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Here’s some theoretical scenarios.. What do you think would happen if?

Flooding. First time happening to you. How and why?

Before I begin, I’d like to send my heart out to all those who have recently experienced a flooding in their neighbourhood. There is no way to soften a blow like that.. when mother nature decides it is time to reclaim her earth, she doesn’t pick and choose where it happens.

People need to remember, that we’re all visitors here, for a temporary time. The earth will do, what it needs to do, without consulting anyone first.

If you do historical research, you will learn that continents, mountains, and lands have been re-shaped, and re-formed many times over the centuries. When the time comes for water to flow over the river banks and flood your town, there is nothing you could have done ahead of time to stop it.

It is no secret. Everyone likes to live near water. Some of the most expensive homes are near the ocean, lakes, or even creeks or rivers. As humans, we need water to survive. The sound of fresh water is soothing to our ears.
But there comes the catch-22. If you have access to nearby water, be ready at some point in your life, for it to become your worst enemy.

You’re not at fault for that, any more than mother nature is at fault for the natural cycle of the environment.  If you are to blame someone, don’t blame nature. Blame the developers who built your house near floodplain who knew this was a possibility. Blame yourself for not checking into the potential problems that could arise by owning a home so close to a natural water source.

As I mentioned, the earth is going to do its thing regardless of what type of urban structures we’ve built nearby.

So in the end, a flooding problem could be blamed more on the naivety of the citizens, developers, and City Hall who allowed something to be build next to a possible “flash flood” area. Sure, you could live there for 10, 20, even 30 years. But the day will eventually come. For many people, that day has already happened.

How can you properly prepare for something like this?

Well that’s kind of simple. The day you move in, get ready for a “grab and go” bag when the waters start to rise. Find an insurance company who will insure against floods. Your realtor may tell you that the place hasn’t flooded in 40 years. All that means is, that your flooding situation is overdue.

Get to know your neighbours, so you can help one another in a time of need.  Learn where the high elevation parts are in your neighbourhood.  Read your community disaster plan before a disaster hits. (All communities have one).

Keep extra money on hand, so if an unexpected emergency shows up, you’re not holding the latest popular cell phone, laptop or tablet, but instead have funds available to clothe, feed, and move you to safe ground when things go wrong.

Long ago, before people had houses, electricity, or even the English language, natives were flooded out of their shelters. When that happened, they became wiser, experienced, and passed down that knowledge to their own children.  We are not exempt from that either.

When mother nature unleashes her fury, we need to learn from that, and not be upset. After all, the writing was all on the wall the entire time. We simply didn’t listen.

My heart goes out to those evacuated families in Alberta, Canada.  I bet none of them will be buying their next home next to a “riverfront”. But at the same time, we shouldn’t chastise them for an innocent mistake.  When disaster hits, it brings everyone together. It’s one of those few times that community spirit means everything.

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Parental instinct: New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

I watched a TV show tonight (20/20) to be exact where they showcased mothers that have no internal instinct towards the children they’ve given birth to.. They had a whole avalanche of excuses of why it was ok to abandon their sons and daughters because taking care of them didn’t fit into the mother’s life long goals.

First of all, this makes absolutely no sense.
If you are a birth mother and bring another human on to this earth, knowingly and willingly, it is now your commitment to ensure your child grows, develops, and remains safe.

Some of these mothers who “check in” on their abandoned children figure that that because they have no inherent maternal instinct, it is quite okay, to walk away.

My response to that, is simply, raising children isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries day in and day out. Just because you don’t want to fulfil your roll as a parent, doesn’t make it ok, to abandon your children and leave them without a mother figure in their lives.

Some of these women will say “well, they’re doing well, and to be honest, so am I, living away from home. I’ve become a better mother by leaving the house and having our odd talks over the internet”


Are you serious?

How can you possibly carry a new born for 9 months, give birth to them, and then walk away like they are some sort of family pet? People aren’t hamsters, goldfish or guinea pigs.

Do you have any idea how much you could harm your own child in life by leaving them to fend for themselves, regardless if the father is present?

It’s not a lot to ask. Every child wants to know their mother and father as they grow up.

So do new born birds, new born puppies, and new born hamsters.

Now the weirdest part of these mothers who decided to abandon their children, never went through the experience their advocating. For instance, many of them had Dad and Mom nearby. But in 2013 with new age thinking, they fully believe they don’t owe anything to their own children.

Listen closely. If you brought someone onto this Earth, you have a duty to them, as a civilized human being to guide them, help them, and be there for them.

This is common sense. These idiotic mothers who put themselves first, and leave kids behind, need a wake up call.

Now the 20/20 show did a camera cut to the kids which one 13 year old daughter said “I understand, and I’m fine with it”

Want to know why she acquiesced to that? Because she has no choice. She simply doesn’t know better. If you grew up as a child and your mother was a click a way, on the internet via Skype, you wouldn’t know better. You’d simply learn how to accept things as the best you could get.

Now I realize that not everyone is going to be Super Dad or Super Mom.. that’s not my point.

But at the very minimum, if you bring a child into this world, you have no right, under any logical point, to let them fend for themselves like that..

