did they do a good deed for the day, that proves something to themselves and everyone else they’re a decent person. After that split second donation, they can continue on their life path for the next 6 months and not feel guilty.

TRUTH: Most of the time (90% or greater), you’ve just handed your $5 bill to a professional con-artist / scammer. While you sat in traffic for that 2 minute RED light, what you didn’t see, is that he’s been there for the last 58 minutes, and found that everytime the light turns red, he gets $2 to $5. Over the course of an hour, he makes $40 to $50 for standing there with a cardboard sign. The problem is, he had a job, but quit it, and left for this business. He saw that making $19 an hour was peanuts. He’d rather pretend to dress in old clothes, stand at an intersection with a cardboard sign, and make double his annual wage.

Look closely. You might see the latest iPhone bulging in his pocket, or a chrome bicycle a few yards away.

2) People that travel in urban city areas and see an unkempt person, dirty, struggling and hungry and hand them spare change. What you don’t often realize is that same spare change will buy a case of beer of a 1/5th of Vodka that same night. When you give spare change to an individual, it doesn’t mean they are going to use it to make photocopies of their resume for a badly needed job.

Yet these same #2 people “I’m good because I did a simplistic action” will walk away smiling. I gave this person $2 for no reason, just to help them [buy wine] and that means I’m good.


You would have been much better off giving your $2 donation to the local soup kitchen, who turns that $2 into food (instead of wine or beer).

You walk away thinking you’ve done great, by giving a homeless person spare change.

Instead, you’ve enabled them to purchase alcohol or drugs, and without you, they may have been unable to afford those substances.

So if you’ve reached this point in this blog post, my question to you is:

Which of these are you?
PEOPLE OF TYPE #1: NICKNAMED “Saved by attendance”
PEOPLE OF TYPE #2: NICKNAMED “I’m good because I did this simplistic action
PEOPLE OF TYPE #3: I don’t fit into either of these. I’ll explain below in my comment

A huge percentage of the population, can usually fit into one of these 2 categories.

For me, I’m type #3 – which I haven’t discussed, but soon will.

Your comments are appreciated.

Celebrities Die: Why is that a big deal?



So the latest is that Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both died on the same day. But neither one was making huge amounts of money before their death. Now that they’re dead, everyone wants to know about them.

Why is it that society cares more about the dead than the living?

I know the way I am writing this, it seems like I’m uncaring or that I have no compassion.

But at some point we have to realize, when you start being interested in someone "after it’s too late" and after they are already dead, then there is really something wrong with that.

The funny thing about Michael Jackson in particular, is that the majority wrote him off as a freak for all his plastic surgeries and for being charged with child molestation.  How many jokes was he the punch line of?

But he really did bring a lot of music to the masses — he was great at what he did.

The famous moon walk came from him — he deserved a lot better than the credit that society gave him.

Now he’s dead, and everyone seems to care more than they ever did.  Michael Jackson went bankrupt, and many people thought it was funny. A celebrity in despair knocks them back down to our level, and yet we’re all a bunch of nobody’s that enjoys it when that happens.

Society isn’t healthy when this kind of mindset seems appropriate and acceptable.

I watched a four hour movie tonight on TV about Michael Jackson and thoroughly enjoyed it. But that’s because he’s dead, and I’m interested before "it’s too late" and I don’t get another chance.  But — the fact that he’s already dead — makes it too late already. Showing interest in his life, after he’s dead, makes me a hypocrite and same with the rest of you who are now interested in knowing his life story after it’s too late.

There are only two times that society idolizes a celebrity — when they are reaching the top — and when they die.

This is plain wrong — but that’s how society works. None of us in our wildest dreams could even imagine being the one to bring music to the masses when Michael Jackson was the top of the charts. Do you realize how hard it was for him?  But every mistake in his life had to become public knowledge.  Everyone had the opportunity to judge him.

Celebrities do not have it easy. Every move they make — every public sentence they say — is out there to be evaluated, re-evaluated, judged, taken apart in pieces and analyzed. Any normal citizen of society could not handle that — but our attitude is that — they’re celebrities, they’re rich, they have to accept what is coming to them.

