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I’ll tell you what I think, now you tell me your thoughts too.

My last post was 4 months ago. I’m sorry.

What happened to me, is what happens to most bloggers.  Google tells you “create a blog”, get a following, get visitors to your site, and you’ll receive traffic.

So people like myself, write how we feel each week, hoping that it gives some value to those of you out there who find us, read it, and are similar.

Since people normally don’t respond or write comments, most bloggers eventually give up, get lazy, and say “there is no point in writing a new post, cuz no one will read it anyway, and even if they do, I’ll never know about it”.

But today I decided to visit the blog, and when I realized my last post was 4 months ago, my stomach twisted, I felt horrible, and I don’t care how many visits Google promises, I don’t want to be that greedy person who only writes blogs in order to get visits.

So here I am. Front and centre. Willing to take blame for my lack of posts over the last 4 months, and for that, I am really sorry.

With that being said, what is the current event / agenda of the day that we can talk about?

How are people really different? – Actually we’re not!

Today I spent a couple of moments outside of a grocery store, and a casino. Two different places, same people shuffling out of the exit. I sat there wondering, how am I different from any of these people? I learned, I’m not really.. and neither are you.

To put it into perspective. 99% of everyone you know, buys groceries at a grocery store.  Once a week, or once every two weeks, we’re in a grocery store, buying food.  I do that, you do that, or someone you knows does that..  Immediately we have a connection of some sort based on the way we shop for food.

If you sit long enough in a grocery store parking lot, watching the exit, it starts to look like some sort of ant farm, where people are running about their day to day lives, almost like ants do.. We’re all part of the same scope of life.  Now, it may seem annoying that I’m pointing something out that no one asked me to point out. But my question to you is “why is it so annoying?”

Could it be true?

Do we run our lives in the same rhythm as ants? Are we really that predictable that every week, or every second week, we’ll show up in a grocery store and not think much about it?

It is bothersome, even to me, when someone points out the obvious, without be asked to do so.

Too late. I’m doing it. The reason why, is quite simple.

I don’t want to be an ant. I don’t want to predictable with my grocery shopping behaviour that way either.

But it will continue to happen, and just like you, I can justify 100 reasons why it is fine to be seen in a grocery store each week, or every 2nd week. That doesn’t change the concept.

So why is this important?

You have unwittingly have been reproducing repeated behaviour each month of your life without realising it. Don’t believe it? Start writing down each trip to the grocery store you make each month. Record the date, time, how long you were in the store, and how much you spent.  Keep a log book. Review it after 5 years. Of course, no one will do this, that would be insane behaviour. But if you did, what would you find?

Exactly my point.

We are creatures of habit, always have been, and always will be..

So when we act indifferently towards one another in public, we’re actually being idiosyncratic which is a stupid way of isolating yourself away from the world around you.

People can come up with tons of reasons why that is good. Safety, individuality, efficiency, reason, etc. the end of the day..

It’s stupid.

To prove this fact, if you are a person that has ever gone camping in the wilderness.. Have you ever had friendly conversation with someone in the next campsite? Two different people, in the middle of the forest, camping, that find a common ground, to be friendly.. most people have done this..

What’s different?

Why do we have to be camping in the middle of the forest to meet our neighbour, when we can’t possibly look them in the eye when we grocery shop?

Pride, stupidity, and ant-farm behaviour gets in the way.

What a laugh. We have a better chance of meeting a new friend in an forested campsite, than we can, in a grocery store that we both visit each week or two.

If you can’t see this by now, maybe you never can. For me, I see a real problem with it.

..thats why I am blogging about it..

Life is funny that way. We all can be in the same line up at the grocery store in the cashier line, but no one dare say a friendly word to a stranger!

Social stupidity regulates the way we interact with one another, and it has been this way for decades. At what point do we learn and change things?

Just to be silly, I think I might try something on my next grocery store visit.

I am going to do something renegade, totally off the wall. Something surprising, and shocking!

I’m not going to wear a mask. I’m not going to dress strangely, nor am I going to draw attention to myself by dancing in a weird way.

I’m simply going to turn to the person behind me in the cashier line, introduce myself, and say “how are you doing today”.

When I do that, I’m sure the person is going to cycle through about 300 reasons why they should label me as a freak. I’ll know at that point, that’s more their issue – not mine. I simply broke the forever repeating cycle and chain of life by recognizing people around me without asking for social approval first.

Wouldn’t that be interesting and fun at the same time?

So, what is it I’m trying to advocate?

Be friendly to a stranger. OMG. How dare you do that?




How much makeup is too much? Real cosmetic advice and tips for women & girls.

Most of us, whether you are male or female will spot someone who is obviously wearing too much makeup. The problem is the person innocently doesn’t realize it.  Here’s some real advice for girls and women who might accidentally wear too much makeup. The reason for this post is simple..

Today on youtube, I watched a girl doing a product review on something, and I was totally distracted by the amount of makeup on her face instead of what she was saying. That’s a sure sign that she was wearing too much makeup. When your makeup distracts from what is coming out of your mouth, that’s a clear indication that something is wrong.

If I was a jerk, I’d link to her video. That wouldn’t be fair to her, and I’m not going to.. But imagine in your mind how much makeup she must have had on for it to trigger me to write this entire blog post.  “Yeah.. it was that bad.”

I’m not one of those guys who hate makeup and cosmetics. I think when it is applied correctly, it can bring out a girl’s features and give her the attention she deserves (in a good way).

[Side note: By the way, I have this weird thing, where I never know the appropriate time to say girls, or women, so forgive me if I seem to use the wrong word in the wrong context. I know it’s about context when using those words, but let’s concentrate on makeup and ignore that little fiasco.]

Make up, when applied correctly will bring out a girl’s features without “creating new ones”.  For instance, a little light eyeshadow can bring out your beautiful eyes. Too much eye shadow looks like you’ve created bruises above your eyes and looks plain silly.

Too much blush, goes from a little healthy color in your face, to someone who has a serious medical condition (maybe heart problems? Or Rosacea?)  The amount should be just enough where someone can’t tell if you’re actually blushing vs whether or not you need to see a doctor. (Genuine blushing is a little cute, so I think that’s why blush to this day is named that, and the look people are striving for..)