Just to reiterate, the person I’m mostly speaking about has her own “justifiable” blog here:

I read through her nonsense and half cared about her points. All the while I was thinking, how selfish are you to put your own wants and needs ahead of your kids that you birthed?

Life is a challenge. Being a parent to kids is a challenge. What none of us are really allowed to do, is bring new kids into the world and abandon them.

Here’s the clincher:

This same woman is now complaining about 4th stage cancer after abandoning her kids for her own goals and paths in life.

Her idiotic attitude to this day must be “why me – why do I have cancer?”

Well, you were given life on this earth to do something for the betterment of mankind. Instead you chose to use your time on this earth for “Me, Me, Me, and more Me”. Now you have 4th stage cancer, and still holding true to your illogical values. Your kids are suffering, and you use your time to write a blog talking about your 4th stage cancer.

You, Madam, by your own accord have become a waste of space, time, and effort on this earth. I have no compassion for your 4th stage cancer any more than you have compassion for your children out there that you have chosen to ignore.

At the end of the day, justice will prevail. Her eldest daughter (under 15) is already talking about the day will come when she has kids and she will never act like her own mom.

Life’s responsibilities aren’t a choice. They are a calling. If you avoid them, and ignore them, and you get 4th stage cancer, don’t wonder why.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. But in this particular case it is hard for me to break down and cry for her.  I fully believe this woman brought it on herself with her selfish attitude. Perhaps the Universe in it’s intricate way s gave her an opportunity to do something valuable here, and she decided instead to spend her time here on her own self-interests.

I wish the best for her kids. For her, I hope before her medical condition worsens, she realizes her mistake. Selfish ideology never pays off. Shame on you.

If you have any comments to share, I’m really interested in hearing them.


iPhone 5? What about the iPhone 6? How much better can it get?

So the latest trend is the iPhone 5. You can already guess that the iPhone 6 is already in top-secret development.  There is a feature that people should be asking for, and no one does. A major upgrade would be a replaceable or removeable battery.   The battery is basically the heart of the device. Without battery power, an iPhone might as well be a paper weight.

DISCLAIMER: these are my personal opinions and may not be factual. Let’s see if you agree?

While it is true, an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s can have the battery replaced by a specialist (With brain surgeon soldering skills), it’s not economically practicle.

It is no secret that Apple knows, and so does every cellular retailer, that iPhones often come with 3 year contracts in order to subsidize the phone cost.  What does that mean? In short, the next major revision of the iPhone has to hit the market within a few months of people’s 3 year term contracts expiring.

So when they design the phone, they do it with a battery that should keep up for 2 or 3 years before the phone starts turning into a dud.

Users usually ask for:

a) A bigger, and better screen

b) More memory

c) A faster processor

But rarely do people ask for the basic design upgrades, like how about an interchangeable or removeable battery?  As long as cell phones have been on the market, a key feature has always been pulling off the back plate, removing the battery and replacing it without needing a soldering iron.

For whatever reason that escapes me, iPhone gets away with hardwiring their batteries right to the motherboard. As far as I know, it is the only popular phone that does that..

So I’m hoping that iPhone 6 will have that single, most important feature. A removeable or replaceable battery without needing a soldering iron.

If they do that, it will bring longetivity to the device.  That’s probably their reason for not wanting to have that feature.  They know that once your iPhone stops keeping its charge, and it eventually starts crashing from irregular DC volt power, you’ll be looking for the next generation iPhone purchase ASAP.

It’s a consumer market, and they are your dealer to generate sales.

I, myself, am still using a Palm TREO 650, one of the earlier smart phones from 2005.  That was 7 years ago, but the phone still works, its quad-band, and lets me browse the web, check email, and use simple apps.  When I bought the phone when it first came out, it cost me $900.  Just last year, I bought another second one as a backup for $40 off eBay. That’s a $860 discount!

The reason the TREO 650 phone still works to this day, is because I was able to remove the battery and replace it with a new one. No soldering skills needed.

Once the iPhone 5 came out, a friend of mine “gave” me their iPhone 3GS, considering the iPhone 3GS worthless in the grand scheme of things.  The problem was simply that the battery wasn’t holding a proper charge, and the newest iOS upgrade was causing problems for the phone.

So all you iPhone 5 users today, touting your new device in 2012, I can already anticipate by 2015 most of you will be holding an iPhone 6. History dictates that when your 3 year term runs out, the iPhone 6 will be there waiting.

Let’s be more specific. I can estimate right now, the iPhone 6 will hit the market September 2014 or September 2015. That’s a fact (in my opinion). A few months before Christmas, but in time enough for iPhone 5 users who have term contracts that run out. It will enable you to buy the latest iPhone 6 and re-comit yourselves to the next 3 year contract period.

On another note, I fully expect by 2015 someone will gift me an iPhone 4S by then, considering it junk, once the iPhone 6 hits the market. People like myself that are patient enough, just wait for the hand me downs to be free or super cheap given to us. We never need to hop on board the latest technological wave and pay premium prices to enjoy the technology that everyone else has had the benefit of, over the last few years.