Listen to me closely.

It’s not celebrities that should be judged.

It’s society..

For we have it ALL wrong.

We’re the ones that need a learning lesson.

Respect celebrities – give them leeway to make mistakes, and stop being so critical judging them. Above all, let’s hate the intrusion they get in their lives — they should be able to live their lives off-screen without us watching their every move. If any of us filled their shoes by gaining success and popularity, we’d want the same thing.

I hope one day, people have a higher respect for celebrities than we do — if that ever happens, it means civilization has evolved.


Michael Jackson, rest in peace. You did wonders in your time, and it’s time you rested without any of us judging you anymore.

Texas Holdem Poker: Idiot Donkey Players RUIN the game.

Let’s get this out of the way, first and foremost:

Ok, YES, YES, and YES….

1) In Poker you can legally bluff
2) In Poker you can get lucky

Here’s the thing… No one likes to play against people who have very little knowledge of the game. People who use little strategy, or skill. People who work on the premise “my wallet is larger than my poker skill” and then flood these online poker rooms..

It completely takes the fun out of the game.

It is akin to a Dart Tourney for money, where some idiot walks in, pays the entry fee, and covers his eyes and throws darts and accidentally constantly hits triple 20, or the bullseye. It’s an insult to the skilled players of the game, if someone who has more money than brains, wins by sheer luck.

Let’s say we train an ape to say “call, check, raise and fold” and follow the appropriate chip guestures. Meanwhile the ape has no knowledge of what the CARDS mean.

The ape ends up winning the WPT (World Poker Tournament) by sheer luck.  Do we salute the ape, and have a new respect for poker because an ape happened to get the right cards at the right time?

Let me give you an example of a poker hand I experienced tonight “online” for REAL MONEY:

The fish or donkey has 2, 3 suited of spades. 

Blind is $1/$2

He’s first to act, and calls $1

It goes all the way around, someone raises to $2, he calls…

It goes all the way around, 5 players in the pot.

Flop comes out, 10 hearts, 9 diamonds, 5 spades

Ok, this donkey no longer has a flush draw…

He also has no straight draw…

He also has not made a pair of any sort…

The pot is at $10, first person bets $6.00, second person folds, third person folds…

It eventually gets to him with 3 players in the pot, he CALLS with nothing at $6

This isn’t even a good bluff, because, he has absolutely no “outs”.

Fine, the moron calls, a 2 comes up on the turn.  Pot is huge now, like $28

The aggressive player bets $25.00, second person folds, the moron calls $25.00

Pot is massive now, its $53.00

River is a 3… the moron makes 2 pair… the aggressive player checks, the moron checks…

The aggressive player had 10’s…

The moron made 2 pair on the turn & river, but sat through the heavy betting with calls & checks.

That’s not bluffing… since there was no raising by the idiot.

He rode out the cards to the river with complete “junk” with a 3% chance of winning the entire way.

So  what fun or skill does this person bring to money games? NONE…

People would say “hey, we love donkeys and poker fish like this… eventually they break and we get their money”


But the odd night you don’t — and it’s those nights that are hard to handle. Its very frustrating to play Texas Holdem Poker with people who do not understand the game, and win by sheer luck on a constant basis.

It’s this concept that turns away many good players from seeing the game through and making the game what it really should be…

I lost money tonight, on three different tables “online” with idiots and morons like this…

I makes me not to want to go back, which means that unless your playing for high stakes online.. there isn’t any point to playing for less than $100 buy-ins. Which ruins the fun that online gambling could be..

So I’m just going to have to hit in-person tournaments I suppose.

I am just having a hard time dealing with my frustration.

Stealing Christmas decorations… what is the point in that?

Every year, people report that their Christmas lights, blow up characters, and other decorations “get stolen”.

What is a decoration thief thinking?

To put up holiday decorations, you are trying to give back to your community. So when someone with an evil spirit stomps on your lawn, rips out your decorations, and brings them home…

..and then puts them up on display on their home.. what are they thinking?