Watch your colors.  You should re-do your makeup depending on where you are going, and the time of day. It looks silly if you’re wearing darker colors at 2pm in the afternoon, as if you just walked out of a night club.   Daylight vs night, has an incredible effect on makeup, so watch for that..  Often cosmetics come with names to help you out with that..

Caking your face where your face is a different color than your neck, is a sure sign you’ve applied too much makeup. By that point, you are now layers deep, and it shows. This doesn’t mean you should start applying makeup to your neck either. If you did that, the back of your neck or arms would look different from the front view, and you’d create another disaster.

Women and girls are obviously a little more self aware about their look than most other people.  Done right, we see the overall package.  Whether it be clothes, hair, makeup, smile, or demeanor.   Too much makeup ruins the overall package effect, so please don’t go that far with it.  A little bit goes a long way. Too much is a mess.

There are also situations, where any makeup at all, is wrong to wear, this includes common sense events like:

a) CAMPING.  Makeup stays at home. It doesn’t matter who you are with, or how long you’ve known them. You’ll look ridiculous even if your makeup is applied correctly for other situations. Anyone that knows you, will remember the times you were looking your best.  Wearing makeup on a camping trip means you are too vain about your looks, and it looks like you bring a lot of psychological baggage with you.  Just don’t do it.  Camping and makeup don’t go hand in hand. If they did, believe me, Coleman ™ would bring out a whole ton of survival makeup gear if it was that necessary to have. They don’t, and for good reason.

b) HANGING AROUND AT HOME.   This one is going to be a little harder to decipher, so I’ll have to give some examples.  If you wake up in the morning, take a shower, do your hair, and have breakfast with family, you don’t have to be all glitzed out at 9 am in the morning. It’s fine if you put makeup on before you leave the house, or if you are expecting company to come over.  Doing yourself up should have a reason.   If you are going to be slinging around boxes in the garage doing a reorganization that particular day, or doing yard work, you don’t need makeup to do it.

c) EXERCISING.  I understand that the gym is where a lot of girls can meet a nice guy, and they want to look their best, but you can apply it just before you leave the gym. This is similar to the camping situation.  If you have heavy makeup on while exercising it gives the impression you aren’t there just to work out. Instead you’re there looking for attention. That is too strong of a sign your giving out, and the only people you’ll attract at that point, is sneers from other women and stupid guys who have superficial likes about women.  It’s just not a good idea.

There are probably others, but those are the biggest three no-no’s that I think are worth mentioning.  Naturally this is just my opinion, but if you have something to contribute, I’d be happy to hear it.

There are things like painted on eyebrows, and the like, I could go further into, but I don’t want to over analyze this situation. The idea is to give you a few tips, and this is especially for those women out there who overdo it. The majority of us don’t want to see it.  In addition, you’re probably creating a problem for yourself without realizing it.

Real girls have some imperfections, and that’s fine.  A little accented makeup will help.  Too much makeup creates a new imperfection that screams a little loud, and you might be creating an entirely new problem for yourself.

So be careful out there, and share your thoughts.




How to get on the first page of Google (SEO tips)

If you have a website, and want to get on the first page of Google Ranking, this info may help you. It is really not that hard to promote your website,  and if you take these simple steps, you might find that your website will get the attention it deserves. To be honest, the way to do this is quite simple.

First of all, you must take time to think what is it that Google wants from a website before it lists the top 10 highest ranking websites on a search term..

People search Google for certain keywords and they want to ensure that particular search engine  is worthwhile spending time on. To keep their audience happy, they have to return legitimate results for all of their keyword searches. (If their search results were garbage, people would stop using the service)

Most website owners are looking for the easiest way to get “ranked higher in 3 easy steps”. Getting ranked high on Google isn’t magic. It is simple common sense with some work behind it. Have a good, resourceful website, that people want to visit and enjoy, and you’ll get your visits.

So what should a website owner do?

This comes the easy part. Have content and links that keep people around, and want to bookmark your site as a valuable resource. If the people visiting your site love it, so will Google.

In the older days (5+ years ago),  getting ranked high on Google meant that all you had to do is implement small changes on your website to trick the search engine spiders and get ranked high based on their ranking criteria.

Fast forward to 2013. There are no tricks anymore. Google is wise to all of them. If you want to rank high on Google’s search results, there is only a few  things you can do:

1) Make your website content useful. Make it so that someone interested in your topic wants to come back and check out what other things you have to offer.

2) Go to Google and search your own topic or keywords. Do any of those sites have better graphics, text, or layout? Do they truly offer more than your website does?

To get on the first page on Google means you are doing every single thing right, and have turned your website into a really nice resourceful  library that not only attracts Google, but keeps your visitors interested too.

Most of all, don’t fall into any of these SEO company traps, that claim they’ll put you into the 1st page of search results without any effort involved. Those companies only want your money. If your website sucks, well, sorry to say, it just sucks. No amount of money you pay to a marketing company will change that, unless your website changes too.

At the end of the day, stop listening to search engine optimization experts. The goal of your website shouldn’t just be geared to how to get listed properly on Google.  It should be more about, how to produce quality content for your website visitors.

Rankings and quality content go hand in hand.  Everyone seems to miss the point these days.  Most people think you can start off with a horrible functioning website, pay someone a few hundred dollars for SEO work, and instantly, your horrible website would appear on the first page of Google.  Calm down and think about that for a moment.  Do you think that is what your visitors want? Do you think that’s what the search engine wants on their first page? No? So why are you trying to cheat the system?

A solid, working website, with a lot to offer, will rank high on its own merit without help from anyone. So build your website with that in mind. Don’t look for shortcuts or easy ways to the top. The more you try, the more likely you are to fail.

Want to know how the advice I am giving you is real? I told you this for FREE.  I just want to help the internet community without making money on it.  This blog needs a lot of work, and I know it.  My next step will be to improve things on this end without looking for some fly by night SEO artist to charge me $1200 to promise me 1st page google rankings and then run away with my money.

So now you know. The only way to get on the first page of Google is with a lot of hard, honest, work.  That’s the secret.

The reason why life works the way it does is obvious to some degree.