So my recommendation to iPhone 5 and future iPhone 6 users is this…. Please start demanding that they incorporate replaceable batteries in the new iPhone 6. Doing that will bring longetivity to the devices they create, and will stop this madness of when the battery loses its integrity, so does the usefulness of the iPhone.

We don’t need more junk in our land fills. If a user replaceable battery can keep a device working for years to come, then let’s see that already.

What are your thoughts?

Why does life suck?

Someone, out there, is eventually going to type into a search engine “why does life suck?” and they will be hoping for an answer.  In this blog post, I will answer that question, or at least do my best..

Life sucks, in general terms, because people wake up each morning hoping that every new day will bring something different. A new idea, a new thing to marvel over, something that will make yesterday seem like the stone ages.

The reason life can sometimes “suck”, is because most of us are caught up in this circular warp. We’re forever going to bed at similar times of the night. We’re waking up at similar times of the morning. We’re drinking that similar coffee, and having that similar breakfast to start the day off..

We work the similar jobs, or go to the similar school, and then have that similar wonder each day that passes “why does life suck”.

If you, as a person, have never thought that… “why does life suck”.. then I have no idea why you were able to search out this blog post, or why you are reading this far in…

..but for everyone else.. here’s the answer to your worries..


To be honest.. life doesn’t stuck. Perhaps your perception of life sucks. That means, you’re in the wrong lane of the superinformation highway of life. It means you need change, and need it now.

Even if your life seems manageable, it’s still creating this “it sucks” feeling in you. This is a key time to look at life around you, and instead of blaming life, learn to decide why you have allowed an environment around you to be created this way.

Does life suck, or perhaps you, as a person, have allowed it to suck?

It sounds like I’m giving you answers in riddles, but to be honest, sometimes life works that way.

In short, I can tell you why “life sucks” today. is because you didn’t change the path significantly yesterday..

THAT’S RIGHT.  Your yesterday is the reason you are feeling, seeing, and experiencing today.

So when someone gets upset about the way their life is going “today”, the real answer is embedded in the way they acted “yesterday” or the week before, or the week before that…

You are experiencing life today, because of what you neglected to do yesterday.

It is as simple as that. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news (and remember the adge: don’t shoot the messenger)

..but if you really look at it. Today, the way you feel about it, has a significant reason for happening, based on yesterday, a few days back, a few weeks back, or a few months back.

To change this situation, so “life doesn’t suck any more” is quite easy…

Make a significant change today, of any sort, so that when tomorrow shows up, it may become a different day as a result of your change.

It could be anything.. here are some examples of how to achieve real change

1) Quit your job: (be careful with this one, unless you have a for-sure opportunity elsewhere)

2) Say goodbye once and for all to that annoying friend

3) Spend a solid 2 hours learning about a new talent, or trade that you are interested in – work at it

4) Re-arrange your habitual duties. Are you the type of person who wakes up, pours yourself a coffee, and sits on youtube each morning? Well the next morning, avoid youtube, pour yourself an orange juice, and walk around the block instead.


So if you realise “today” only happened because of what you did “yesterday” perhaps tomorrow, “life won’t suck quite as much any more”

Think of what you  want for the future, and know, that your actions today, really do dictate tomorrow.

Hopefully some of this helps.

People always react stupidly to life’s problems.

This happens every single day, and it is time someone points it out.  You’ve probably done this, I’ve done this, and everyone you know usually does this…





Have you ever found yourself in these silly predicaments?

1. You hate your job, so you start looking at job ads and sending resumes to them
Wrong approach.

2. Your bank account is low, the bills are mounting, so you cut back on your cellular phone plan or lower your TV channel package.
Wrong approach

3. Sales at work are dwindling, to get new customers, you lower your prices, put on a major SALE and advertise.
Wrong approach.

4. You had a major fight with a friend, your boss, your spouse, so you decide to go out drinking on Friday night to calm your nerves.
Wrong approach.

By now you’re probably wondering how all of these solutions to these types of problems are wrong.  See, told you, people always react stupidly to life’s problems. While all of those reactions seem like they help the situation, all they actually do, is contribute to the problem.

How can that be? You might say…

It always helps to take a particular situation, exaggerate the same “rule of thumb”, to see how the point remains the same. Let’s take a look at #5 now:

5. The titanic ship is sinking, so you grab a bucket and start bailing water.
Wrong approach.

AHA! Now you’re beginning to understand.  Our first instinct when life presents problems is to look for a quick, and easy solution.  That only works for a short time, and all it does is set you up to receive similar amount of problems in the future.

Let’s look at what your reactions just caused:

1. You start looking at job ads and sending resumes to them, you land a job, but now your new job has an entire different set of problems. You hate your co-workers, the job description doesn’t match what you had expected. Your boss is a jerk, and the company is about to be bankrupt next year.
This reaction created more problems.

2. You cut back on your cellular phone plan or lower your TV channel package.  However next month, you went over you cell phone minutes and got charged $35 extra which negated the savings you were expecting.  Since you had less channels on TV, you found yourself at the local video store paying to rent movies. You even bought a few DVD’s to tie you over. Nothing was on TV, so you went out with friends instead, it ended up costing you money.
This reaction created more problems.