Here’s a pseudo interview with a decoration thief:

Interviewer: “So you walk around late at night and steal Christmas decorations?”

Thief: “Yup”

Interviewer: “why?”

Thief: “Cuz decorations are expensive, and they are cheaper to steal”

Interviewer: “why do you want these decorations?”

Thief: “So I can display them and feel good about myself”

Interviewer: “Can’t you feel good about  yourself knowing they are already being displayed on the owner’s house.. where everyone can see them?”

Thief: “I never spent much time thinking about that.. but I want to be the one that people think favorably about..”

Interviewer: “So what you are saying is, it is OK to rip off the community, steal and take, display what you’ve stolen, and when that happens, you feel good about yourself?”

Thief: “All I know is, they can afford the decorations, I can’t. I have the Christmas spirit too… So those that can afford it, can replace whatever I take..”

Interviewer: “How do you know they can afford to replace what you’ve taken?”

Thief: “Well I assume. Well I don’t know.. Actually well I am just guessing they can..”

Interviewer: “Isn’t the spirit of Christmas about giving? About sharing? About joy? In what way are you a part of that when you steal from someone on the street and fabricate your own display knowing you’ve caused disheartment to someone else?”

Thief: “I never paid attention to any of that. I want decorations, I see people that have decorations. I can’t afford decorations, and they are easy to steal. Will you please stop appealing to my sense of right and wrong, and STOP asking these questions?”

Interviewer: “Does it bother you when I ask you to account for  your actions?”

Thief: “Yes. I saw an opportunity, it seemed right at the time. I don’t want to think about my behavior like that…”

Interviewer: “Do you realize you’re hurting people, cheating your self, and acting like a moron who doesn’t know the difference?”

Thief: “I have nothing more to say, other than.. ok, FINE. 5 minutes of thinking about this, I won’t do it anymore..”

..and there you have it…

When a thief steals your holiday decorations, there is no thought in it. They see decorations, those that they can’t afford.. they think the victim must be able to afford it, and stealing is perfectly fine. But when you drill down the concept to the thief, they buckle quickly and realize their mistake.

This is the world we live in.. stupid criminals stealing and taking without realizing what they are doing..

Buffet / Smorgasbord / All-You-Can-Eat etiquette

Most have us have seen the standard buffet All-You-Can-Eat restaurants. Many people like buffets because it means that you can choose your own plate, eat until your heart is content, and come back for “seconds” of the good stuff if you like.

The whole concept is decent, based on the fact that:

a) You have some say on what is served to you, based on the look of the food item

b) You can choose how little or much you want of the food items available

c) You can keep coming back for more as long as you are still hungry

d) The buffet / All-You-Can-Eat price is generally affordable… Less than $20 per person.


From the restaurant owner’s perspective, this is a very dangerous game. Yes, some people will definately eat much less than the buffet price. However, those people who are (for the sake of argument) say “pigs” who overload their plates, eat until their stomaches are stretched to the max, and even waste food unnecessarily… ruin the business plan completely.

There have been even some fraternity initiations that have taken place at all-you-can-eat buffets, where the business proprietor has had to foot the bill, simply by having to live up to his advertised offering.

Since this has turned into more “the restaurant gives, and the customer takes” scenario, many buffet / smorgasbord owners will deliberately do things like:

a) Water down sauces

b) Re-heat and re-serve expired food

c) Over deep fry, and serve over-breaded items, since they expand in your stomach

d) Sprinkle MSG over almost everything (Monosodium glutamate) to which is officially known as a flavor enhancing drug, to make foods taste better

e) Serve the cheapest of meats, instead of expensive chicken breasts or wings, serve drumsticks or theighs, etc.


Now while all this is going on, between restaurant owner and clientel, I have a major complaint:

People who stand in a buffet line, put food on their plate, and rather than wait 5 minutes, they begin eating right there, sampling food from their plate while they wait to get to the next dish.