The famous question about life is “why are we here?”

Well that’s the end game answer everyone seeks, but before we go there, let’s look at some basic ideas:

If everyone was slim, no one would know what fat is..

If everyone was always happy, we wouldn’t know what sad is..

If everyone was rich, we wouldn’t know what poor is..

[starting to see the trend?]

If everyone ate well, we wouldn’t know what hunger is… on and on..

What if?

Life is about every one having different emotions, situations, fears, experiences, etc, and we all learn how to co-exist, develop and help one another?

For instance, say I was an obese guy, and some guy comes fresh out of the gym with his muscles pumped and goes “Hey buddy, you could use some time in the gym. Look how buff I am!”

..and I turned to him and said “How do you know you’re buff? The only way you know that is in comparison to looking at me..”

That’s right. We need to have a mixture of body shapes, attitudes, social status, and more around the world for anyone to be able to define themselves.

Would it make any one happier if we all looked the same, had the same attitude, same money in the bank, drove the same car, had the same pets, the same tastes, the same..

No, life would be a bore.

Perhaps some of us were suppose to be rich. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be poor. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be better well off, and others looking for their next meal. As imperfect as it sounds, maybe that’s the way life works.

So, with the example I just gave. The “buff” guy coming out of the gym talking down to some obese guy. Who’s the better person? The one with a great body shape and horrible attitude, or the innocent obese bystander who isn’t bothering anyone?

Now the point isn’t to say anyone that goes to a gym and exercises is always this way. It could be reverse. How about the obese guy who walks around in public with a dirty shirt, spits on the ground, farts in public, doesn’t bother to shower, and curses or swears profanities in public? Is he any better?

In these two examples, it doesn’t matter what you look like, or what your social status is.. Nor does anything mean about what clothes you are wearing, what job you have, or anything else. Everyone has the potential of becoming a strain on society.

So the reason why life works the way it does, is for us all to learn, we share the same planet.  If your ego tells you that you’re better than someone else, you’re probably wrong. On the other hand, if your ego tells you are no better than anyone else, you’re probably also wrong.

Too much self-confidence is a bad thing.

Lack of self-confidence is also a bad thing.

Walking past someone on the sidewalk and saying “hello” as you pass, irregardless of your social status is a GOOD THING.

Back in the old western days, it was common when you passed a lady, you took off your hat, or at least tipped it in her favor. That’s gone. When a woman entered or left the room, all men in her company would stand, in respect. That’s gone too.

Now the fault isn’t men in this case, because even today you could hold a door open for some women, and they won’t even utter a thank you.

What does all of this mean? The more I write, the more confusing it sounds.

Let me get to the point.

The reason why life works the way it does is quite simple. Life is full of experiences. Many good and many bad. Life is what you make it. Or to be more exact, life is what you strive for, and want it to be.

You can either let things get you down in life, or you can look at it as an opportunity to seek a better world out there.

For instance. Let’s say you say hello to four different strangers on the sidewalk and all of them either look away or grunt back at you. You could look at it and say “that’s it. I’m not being friendly anymore. There is no point”.

But some of you might go ok, perhaps I met the wrong four people. I’ll try again anyway. Doesn’t cost me anything, and it’s free to be polite. The fifth person in your travels, you say “hello” and they stop in awe and say:

“Oh, hi! I’m not from around here. I’m trying to get to 22nd street. I’ve been trying to ask for directions and everyone I approach they either look away or grunt.”

There you go.  Just because it SEEMS like that’s the social way people deal with each other, doesn’t mean that’s what is happening in everyone’s minds these days. Perhaps your next friend could be around the corner, and you’d never know it until you physically bump into them and strike up a conversation.

Life isn’t a roadmap. No one (as far as I know) is selling a roadmap to the inner workings of life.

So treat each new day as a new day, irregardless of how what your past might have taught you. Never give up hope. In any given month, you’ve probably walked next to about 50 people similar to yourself in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, in traffic, at the restaurant, wherever. However society dictates we can’t know each other unless we’re formally introduced.

Ever heard “we need to break the ice?”

Where does this ice come from? Why are people, who live in the same neighborhoods so foreign to each other. Is it really that bad to strike up a conversation with someone without sounding like a pervert or a salesperson wanting something?

People, we all share this same planet together.  Life works this way, but it really shouldn’t.  The leaps and bounds we could make as a society is unseen.

I’ve decided long ago that I’m not a “glass half-empty” person.  I believe the “glass is half full” has potential everyday. I hold that true. While it’s fine, the next four people I may meet won’t validate that, maybe the fifth person will.

I think we all need to be less pessimistic and friendly toward each other. Once some of us start doing that, the rest will follow. Soon, the world will become a better place to live, and we can all share and enjoy life much better.

This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s reality. Unfortunately most of us are contributing to the problem and we shouldn’t.

So the next time a stranger says “hello” with a smile… just smile back, and say “hi”.  Friendliness and happiness is contagious just like a smile can be..

Comments?  What do you think?





Flooding. First time happening to you. How and why?

Before I begin, I’d like to send my heart out to all those who have recently experienced a flooding in their neighbourhood. There is no way to soften a blow like that.. when mother nature decides it is time to reclaim her earth, she doesn’t pick and choose where it happens.

People need to remember, that we’re all visitors here, for a temporary time. The earth will do, what it needs to do, without consulting anyone first.

If you do historical research, you will learn that continents, mountains, and lands have been re-shaped, and re-formed many times over the centuries. When the time comes for water to flow over the river banks and flood your town, there is nothing you could have done ahead of time to stop it.

It is no secret. Everyone likes to live near water. Some of the most expensive homes are near the ocean, lakes, or even creeks or rivers. As humans, we need water to survive. The sound of fresh water is soothing to our ears.
But there comes the catch-22. If you have access to nearby water, be ready at some point in your life, for it to become your worst enemy.

You’re not at fault for that, any more than mother nature is at fault for the natural cycle of the environment.  If you are to blame someone, don’t blame nature. Blame the developers who built your house near floodplain who knew this was a possibility. Blame yourself for not checking into the potential problems that could arise by owning a home so close to a natural water source.