3. To get new customers, you lower your prices, put on a major SALE and advertise.

While sales volume increases, your cost of goods sold (remember that term from accounting class?) has increased.  The cost of the advertising in addition to the lower sales price has basically caused you to break even.  Once you stop the sale, you find that your sales dwindle off, and you’re back to square one. All you did was waste time, energy, and effort into a short term solution that didn’t fix a darned thing.
This reaction caused more problems.

4. You decide to go out drinking on Friday night to calm your nerves.

This may have calmed your nerves, but next week you have a different fight, with the same person, about a different issue. What you’ve solved is nothing really. All you’ve done is put yourself in a situation where the same peril can happen to you again.
This reaction can cause more problems.

5. You begin bailing buckets of water on the titanic as it sinks, and you soon realize, all you did was exhaust yourself. The ship still sunk, but now your out of energy to survive in the cold water, and you perish.  You can’t save a sinking ship, so stop trying.
This reaction caused more problems.

If you’ve read this far, then you want real answers.

I will provide you some ideas, and I’d love to hear your own comments.  Whenever we come up with solutions, it is important to STOP. THINK. DISCOVER. PLAN. EXECUTE

Abbreviated that is S.T.D.P.E  (which isn’t a catchy word, so you’ll just have to get past it)


Here are better solutions to the previous 5 examples:

1. You hate your job.

CORRECT: Start talking to people in your industry. This is best done with strangers. People who don’t even know your name. This way you maintain confidentiality so it won’t get back to your current job. Your friends and family won’t judge you and scoff “oh look, John hates his job”.

Read newspapers, do research, network, get the information you need before making a decision on what to do, where to do it, and how to do it.

What’s that? You found out in an industry journal that some massive company is branching out into a new area that you have expertise in? Great.  Scope out the job. Read their history. Find someone that worked there BEFORE, who can talk about the place.

I can’t think for you, but some of you might be saying “Well, how could I possibly find someone that use to work there?”

Think about it. Resumes are posted online.  Websites like carry histories of where people use to work.  Old forum posts from 5 years back might have someone signing their name with a title of the company and then they are signing their name with their new signature.    If there is a will, there is a way, create your own ways.

People that no longer have any ties to companies they use to work have volumes of helpful information that could tell you whether or not it would be a great place for you to work. Heck, people even post publicly about it. “I use to work at XYZ” – they brag about it like credentials on the “About Us” page of a website.

Ask them how the company was doing before they left. Why did they leave? Are they sorry they left? Would they ever consider returning?

2. Your bank account is low, the bills are mounting.

Really? Is your financial situation going to greatly improve by lowering your cell phone bill or TV channel package to only save yourself $50 a month?  Is that the real issue here, you’re only short $50 and your life would be so much better saving that tiny bit of money?

“But it will help, at least right now” you say.

CORRECT: Come up with a long term plan of action FIRST.  Begin executing that longer plan to get you out of this long term problem.  When time permits, (and time always does permit) you can make small changes SECOND.

Obviously your income isn’t matching the expenses you want.  Most people will say “you want too much, you’re living outside of your means.”  While that is true, a better idea is to INCREASE your means.  Raise your income.  That’s better than just lessening the desires for things you want.

3. Sales at work are dwindling, to get new customers, you lower your prices, put on a major SALE and advertise.

Ask yourself first: Why are sales dwindling?  What is the real issue here?

Some people may say “well XYZ is taking our business”.  Well if you are selling the exact same products as XYZ and you lower your prices, don’t you think XYZ will take notice and lower theirs as well, until someone gives in?

CORRECT: Perhaps the product or service you are selling is the real issue.  Perhaps you need to find some products that are EXCLUSIVE to your store.  Maybe you can create a value added service that XYZ competitor doesn’t have.  This is the longer term solution that will help your business.

Customers don’t always shop on price. Often they will shop based on novelty, by recommendation, or perceived value (not just price).  Look and think outside of the box.  If you come up with some real creative ways to reach these customers that XYZ is unable (or unwilling) to copy, then you’ll have people clamoring for your product or service.

4. You had a major fight with a friend, your boss, your spouse, so you decide to go out drinking on Friday night to calm your nerves.

What happens the following Monday? Perhaps another major fight. What will be your solution? Next Friday go out drinking with friends again?

The question is why did the fight occur in the first place? The “details” of the fight isn’t the answer to this question either.

But why?  Who was tense? Who was intolerant. Look at the bigger picture. The details themselves are trivial. Problems happen all the time, that’s normal, and everyone knows that.. But for a fight to erupt means:

CORRECT: Someone is stressed.  Maybe someone simply has a bad personality defect.  Can something be done to lower that person’s stress load, so they are less likely to be so tense?  In the case of a personality defect, you can’t change the person, so maybe it is time to get away from them.

5. The titanic is sinking

CORRECT: Grab a life jacket, and get off the boat as safe as your best options permit. Did I really need to say this?

People always react stupidly to life’s problems.

You don’t need to react stupidly.

Think before you act. Plan ahead for a longer term solution and get the process rolling FIRST.