I want to ask these people… Is there a reason why you must eat, right there in the buffet line, rather than wait 3 or 4 minutes for you to return to your table?

Why do you feel so comfortable chowing down right infront of me, with your fingers, with no cutlery whatsoever? Smacking your chops, eating with your mouth open, acting as if you are home, in your own kitchen?

This is a public place dammit. Have the decency to return to your own table. Sit down, put a napkin over your lap, and eat privately at your own table.

I really don’t want to see how impatient you are, that you must feel comfortable standing in a buffet line slopping down food, because you are so desperate to eat, you don’t care who is watching you..

People who sample food, or eat food while standing infront of a sneeze guard at a buffet line discust me. They are acting very informal, behaving in a childish manner, and show they have no patience or regard for the public setting they are actually in..

Let’s get away from food for a moment… To reillustrate this point.

Let’s say, you are out in the country. You’re by yourself, and you have a flatulence issue where you feel the need to “fart”. No one is around, you’re alone. So you let it your body’s internal gases release.

At the same time, if you were sitting at a table in a public restaurant, would you feel the same urge to publically fart and let your flatulence arise in public without excusing yourself to the restroom?


Then why is it ok, to publically act like the restaurant is your own kitchen and dining room, where manners mean nothing? Is it really that impossible to load your plate of food and return to your table before you start chowing down?

I find it extremely disrespectful to those around you, to stand in a buffet line, and sample food from your plate, with your fingers, smacking your lips, acting like you are at home.

You are NOT at home, and this is not your own place. Stop acting like a pig, and pick up some manners… It is completely rude to eat before you return to your table.

Is it just me, or should we all act like we’re all standing at home, and no respect of formality should be taken when we are in public?

People who stare at restaurants! What is their problem?

Ever sit in a restaurant, look over, and you see someone staring you, or the people you are with? Often it is an older couple, usually in their late 50’s, mid-60’s. They sit right next to each other, so they can have the same viewing angle.

These people watch people walk into the restaurant, they watch how people behave, they watch walk towards the watchroom. They just take in the scenery together. They NEVER talk to each other other than in the form of a quiet whisper and a slight nod towards whoever they happen to be talking about.

It’s the busy body disease. These people are have such shallow souls that they need to judge each and every person they see in a public place in order to feel better about themselves.

You can almost hear what they’re talking about…

“Oh, look at what she ordered! My god, she’s not going to eat all that is she?”

“Look at the small tear in that guys shirt? Do you think he knows it?”

“Hey, see the guy sitting next to the lady we just talked about? Look how dirty his shoes are! Isn’t that discusting?”

“Oh no, look at this guy, he looks like he won’t be able to afford his dinner. I wonder what he’s going to order”

“Look at that mother, why doesn’t she stop her 2 year old from fussing like that?”

People, they created dinner theaters for a reason. If you want to be entertained, do it at a dinner theatre. Don’t make the general public your personal clowns. We’re here to enjoy our dinner, and you make it very difficult when everytime we lookup from our plate, we see your ugly face staring..

I find that couples who cannot chit chat among themselves, have very dull dreary marriages, and they depend on getting out in public and watching and judging everyday people to take away their boredom.

Usually I will just disregard and ignore them. However in extreme cases where you look up at the person, and stare back, and they are so secure into their own comfort zone that they do not shyly look away for a second.. It is these aggressive starers that I hate the most.

These are the ones that aren’t still judging you, but have passed judgement on you, and they think they are better than you. You look back, and they’re not afraid. After all “you” are the freak in their mind. How dare you stare backat us?

Well when that does not work, I will often approach these insecure, shallow people, and I’ll start up a conversation. Sometimes I’ll start with “do I know you? I notice you’ve been staring at our table a lot tonight, so perhaps we know each other?”

It usually takes them about 5 seconds for their fixed glaze to wear off, and then to immediately begin to think “uhn, no! I’m uhh, no I don’t know you”. You can see the surprise on their face when they switch from stare, to shock.