As I mentioned, the earth is going to do its thing regardless of what type of urban structures we’ve built nearby.

So in the end, a flooding problem could be blamed more on the naivety of the citizens, developers, and City Hall who allowed something to be build next to a possible “flash flood” area. Sure, you could live there for 10, 20, even 30 years. But the day will eventually come. For many people, that day has already happened.

How can you properly prepare for something like this?

Well that’s kind of simple. The day you move in, get ready for a “grab and go” bag when the waters start to rise. Find an insurance company who will insure against floods. Your realtor may tell you that the place hasn’t flooded in 40 years. All that means is, that your flooding situation is overdue.

Get to know your neighbours, so you can help one another in a time of need.  Learn where the high elevation parts are in your neighbourhood.  Read your community disaster plan before a disaster hits. (All communities have one).

Keep extra money on hand, so if an unexpected emergency shows up, you’re not holding the latest popular cell phone, laptop or tablet, but instead have funds available to clothe, feed, and move you to safe ground when things go wrong.

Long ago, before people had houses, electricity, or even the English language, natives were flooded out of their shelters. When that happened, they became wiser, experienced, and passed down that knowledge to their own children.  We are not exempt from that either.

When mother nature unleashes her fury, we need to learn from that, and not be upset. After all, the writing was all on the wall the entire time. We simply didn’t listen.

My heart goes out to those evacuated families in Alberta, Canada.  I bet none of them will be buying their next home next to a “riverfront”. But at the same time, we shouldn’t chastise them for an innocent mistake.  When disaster hits, it brings everyone together. It’s one of those few times that community spirit means everything.

If you have a comment, please share it.

Parental instinct: New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

I watched a TV show tonight (20/20) to be exact where they showcased mothers that have no internal instinct towards the children they’ve given birth to.. They had a whole avalanche of excuses of why it was ok to abandon their sons and daughters because taking care of them didn’t fit into the mother’s life long goals.

First of all, this makes absolutely no sense.
If you are a birth mother and bring another human on to this earth, knowingly and willingly, it is now your commitment to ensure your child grows, develops, and remains safe.

Some of these mothers who “check in” on their abandoned children figure that that because they have no inherent maternal instinct, it is quite okay, to walk away.

My response to that, is simply, raising children isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries day in and day out. Just because you don’t want to fulfil your roll as a parent, doesn’t make it ok, to abandon your children and leave them without a mother figure in their lives.

Some of these women will say “well, they’re doing well, and to be honest, so am I, living away from home. I’ve become a better mother by leaving the house and having our odd talks over the internet”


Are you serious?

How can you possibly carry a new born for 9 months, give birth to them, and then walk away like they are some sort of family pet? People aren’t hamsters, goldfish or guinea pigs.

Do you have any idea how much you could harm your own child in life by leaving them to fend for themselves, regardless if the father is present?

It’s not a lot to ask. Every child wants to know their mother and father as they grow up.

So do new born birds, new born puppies, and new born hamsters.

Now the weirdest part of these mothers who decided to abandon their children, never went through the experience their advocating. For instance, many of them had Dad and Mom nearby. But in 2013 with new age thinking, they fully believe they don’t owe anything to their own children.

Listen closely. If you brought someone onto this Earth, you have a duty to them, as a civilized human being to guide them, help them, and be there for them.

This is common sense. These idiotic mothers who put themselves first, and leave kids behind, need a wake up call.

Now the 20/20 show did a camera cut to the kids which one 13 year old daughter said “I understand, and I’m fine with it”

Want to know why she acquiesced to that? Because she has no choice. She simply doesn’t know better. If you grew up as a child and your mother was a click a way, on the internet via Skype, you wouldn’t know better. You’d simply learn how to accept things as the best you could get.

Now I realize that not everyone is going to be Super Dad or Super Mom.. that’s not my point.

But at the very minimum, if you bring a child into this world, you have no right, under any logical point, to let them fend for themselves like that..

Just to reiterate, the person I’m mostly speaking about has her own “justifiable” blog here:

I read through her nonsense and half cared about her points. All the while I was thinking, how selfish are you to put your own wants and needs ahead of your kids that you birthed?

Life is a challenge. Being a parent to kids is a challenge. What none of us are really allowed to do, is bring new kids into the world and abandon them.

Here’s the clincher:

This same woman is now complaining about 4th stage cancer after abandoning her kids for her own goals and paths in life.

Her idiotic attitude to this day must be “why me – why do I have cancer?”

Well, you were given life on this earth to do something for the betterment of mankind. Instead you chose to use your time on this earth for “Me, Me, Me, and more Me”. Now you have 4th stage cancer, and still holding true to your illogical values. Your kids are suffering, and you use your time to write a blog talking about your 4th stage cancer.

You, Madam, by your own accord have become a waste of space, time, and effort on this earth. I have no compassion for your 4th stage cancer any more than you have compassion for your children out there that you have chosen to ignore.

At the end of the day, justice will prevail. Her eldest daughter (under 15) is already talking about the day will come when she has kids and she will never act like her own mom.

Life’s responsibilities aren’t a choice. They are a calling. If you avoid them, and ignore them, and you get 4th stage cancer, don’t wonder why.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. But in this particular case it is hard for me to break down and cry for her.  I fully believe this woman brought it on herself with her selfish attitude. Perhaps the Universe in it’s intricate way s gave her an opportunity to do something valuable here, and she decided instead to spend her time here on her own self-interests.

I wish the best for her kids. For her, I hope before her medical condition worsens, she realizes her mistake. Selfish ideology never pays off. Shame on you.

If you have any comments to share, I’m really interested in hearing them.


Just so you know, I’m like you, but if I was your neighbor, you wouldn’t know it!

Every one likes to think they are different.


A) Do you sleep in a BED? So do I..

B) Do you try to have breakfast every morning? So do I

C) Does it bother you when terrible things happen in the world? It bothers me too

D) Do you hope for a new, brighter, future tomorrow? (So do I)

How are we different? We’re not. We’re very similar. We want to enjoy life. Or are you the type of person that doesn’t want to enjoy life? (never met someone like that before).

We may look different, and be on different paths, but we both want the same things in life. Happiness, enjoyment, good feelings about our day, and more.