When you get time (and you will get time) you can do some short term solutions SECOND.

This is the key to avoiding reoccurring pitfalls and traps in life. It will hinder similar problems plaguing you in the future.

Your comments?  I hope you have some. I’ve given you plenty of food for thought here.

Other people want to hear what YOU have to say too.

People – and the do gooder attitude

With this blog post, I’m going to take a different turn. I want to be open and honest to call out certain people (let’s see if you are one of them).

People Type #1: “Saved by attendance”

Saved by attendance people are those that go to Church, feel they are saved. They have a Bible, they read the Bible, and go to Church every Sunday. Not only do they go to Church, but they ALWAYS contribute to the offering. They know the 10 commandments and live by them (or so they think). They pray, they believe in God. They are members of a local Church, and believe that all you have to do is believe in God, or Jesus, accept him into your heart, and you’re saved.




          WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.




I suppose the pastor of the Church hasn’t had the opportunity to explain this to you yet, but God doesn’t take attendance. If God exists, he’ll be a lot more interested in the way you live and conduct your life – not who was sitting in the piu, or what type of offering or donation you gave to the basket.

There are people (by the thousands), who think that God somehow takes attendance at Church every Sunday, just like elementary or middle school. He doesn’t. Yes, it could be considered by some, that it is God’s house — but if he exists, he can see past the superficial being that you are.

To explain in detail:

IF you are someone that attends every service, AND gives a generous amount to every offering – that is not enough, because both of those are superficial acts. Even a murderer could attend Sunday Church and give generous offerings — does that mean they will be saved?

No – the truth is quite simple. How you live your life on a daily basis. Not how you live your life on Sunday – or how you put on your best Church clothes or what type of offering you give. Those that don’t even go to Church, or give an offering, but do a kindness to their neighbor, stranger, or fellow citizen have a much better chance at the gates of heaven than you do..

BE VERY CAREFUL that you’re not following a stereotype. “Have a bible, go to Church, give an offering, I’m saved”. I am surprised about the amount of people that live in this plastic concept that there is a simple road to heaven this way.


The same Church person will generally have a routine, and after they’ve dressed up, attended the sermon on Sunday, gave at the offering, they will leave the Church and go out for a family breakfast at a local restaurant. I know this is true, because Church generally gets out at 10:30am, and by 11:15am, ALL RESTAURANTS ARE PACKED EVERY SUNDAY BY PEOPLE IN THEIR CHURCH CLOTHES.

…so talking like this, means I know something — don’t believe me? Go to your local iHOP Pancake house at 10am on a Sunday and watch the sudden crowd in Church clothes that appear at 11:30am – it’s very obvious.

Now that being said, and agreed upon..

This same Church crowd that visits the International Pancake House at 11:30am after Church has let out, will do certain UGLY and UNGODLY things:

1) They will honk and give curse expressions with their hands and arms while in bumper to bumper traffic

2) They will be selfish and try and race to get into a parking spot without concern to the other vehicle in the same lot, irregardless if they have their 80 year old mother with them.

3) They’ll sneer and think they’re above people of different color, race, financial position, or social status. You could almost hear them talking to their kids, saying “We were at Church, look at that drug addict bum. We were at Church, look at that FAT disgusting person. We were at Church, what would the Lord think of that gay couple?”


So if you are one of those people, who go to Church every Sunday, and thinks God takes attendance — he doesn’t. He’s not watching the offerings you gave, as much as he’s watching how you conduct yourself outside of his house. Your thoughts, your demeanor, and not what clothes you wore to iHop are what matters.

I am really tired of seeing hypocritical people that believe that to love thy brother is to love one’s self is a concept to live by.. Immediately thereafter walk out in public and think their obligation ends as soon as they leave the Church steps.

God doesn’t take attendance – but he knows.

People Type #2: “I’m good because I did this simplistic action”

This is the most dangerous type of person. Those that aren’t necessarily “Bible thumpers” – excuse the rude comment, so I can prove my point. It sounds derogatory, and I don’t mean to be so obvious about it. However, it helps to make a clear line between people that believe in God, and that’s why they try to do the right things, verses people who DON’T go to Church regularily, but think they’re equally entitled to similar entitlements.

These are the people that walk around thinking “I’m good because I did this simplistic action”

Here’s a few things these people do, figuring they are worthy in life, of getting their just desserts later by simplistic actions:

1) They see someone standing on a concrete island at an intersection holding a cardboard sign saying “God Bless, Please Give. Hungry” — They immediately roll down the car window, hand $5, and figure not only did they do a good deed for the day, that proves something to themselves and everyone else they’re a decent person. After that split second donation, they can continue on their life path for the next 6 months and not feel guilty.

TRUTH: Most of the time (90% or greater), you’ve just handed your $5 bill to a professional con-artist / scammer. While you sat in traffic for that 2 minute RED light, what you didn’t see, is that he’s been there for the last 58 minutes, and found that everytime the light turns red, he gets $2 to $5. Over the course of an hour, he makes $40 to $50 for standing there with a cardboard sign. The problem is, he had a job, but quit it, and left for this business. He saw that making $19 an hour was peanuts. He’d rather pretend to dress in old clothes, stand at an intersection with a cardboard sign, and make double his annual wage.