Now you’ve called them out. Now they are no longer in their comfort zone. Now the spotlight has shifted from you to them, and they NEVER want to be in the spotlight. They hate this so much. Usually that does the trick.

Now everytime you look up, they will look away, or they simply will not look at you again. They are so afraid you are going to walk over and catch them in a conversation again. They want to be the audience, but not part of the act. By dragging them into your world, you make them a part of you, which they never want. They want disassociation, prejudgement, and the feeling of being an elitist. How can they do that while you are speaking with them?

The problem with these people, is that the next time they go out to dinner, they’ll do it again. They’ve turned their staring habit into such a routine, that they can barely eat without starting and judging someone. They’ve done it so many times that they can’t stop themselves.

It is rude to stare. It is socially unacceptable to stare. Staring is threatening to the person who is being stared at. In the animal kingdom, staring often happens just before an attack.

It is natural for staring to be an act of hostility towards you and it should not be tolerated!

Stupid kids: School notes and detention

Two days ago the Orthodontist has their automated dialer call saying my 16 year old son has an appointment on Thursday at 2:30pm. I immediately write him a note to get out of class and bring it to his room. His girlfriend is laying in his bed with the covers up to her neck, my son is a little red faced, somewhat annoyed and embarrassed at the same time because I’m interrupting him. I hand him the note, and he says, I don’t need a note, I can just leave during 3rd block. I said well take the note anyway, just in case, throw it in your wallet – you never know. He insists the note is useless and there is no point to it.

I said well its my job as the parent to ensure you have the note, if you don’t want it, then what you do with it is up to you. I just recommend you keep it on you incase someone questions you while your leaving or later, etc. That same night we chat a bit about the appointment and I say, remember your appointment, and remember to keep the note somewhere on your body. He says “yeah” to shrug me off, and I drop it.

The next day, wouldn’t you know it that he calls me from school at 1:20pm all panic stricken. I’m at school and about to leave class for my appointment, and I can’t find the note anywhere. I need it.  My teacher says that If I leave without having my parent note it I’ll get a detention. Can you please call the school for me? So I call the school. Pretty interested how he fought me on taking the note in the first place, and then he calls all panicky when at school because he doesn’t have a note…

Keno Odds are horrible! Why play at all?

Keno use to be one of my most favourite games. It was easy enough to play, and you always “came close” to your number, giving you that false hope that your only a number or two a way from htting it big.

At a nearby casino, I examined their multiple keno game plays, all costing different amounts. I took home the card and did some research on the internet to find out what my best odds would be, for a certain dollar played in order to get a nice profit if I won.

I took a look at this Keno odds chart and I was very shocked to see certain combinations are extremely hard to hit.

For instance, if you bought a $5 Keno ticket, where you picked 6 numbers, and your payouts would be:

Match 6 numbers, win $6,000
match 5 numbers, win  $275
Match 4 numbers, win $35
Match 3 numbers, win $5
Match 2 numbers, win nothing
Match 1  number, win nothing

You might think, well, $5 isn’t too expensive if I can win $275, even $6,000!

Let’s look at your odds now:

Match 6 numbers, you have 0.1% chance of a win (Buy $38,755 worth (7,751 tickets x $5 ea) you are bound to win once)
Match 5 numbers, you have 0.3% chance of a win (Buy $1,610 worth (322 tickets x $5 ea) you are bound to win once)
Match 4 numbers, you have 2.8% chance of a win (Buy $170 worth (34 tickets x $5 ea) you are bound to win once)
Match 3 numbers, you have 12.9% chance of a win (Buy $35 worth ($7 tickets x $5 ea) you are bound to win once)
Match 2 numbers, win nothing, 31% chance
Match 1  number, win nothing, 36% chance
Match 0 numbers, win nothing, 16 chance

So those are your wonderful keno odds. Buy a $5 pick-6 ticket, and there is a 83% chance you will win absolutely nothing.

There is a 13% chance you will win your $5 ticket cost back.

That’s 96% of the time, you will either lose, or only win your money back.

This is why people go broke playing Keno. Lot of fun, isn’t it?