Problem is that you are reading this website and I’ve never had the opportunity to shake hands with you or smile at you. That is strange to me. Anyone worthwhile is surely deserving of a smile or a hand shake.

The problem is (in 2013) that community relationships are no longer important.  I could be your neighbor next door, and I bet you wouldn’t know how old I am, or what my middle name is.. Think about that for a moment.

Here you have, someone living right next you, and you’re not sure of their age, their middle name, or even any part of their history. How is any of that right? I could understand if you just moved in a month ago, but what if you’ve been living there for years?

Today’s problem is that people put walls up, and they don’t talk to one another. They do that for the sake of privacy. If a tornado or earthquake hit your home, how much would you be concerned about privacy at that point?

What if the things you cared about, and are worried about, are the exact type of things your neighbor cares about? Could it make a good conversation? Could you support each other, or is it something that will never be known?

That’s the funny thing about people.  We are so obsessed with our own lives, we don’t look around. What IF there was something you could do to help your neighbor? What IF there was something your neighbor could do that could help you?

Back in the western days, you would have had no choice but to know your neighbor. When things got rough, every one helped each other out.  They did that, because they wanted to, but most of all, because you never know when you might need a helping hand back.


OMG,  How awkward is that? Asking for help from the guy on the other side of the fence? I’d rather do it myself than ask for his help. Guess what he/she is doing? The same thing! AWKWARD.

Want to know what an awkward situation really is? Two people capable of helping one another, but because of societal disconnects, neither one helps the other.

Is that logical?

Back in the old days, when someone new moved into the neighborhood, they were brought pies, the neighbors introduced themselves, and there was a community spirit.

Today, everyone segregates themselves like we’re enemies at war. Why do we do that?

…the answer will come “because it’s safer, and easier that way”


If there was an earthquake or tornado ripping through your neighborhood and your house was in shambles, and one of your loved ones was trapped would it still be “safer and easier that way?”

We all don’t need to wait for a catastrophe to learn who our neighbors are.. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you have to bake pies or lasagna and continually shower them with home coming gifts. But a simple conversation, “Hello, how are you? Goes a long way!”

There are people on your street, very similar to you, and you don’t even know them. You could have a campfire at a campground and have better conversation with the passersby than the people on your own street that live there all year long. How does any of this seem right?

The point of this blog post is to say.. You, yourself may not want to make the first move to knock on your neighbors door, to say “Hello” or go in for a coffee.  In addition, your neighbor probably isn’t going to come to your door either.

But at 9am when you’re both sipping coffee, why not share the moment and do it together?

That’s the strangeness of society. Everyone thinks they are above, beyond, and better than the person next door. It causes a disconnect, which is pure stupid.  If you are going to live right next door to someone for the next 5 years, then it is about time you get to know one another.

Knowing your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to love them, or want to be with them every waking minute. What it does mean, is that you can both to learn how to socialize and be friends. Doesn’t mean someone is knocking at someone’s door once a week. But if a tornado or earthquake hits, you know who you could call for help (or volunteer help) ..

Don’t be afraid of your neighbors. Make the first move. Because it is obvious that if you don’t, no one will.


What is important in life?

I always thought at an early age, I’d be someone special like a famous person.

I now have a very clear understanding of what life is about. If anything I say isn’t true, you’ll know it pretty quick reading this..

Not everyone is suppose to be a celebrity. Not everyone is suppose to be stinking rich. While it is true, we are all trained to think that being a celebrity or stinking rich is the ultimate goal, it’s actually far from what why we were created or what we are suppose to do here..

If you ask anyone on the street, everyone has a dream, a goal, something they want to strive for.. and get there, and that is good. It keeps us on a certain path to get there. The problem is, is that many of us will never get there, and we begin to wonder.. if I never reach my goal, is my life just a complete waste of time?

Have you ever been in that moment of your life, when you have every reason why you could just walk away, and NOT help someone, but you do anyway?

That’s precisely why you are here.. You are listening to your alter-ego, your spiritual self, that basically says when you have the capability of helping someone, you should.

So now your question might be, so that’s it? I am here to help other people? That’s my sole mission in life?

No.. You’ll find that in tender moments of your own life, you’ll witness the same thing happening to you. When you are truly stuck for a while, some person will show up and help you out of your own problem and you’ll never see it coming.  Think back. Some of the terrible jams you’ve been in your life, some lucky thing has happened where you go…

“Omg, if I didn’t get that job, I would have been on the street”

“If they didn’t let me rent that place, I would have been homeless”


“If I didn’t get a meal, I would have been hungry for days”


I don’t know about your particular situation – but I already know, there have been times in all of our lives where we have suffered.  Give it a few days or a week, and something out of no where shows up and helps us.  That usually only happens to true spirited people.

So the next time you feel you are at the bottom of the pit of life, give some hope and faith. Someone around the corner might be helping you out of your jam just at the right time, just wait for it.

When we look at the question again “What is important in life?”

Maybe it is that simple. May be we’re here for those particular times that we are able to help someone out of their situation at the right time and the right place?

Everyone is on earth for a reason.

Many people abuse that opportunity.

Many people happily exist and help others.

Who are you? The one that abuses your existence, or someone who is not impartial to helping a stranger?

If you have gotten this far in this blog post, I already know who you are…

You’re someone who cares. Someone that thinks about the meaning of life, and wonders why you are here..

Thank you for that – you’re special,  and I’m interested in your comments.

I know that I’m here to share meaningful words without knowing who I am talking to, and I am happy to do that.. If there is some part of you that says, I want to respond, then DO IT. That feeling proves that you’re breaking out of your daily routine and comfort zone, and you need to share who you are, and what you think.

At the end of the day, we’re all human on this planet, and it is long overdue that we get to know one another.


What every one can learn from the Wizard of OZ

I admit, the title of this blog post is going to seem quite strange.  Many people have either heard about “The Wizard of OZ” or have seen the 1939 movie. Not much thought is put into it though. I’ll explain how this means something in your life right now!

This movie was based on the 1900 novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and it made its debut in film at the end of the Great Depression. Very few people actually realize the symbolism contained in that story and what it represents.  If you look past the entertainment value, there is plenty to learn from it.