Look closely. You might see the latest iPhone bulging in his pocket, or a chrome bicycle a few yards away.

2) People that travel in urban city areas and see an unkempt person, dirty, struggling and hungry and hand them spare change. What you don’t often realize is that same spare change will buy a case of beer of a 1/5th of Vodka that same night. When you give spare change to an individual, it doesn’t mean they are going to use it to make photocopies of their resume for a badly needed job.

Yet these same #2 people “I’m good because I did a simplistic action” will walk away smiling. I gave this person $2 for no reason, just to help them [buy wine] and that means I’m good.


You would have been much better off giving your $2 donation to the local soup kitchen, who turns that $2 into food (instead of wine or beer).

You walk away thinking you’ve done great, by giving a homeless person spare change.

Instead, you’ve enabled them to purchase alcohol or drugs, and without you, they may have been unable to afford those substances.

So if you’ve reached this point in this blog post, my question to you is:

Which of these are you?
PEOPLE OF TYPE #1: NICKNAMED “Saved by attendance”
PEOPLE OF TYPE #2: NICKNAMED “I’m good because I did this simplistic action
PEOPLE OF TYPE #3: I don’t fit into either of these. I’ll explain below in my comment

A huge percentage of the population, can usually fit into one of these 2 categories.

For me, I’m type #3 – which I haven’t discussed, but soon will.

Your comments are appreciated.

Economy, jobs, and unemployment for 2009

Well, irregardless of what you are watching on TV, there is no secret that everyone is feeling the effects of the economy, job losses, and unemployment this year, 2009.

It was just a few months ago, we were all celebrating New Years Eve — everyone was hoping this year would be better — well frankly it’s very clear — 2009 is about economic survival.

That’s right.

Holding onto your job (if you’re lucky enough to have one) — putting food on the table, having shelter, and keeping that used car running as long as you can, is about all you can hope for to have a successful year.

Everyone is cutting back.

They are ordering food less, and eating in restaurants less..

They are avoiding tourist attractions, and staying local, near home.

They are lowering their cell phone plans. They’re cutting back on Cable and Satellite TV packages.

We’re removing the “extras” in life that we’ve all taken granted.

A dollar saved here — a dollar saved there — and we feel better about our situations.

So what’s the answer? When will this economy improve?

As soon as we all stop saving our money, and we start spending it! Isn’t that ironic?  In order for the economy to improve, we must go back out there and live lavish carefree lives. Buy stocks, go on Vacation, order food in or visit a restaurant 3 or 4 times a week.  Once that happens, and everyone starts spending — guess what? JOBS GET CREATED — not lost!

So…. who wants to be first? Who wants to bankrupt their wallet and then wait and see if it works?

Well not me — and probably not you..

So guess what? The economy will get worse. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost or cut-back.  Unemployment will rise, maybe even double what it is now in the next year or two.

Then that spells the right conditions for an Economic Depression.

About 2 years ago, I remember going through a fastfood restaurant, ordering a Deluxe burger, fries, and a drink. It came out to $8.96 and I couldn’t believe that cost.  Probably 80% of that was profit.

Now the same restaurant, is touting their dollar menu. Their normal meal combo is only $3.99 – Probably 35% of that is still profit for them.

So what does that mean?  Large Corporations who have been making huge profits all along — now are making smaller profits — but they will ride out this Recession which may very well soon be a Depression.

But the little guys — the regular middle class of society, are going to go through life changing experiences. We have to sell that second car or truck. No more boats or ATV’s.  Our channel line up will dwindle. We’ll only use our cell phone minutes in emergencies.  No more travel to remote destinations. Save, save save. Pay bills, and get hounded by credit card companies.

The best thing you can do, is stop watching the news, and talk to your neighbors, friends, and family members. That is where the real story is…

TV media will go on and on all day long about how well things are, how things are short term, and how things will improve.  But that’s selling optimisim to the masses. Luckily we have the internet, YouTube, and blogs to really reinforce what we all see.

I don’t need a TV with scripted news anchors telling me something different than what is actually happening out there.

Be careful, and good luck.

Drivers License with RFID chip?

From what I’ve heard many Department of Motor Vehicles (MOT) or (DMV) are issuing new drivers licenses that contain an embedded RFID chip for enhanced security.

Actually they are referred to as being called the “new enhanced drivers licenses“.

What I do like about them, is that they will all be standardized now, so having a fake ID for young kids trying to obtain alcohol will be that much more difficult.

However, I don’t know much about RFID in identification. For instance, can retailers read this RFID chip so that I will no longer need to carry a loyalty card? I can just swipe my drivers license at the cashier to get my bonus points when I make a purchase?

RFID technology is quite exciting in many ways. I love the new benefits of it.

However, I am also worried about the unknowns out there – what happens if RFID technology is used the wrong way? For instance, say that I owe a large Corporation money on my department store credit card, which is linked to my drivers license RFID chip?

… and then I walk into any chain of that department store to make a cash purchase, and upon entering the the store, their internal security gets alerted and I’m told that I am not welcome to shop unless I pay my outstanding bill.