Let’s go with some of the main characters as a quick refresher, and while I do, think about the overall picture and how it may relate to YOU or the people you KNOW:

1. Dorothy – a child lost in fantasy land, through a make believe dream, who is searching for a way “home”. As they say, home is where the heart is.. She travels through strange lands and situations, hoping to find her way home.

2. Toto – Her dog, her companion was PROTECTIVE of Dorothy

3. Scarecrow – He was missing a Brain. He was unable to THINK & REASON properly.

4. Lion – He was missing courage. He had FEAR and easily spooked.

5. Tin Man – He needed a heart. He didn’t know how to properly LOVE

Now fast forward to today. 2013, look at what most people have trouble dealing with…

Their thoughts are clouded because of too much stress. The newspapers and TV news constantly plague us with fear. Love from one another, even something as simple as “loving thy neighbour” seems strange and out of touch.

From 1939 until now, we haven’t really made much headway in life. THINK & REASON, FEAR, and LOVE seem to be things we are all obstacles in our lives, and at the end of the day, we may feel like we are as small and insignificant as Toto, but even that little dog got things accomplished.

Not much has changed in the last 74 years since the “Wizard of OZ” was shown in theatres.

That’s basically only a full lifetime of one person. There are still people alive today in 2013 that were born in 1939, that’s how short of a time span that really is…

So what can we learn from this story and apply it to our situation today?


All of us are looking for “Home sweet home”. The place where we feel the most comfortable. We don’t need to run away from our problems or our situations. We just need to realize that home is where the heart is and we need to appreciate the small things in life.

We don’t need to constantly be in fear.  We can think and reason, if we stop letting other people do it for us. Pick up a book and read it. Think, Reason, and come to your own conclusions about life without having to pick a side based some news report by some pundit on TV or columnist in the newspaper.  Show love for people you care about, and if you haven’t seen the movie “PAY IT FORWARD [2000]” watch that one too. It will show you how to learn to share love with people you don’t even know. As the saying goes, “love thy neighbor, as you would, love thy self.”

Soon as I say something like that (a quote from the bible with the word “thy in it”) it makes people on guard, worried that I’m going to be preaching here. I’m not.  Sometimes we just need someone to point out the obvious. Most people will watch a movie like this without putting much thought into what it truly represents.

In 1939 the movie was a symbolic representation of what society is lacking. 74 years later, the general population is STILL lacking these qualities, or at the very minimum, most people don’t know how to handle them.

There were a couple of other important characters in that movie, that you may be able to relate to:

1. THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST – That is a fancy way of saying “Your boss at work”, or “Your Mother-in-Law”, or some other person who hates you unconditionally whether or not you deserve it. Don’t let these people scare you into submission.  Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

2. THE WIZARD – Yes, this is the guy pulling on the levers behind the curtain, showing you how afraid you should be. Fire, spooky faces, thunder, and noise. Could this be our conditioning to fear the unknown and learn to end each day in fear? It was Toto, that tiny dog that revealed him.  In life, we feel like we’re small and tiny in the grande scheme of things. But as Toto showed us, be protective and don’t allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes.

When I was 6 years old, I loved that 1939 movie.  Fast forward many years later, I now realize, I should have paid more attention to the symbolic points of the movie. Those symbols represent my current day, and I see history repeating itself all the time.

If you’ve made it to this part of the blog post, then congrats. You’ve proven yourself to be a thinker. Now all you need to do is look around you, and see how much fear, lack of courage, love, and whatever else you may be missing.

I fully believe “what every one can learn from the Wizard of OZ” is simply the following:

a) Love

b) Compassion

c) Intelligence

d) Courage

e) Home is where the heart is

Sometimes we all need to be reminded about basic things like this and that is only fair. Everyone needs that sometimes.

What are your thoughts?


Lottery and lotto odds, what is your chance of winning a jackpot?

It is about time that someone is openly honest about your chances of winning the lottery.  Before I begin, the first thing I want to say is that irregardless of your chances, you should buy a lottery ticket. It doesn’t mean your chances of winning are good, infact it is the complete opposite. You have a greater chance of getting hit by a firetruck on its way to a fire call than you do winning the lottery.

However, if it only costs you $2 to play a lottery ticket, for a chance at 10 million dollars, then go ahead, and feel good about it.

If you win, it’s going to be life changing. If you don’t win, then what is happening is mathematical probability is rearing it’s ugly head and making itself known to you.

For most of the lotto tickets out there, irregardless of how many numbers you are suppose to pick, to win $10 million dollars, are all based on the same concept. Let me explain it to you in layman’s terms. If you had a sack full of 25 pound of rice, and pulled out a single rice kernel and colored it black, with a felt marker… that could be akin to the winning number. Now take that same black rice kernel and bury it back down the center of the sack of rice. Now you are set for a lottery draw!

That’s right – 25 pounds of rice, a single kernel colored black is the odds we all play with when we spend $2 to win $10 million.

Now invite your friends, neighbours, family, and anyone walking buy to dig deep in that 25 pound rice sack and see if they can pull out that black colored rice kernel. Bet you that no one can do it. Why? Simply the odds are against them.

Now, take 24 million people all reaching in, pulling out a single piece of rice to see if they get the black one.

Imagine what 24 million people outside your front door of your house would look like..

Anyway, as the story goes, one of these 24 million people manages to pull out the single black colored piece of rice out of your 25 pound sack. They are the winner!  Hard to believe, but it happened.

The moral of the story is simply this:

a) Definitely do play the lottery or lotto. A single $2 or $5 ticket in exchange for a $10 million dollar winner is completely worth it.

b) Definately do NOT expect to win. The odds are against you. Have a greater chance of being run over by a fire truck on its way to a house engulfed in flames.

c) Instead of buying 1 ticket (which seems reasonable) and instead buying 10 tickets is stupid. You’re much better off buying 1 ticket instead of 10 – to put that into perspective, let me explain further..

Let’s say on a certain lottery or lotto your odds of winning is 1 in 394,000 to get a decent, significant price.