Or what about unfair discounts – where some lucky RFID people get discounts, and others do not, based on a single swipe of their new drivers license at the checkout? Could this lead to new types of fraud by internal staff and white collar crime?

Could we do away with Debit and Credit Cards if we have an RFID chip on our drivers license? Does this mean that the 32 plastic cards I keep in my wallet can be reduced down to one?

If yes, I see the benefit in that..

But what if these large retailers start creating treaty alliances with one another, and start sharing customer information? Or is that happening already?  I suppose it is on one level with credit bureau agencies – but what if new RFID agencies pop up, and sell consumer information in a similar way?

I guess we’ll all find out soon enough. RFID is no longer a choice when the Government demands you have an RFID chip to drive an automobile, cross a country border, etc.

By law, you must be “RFID” enabled — so hopefully we all have common sense and keep this a nice thing for the people, and nothing worse comes out of it.

The way our lives are now, we’re basically RFID in paper form, which is coverted to computers. Everytime you’ve filled out an application, given your name, your birthdate, or your mailing address — it’s on a computer somewhere, for some purpose.

The only difference now, is that when you walk into a store, or a government building, based on the RFID chip you are carrying, they will be instantly notified you are there.

From what I hear, these RFID chips can be detected from as far as 50 feet. Which means as soon as you park your car, the front entrance of the building could know you’re on your way in..

Pretty neat technology. So many uses.

Surely they must have government law and legistlation that regulates the use of RFID right? If so, I haven’t heard anything about it.  I know that disclosing my Social Security Number is optional to me in many circumstances. But what about unauthorized reading of my RFID chip without my consent?

I’m interested in hearing your comments. Anything related to the new enhanced drivers licenses, or new passports, or the RFID technology in general.

New Years Resolutions: Quitting Smoking – How hard is it?

Many of you will make a New Years resolution to QUIT SMOKING.

The benefits are obvious… health and cost…

So how hard is it to quit smoking? It all depends on what angle you are looking at..

Is it possible to do it without “quitting aids”.. like nicotine gum, patches, etc, etc..?


The best way to quit smoking is to have ONE SIMPLE CARDINAL RULE:

“Stop smoking 100%”

Sounds simplistic, but I really mean it..

1. No “can I have just a puff?”

2. No “I had a real bad argument, I just need one cigarette today.. only one”

3. No “Well if I cut back to only 1/2 a pack, its better than I was before”…

4. No “Ok, I’ll let myself have up to 4 cigarettes a day, after meals, that sort of thing, it’s better than where I was before”

5. No “I’ll only smoke when I drink. Or.. I’ll only smoke among friends”

6. No “I won’t buy my own, but if someone gives me one for free… well.. that’s a control in itself isn’t it?”

SEE.. the brain addicted to nicotine will play with your thoughts. I will rationalize a 100 ways from Friday why it is perfectly ok to have just that one puff, that one drag, that one cigarette.

Infact, your emotions will become so sensitive, and you’ll argue with people around you to the point your body cries out “just have a smoke. Look how bad things are right now. You have every right to have a cigarette at this particular point eventhough you quit”

Life is full of drama. But when you are detoxing from cigarettes and nicotene Your mind WILL play tricks on you. Your emotions WILL run wild…

Everytime I’ve managed to quit smoking, it has always been “cold turkey”, which simply means, no aids of any sort. I simply stopped putting a cigarette to my lips and inhaling.

People who don’t smoke, don’t understand. There are 3 types of people in this world:

1. Non-smokers. They have never smoked, have no desire to smoke, and secretly are disgusted and despise people who smoke. They don’t understand them, think it is a filthy habit, and “how could you”

2. Ex-smokers. These are a very specialized group of people that totally demand the upmost respect. They were non-smokers at one point. They also became totally addicted smokers. They understand both sides of the social coin that dictates that smoking is no longer socially or ethically acceptable.  Do they crave cigarettes to this day? YES THEY DO.. ALL OF THEM. There are records of people who have smoked for 10 years straight, then abstained and quit for 20 years, and then one day, out of the blue, something major in their lives has put them back to smoking again.

Ex-smokers, deserve respect.  They are fighting a day-to-day battle. Albeit, some of them are hurting more than others.. But any ex-smoker could be a smoker again tomorrow, given the right chance, opportunity, situation, and want.

Ex-smokers have it the worst of all 3 types.

Now the next type….

3. SMOKERS. These are people who are still smoking everyday. There are varying degrees of smokers. Some are up to a pack a day… some are only smoking on the weekends, or while drinking. Nonetheless, these are people who need to smoke cigarettes as part of their normal lives. The nicotine levels in their bodies dictate how often they smoke, and how much they crave to smoke.

Some of these people have quit before.. the majority have not – they have smoked all their lives, and it is the one daily routine that they have that they depend on..

Smokers who have tried to quit, and failed numerous times, have it the worst. They have not proven to themselves that they have the willpower to stop the addiction. They may admit to you, “yes, I want to, need to, and will do whatever it takes to… QUIT SMOKING”.