You buy 1 ticket for $5. That is easily calculated to mean that your odds of winning is 1 in 394,000

Now let’s say you REALLY want to win, and instead of buying 1 ticket for $5, you buy 10 tickets for $50, let’s re-check the odds:

1 ticket has a chance of 1 in 394,00 of winning.

50 tickets have a chance of 1 in 344,000 of winning.

The difference here isn’t very tantalizing.  In one case, you spent $5 with a 1 ticket chance at 394,000 combinations to win $10 million. That seems like a realistic gamble that almost anyone would try.

Now for the aggressive person.. you spent $50, and now you have 10 ticket chances against 344,000 combinations to win $10 million.  That ticket purchase means you are going against 1 tin 344,000 chance you will NOT WIN. How smart was that? The guy that spent $2 for a win is a better bargain than the guy that spends $50 for similar odds.


If the odds are huge, unless you are going to buy “tens of thousands” of tickets, do not waste your time and money trying to lower the lottery / lotto odds. The game will beat you every single time.

So now that you are near the end of this article, remember:

a) 25 lb sack of rice, how many individual kernels are inside

b) 1 kernel is purposely colored black is the golden jackpot

c) 24 million people outside your front door, just dying to shove their fingers into your 25 lb sack of rice in hopes they pull out the black colored kernel

Now you have a full picture of what lotteries and the lotto draws are actually like..

Sure, of course, 1 in a few million people may win, but believe how rare the odds are.. If you are going to buy a draw or lotto / lottery ticket, spend the minimum amount.  Going broke over the ordeal simply is not worth it.

I hope I’ve explained things, if not, please ask questions below….



Hallowe’en or Halloween: Kids and Candy, why is this right?

Hallowe’en is important, and forever will be for a simple reason. It is about the kids. People confuse Halloween thinking it is nothing more than kids getting candies and chocolates from strangers. Some moms prefer to buy their kids sugary treats and keep them in the house.  That’s unfortunate. While that may really be a safer way of letting the holiday pass, you’re doing an injustice to your children.

First of all, I think it is important for parents to accompany their kids during their trick or treat adventure. That will never change. Kids depend on Mom and Dad to play chaperone to the festivities of Halloween.  If you, the parent, is standing at the edge of the driveway, with an eagle eye spotting your child’s every movement as they approach a stranger’s door to ring the door bell, not a lot can go wrong at that point.

Similarily when your kids go back home and empty their pillow sack or trick or treat bag on the floor, and have Mom or Dad sift through it first, the whole ordeal should be fairly safe.

Now that we have the obvious out of the way, let’s see what your kids have learned through this experience:

1) They have confronted fears about walking in the dark, at night, on strange streets in the spirit of Hallowe’en.  That is a big deal for someone under the age of 13.  It doesn’t mean they’ll do that any other time of the  year, but this is a huge learning lesson for them that at the right time, for the right reason, you can conquer your fears.

2) They have learned that Mom and Dad is only a few feet away.  They trust you, and the fact you are walking these scarey streets with them, makes them love and trust you that much more. This is where you become the guardian angel in their life, and they feel it. You should love this part. It is a key time where your child wants Mom or Dad nearby when they enter a strange situation and you are right there to protect them.  Trick or Treating in the general public brings a bigger bond between you and your child, this is a really good thing!

3) Think of the rest of the year where your child can play a different character or fantasy role?  Halloween is the only time of the year that they get to dress up, be a character of their choice, and escape their regular day-to-day persona.  How lucky were you as a child when you wanted to dress up as a certain “something”. Allow your children to experience the fun and excitement that you did when you were their age.

4) Learning the neighborhood and community acceptance is what happens for parents and children alike. This is the time when the house 4 doors down that you do not talk to all year long, you finally have the opportunity to walk up their steps, ring their doorbell and say hello.  A great way to know your neighbors if you haven’t had the chance yet. Hallowe’en is a time for acceptance between neighbors. It can build some strong relationships simply by giving each other a chance during the holiday.

5) Ever heard of the BUBBLE BOY, which is an old story about a person who had need to live in a sterile bubble to avoid infection.  Think about this when you get the idea to tell your kids they shouldn’t trick-or-treat on Halloween.  One of the major benefits of Hallowe’en is to get you, and your kids out into the public arena where you both learn to trust, experience, and still be safe by talking to the same neighbors and overall community on your street(s).

There is even more lessons and good things that come out of Halloween, but I won’t go any further. By reading this far, you should start realizing the benefits. Halloween is good. At the end of the night, the parents get to dictate which candies the kids eat, or which houses they knock on the door to.. So what is the problem? Same as parents enjoyed Halloween as kids, they should let their own kids experience the fun too.

Someone might suggest “Well when I was growing up in the 80’s and we had Halloween it was different than in 2012″…

..and to that I would suggest..

“Nothing has changed. It was just as dangerous in the 80’s as it is in 2012.” The point is, you can’t keep your kids in a bubble, and all you have to do as a good parent is watch them knock on each door and inspect their treats and candies. Don’t take away the magic of this one-time-a-year event. Your kids want to dress up and experience what you did. Let them have their moments. There is a way to be safe without losing out on participating on Halloween altogether.

iPhone 5? What about the iPhone 6? How much better can it get?

So the latest trend is the iPhone 5. You can already guess that the iPhone 6 is already in top-secret development.  There is a feature that people should be asking for, and no one does. A major upgrade would be a replaceable or removeable battery.   The battery is basically the heart of the device. Without battery power, an iPhone might as well be a paper weight.

DISCLAIMER: these are my personal opinions and may not be factual. Let’s see if you agree?

While it is true, an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s can have the battery replaced by a specialist (With brain surgeon soldering skills), it’s not economically practicle.

It is no secret that Apple knows, and so does every cellular retailer, that iPhones often come with 3 year contracts in order to subsidize the phone cost.  What does that mean? In short, the next major revision of the iPhone has to hit the market within a few months of people’s 3 year term contracts expiring.

So when they design the phone, they do it with a battery that should keep up for 2 or 3 years before the phone starts turning into a dud.

Users usually ask for:

a) A bigger, and better screen

b) More memory

c) A faster processor

But rarely do people ask for the basic design upgrades, like how about an interchangeable or removeable battery?  As long as cell phones have been on the market, a key feature has always been pulling off the back plate, removing the battery and replacing it without needing a soldering iron.

For whatever reason that escapes me, iPhone gets away with hardwiring their batteries right to the motherboard. As far as I know, it is the only popular phone that does that..

So I’m hoping that iPhone 6 will have that single, most important feature. A removeable or replaceable battery without needing a soldering iron.

If they do that, it will bring longetivity to the device.  That’s probably their reason for not wanting to have that feature.  They know that once your iPhone stops keeping its charge, and it eventually starts crashing from irregular DC volt power, you’ll be looking for the next generation iPhone purchase ASAP.

It’s a consumer market, and they are your dealer to generate sales.

I, myself, am still using a Palm TREO 650, one of the earlier smart phones from 2005.  That was 7 years ago, but the phone still works, its quad-band, and lets me browse the web, check email, and use simple apps.  When I bought the phone when it first came out, it cost me $900.  Just last year, I bought another second one as a backup for $40 off eBay. That’s a $860 discount!

The reason the TREO 650 phone still works to this day, is because I was able to remove the battery and replace it with a new one. No soldering skills needed.

Once the iPhone 5 came out, a friend of mine “gave” me their iPhone 3GS, considering the iPhone 3GS worthless in the grand scheme of things.  The problem was simply that the battery wasn’t holding a proper charge, and the newest iOS upgrade was causing problems for the phone.

So all you iPhone 5 users today, touting your new device in 2012, I can already anticipate by 2015 most of you will be holding an iPhone 6. History dictates that when your 3 year term runs out, the iPhone 6 will be there waiting.

Let’s be more specific. I can estimate right now, the iPhone 6 will hit the market September 2014 or September 2015. That’s a fact (in my opinion). A few months before Christmas, but in time enough for iPhone 5 users who have term contracts that run out. It will enable you to buy the latest iPhone 6 and re-comit yourselves to the next 3 year contract period.

On another note, I fully expect by 2015 someone will gift me an iPhone 4S by then, considering it junk, once the iPhone 6 hits the market. People like myself that are patient enough, just wait for the hand me downs to be free or super cheap given to us. We never need to hop on board the latest technological wave and pay premium prices to enjoy the technology that everyone else has had the benefit of, over the last few years.

So my recommendation to iPhone 5 and future iPhone 6 users is this…. Please start demanding that they incorporate replaceable batteries in the new iPhone 6. Doing that will bring longetivity to the devices they create, and will stop this madness of when the battery loses its integrity, so does the usefulness of the iPhone.

We don’t need more junk in our land fills. If a user replaceable battery can keep a device working for years to come, then let’s see that already.

What are your thoughts?

Coincidence? No such thing. Things happen for a reason..

Sometimes when things work out in our favor, we think well, what a coincidence. I’m lucky today.

What people don’t seem to understand, is that coincidence isn’t luck. Things happen because you deserve it to work out. It could be something you did 3 weeks ago, or three months ago. It is the universe paying you back your due.

Sometimes a good deed takes time to come full circle for you to see it. Usually when it does, we write it off as being coincidence, or being lucky.

For instance, you blow out your tire, roll to the side of the highway, and what a coincidence, a high school friend shows up with a tow truck. What luck!

Or is it really that simplistic?

We can live through our whole lives without realizing how luck and coincidence are purposeful helping hands in our life that show up at the right time, when we need it.

Karma is huge. What you put out there,  you get back one way or another. Don’t be negative or domineering to other people – if you do, you’ll get yours later.

After too many freakish moments, where something has happened “just too perfect”, I no longer believe in coincidence. Sometimes the universe is delivering what we need, because we deserve it. It is ignorant to think of it otherwise. Accept the gifts that the universe has to deliver, and recognize them without frivilously thinking of it nothing more than being coincidence or sheer luck.

Everything you do, the way you think, the way you act, and the way you live your life on earth might be evaluated somwhere out in the galaxy without you knowing it. (Or for religious purposes, God himself).

That does not mean that if you generally do good, you will not have a bad day, or terrible things happen to you. Those are life challenges that each of us have to experience every now and then..

What it does mean, is that if you go over and above the call of duty (sounds so official doesn’t it), for someone else, without any thought of reimbursement or payback? I believe that it means that in the next few weeks, or next few months, or next couple of  years it is going to come back to you at the right time.

Today I learned something about ID, EGO, and SuperEgo. Never heard of those concepts about our inner personalities before.

If you want to enrich your life and learn about yourself, check out this wikipedia page.

So the next time you get into a weird moment where something good happens by “coincidence”. Think twice about it. It is quite possible you did something good for someone else a long time back, and now the universe is staging the cards to help you out later.

It seems that everything I am saying is so spiritual and mystical. But, what if I’m right? You decide  😀

It is 2012 – What does that really mean? Apocalypse or business as usual?

So it is 2012. People many years ago thought by now we’d be riding jetpacks to work, flying cars, and having a computer based machine create and spit out our dinner through a slot.

So what happened?

In simple terms: Lack of cooperation.

Countries aren’t cooperating in 2012, they are simply competing against each other.

You don’t know your neighbor more than you did 10 years ago..

Companies don’t take time to know (or especially care) about their customers other than their buying habits.

The world isn’t working together in unison.

This is why 2012 is no different than 1995…

As people, and as corporations, we’ve matured very little.  The government too, has matured very little.

We’re stuck, as a society.  We’re not progressing our way of living beyond electronic toys and gadgets.

This why there is no jetpacks, flying cars, or things like free energy.

As humans we’ve adopted GREED, take care of our own families. We only proceed in a group setting as long as I “get mine first”.

It is a sad state of affairs really. The people at the top seems content. Anything they want, they can finance and buy. But are they really content? My guess is no…

Everyone wanted to see the jet pack. Everyone expected to see flying cars.  The middle class wanted to see oil and gasoline unimportant where seawater could power the world.

But instead, instead of moving forward, we’re all stuck, because no one wants to give way to the future. It’s all about greed.

It is a sad state of affairs.

Things could have changed for the better a long time ago. It will still be a long time before they change in the future.  We’re caught in this hamster wheel of evolution. We’re going no where fast.