But some of these smokers just can’t. They’ve tried cold turkey, they’ve tried nicotine gum, they’ve tried the nicotine patch, and they’ve tried all kinds of aids.. nothing works.


Unless you’ve been a smoker, successfully quit, and remain a non-smoker to this day, please don’t volunteer or suggest anything to these groups of people.

Tobacco, nicotine, tar, and 3,000 other chemicals (including formaldehyde) are prevalent in cigarettes today. It is a very ugly and terrible addiction, but the surprising part is that it is taxed and made legal by our government to this very day.

To understand who is writing this blog post. I will let you know that I had successfully quit smoking for 8 years. That’s a very long time. At some point I went on vacation where everyone smoked around me. After 8 years of abstaining I figured I had the strength and drive to be able to smoke with them, and stop when I returned home.

Guess what?
Nicotine back into my blood stream… the addiction came back just like I was a smoker yesterday.

After returning home from my “vacation” where I thought I could smoke and flirt with cigarette death and stop at my own will power.. I proceeded to keep my “high” going for another few months, to another couple years, buying cartons of cigarettes upon cartons of cigarettes.. until one day I realized “I thought I could stop it anytime, but everyday I wake up, I find myself saying “not yet”.. maybe tomorrow”.

Cigarettes, tobacco, and nictotine, are sister families to cocaine, heroine, and alcohol.

Don’t be fooled…

Cigarettes are legal

Cigarettes are $10 a pack or less, affordable in most families

Cigarettes will eventually kill or maim you

Cigarettes are a drug

Cigarettes are extremely difficult to quit

Cigarettes haunt ex-smokers everyday, and should eventually be contra-band.

The addictive nature of cigarettes is enough for people to realise that they do not smoke “because they want to”.. but instead, their bodies indirectly crave and tell them “you need another smoke”.

So what is left to be said?

It’s New Years Eve, and you want to make a New Years Resolution infront of family & friends. “I’m going to quit smoking” you say.

Well compare it to some other socially acceptable things, and see how hard, and stupid your statement sounds…

“As my New Years Resolution, I will only watch TV programs for 12 minutes and then change the channel”


“As my New Years Resolution, I will only take 2 bites into any hamburger I encounter, and throw the rest in the garbage”


“As my New Years Resolution, I will only sleep 3 hours every night, and eventhough I am still tired and sleepy, I will wake up and stay awake for the remaining 21 hours everyday”


“As my New Years Resoluttion, I will no longer smoke cigarettes. The pleasure, relaxation and history I have smoking cigarettes as party of my daily life will now stop, like a train hitting the side of a mountain. My whole daily life will change, on a dime without any friction or problem.”


Please understand what smokers who try to quit, go through. Their salvation and pain is only a toke or puff a smoke away. When your body cries out for a dose of nicotine, and it plays with your mind why “it should be ok, just this once” realize those that quit smoking cigarettes as a result of a  New Years Resolution are heroes to themselves.

Is quittting smoking important? SURE

Can everyone do it? DEFINATELY NOT

What is the problem? Unless you’ve been a regular smoker and quit for many years, there is no point in talking to you?

Are you saying that nicotine addiction is like cocaine addiction?


Any addiction is exactly that — an addiction.

Stopping a cocaine, crack, or heroine addict is the EXACT SAME THING as stopping a nicotine addict. But it is never presented to people that way…  Illegal drugs seem so wrong, and the addictions that go with them make people seem like outcasts of society. But since tobacco and nicotine are legal, it is perfectly ok, for a daily smoker to have trouble quitting — thats’ our norm.

The crap they put in cigarettes — the prices they charge — the socially unacceptable situations — smokers that need to quit, want to quit, and want to do it cold turkey…

Find someone that is quitting cold turkey, pat them on the back, smile at them, and say…

“I really DO understand what you are going through”

That’s plenty it itself.

A New Years Resolution to quit smoking sounds noble and special.

But people who actually follow through, quit cold turkey, never smoke a cigarette ever again, and fight the daily thought of “maybe if I could just have one, I wouldn’t want another”

……….all of us would have a better understanding of one another……..

Smoking is more than an addiction. Smoking is more than a legal privilege. Smoking is more than an anti-social activity, and smoking is more than a health risk.

Smoking is an epidemic, and the victims of it should NEVER be shamed. The tobacco companies who profited from it, and had early research on it, should be shamed.

If you walk down a local street tomorrow — see someone puffing on a cigarette. PLEASE DO NOT hold contempt for that person, but the exact opposite. Have a feeling that you want to help. You are sorry that they are addicted, and you know how hard it is to break the habit of quitting smoking.

To be honest, New Years Resolutions sound prim and proper, but deep down inside.. all they are, are common day issues that people find a time and date to deal with them.

If anyone who has read this blog, from top to bottom, who is addicted to nicotine, who feels that they have someone out there understanding them.. who can quit cold-turkey without aids..

Can register, respond, and leave a comment..

I am totally interested in hearing from you. Typing all of this, feeling all of this, and saying it all, will not seem like a waste of time if I can reach that one person out there.

Are you that person?

Food prepared with love… What is that anyway?

Have you ever had a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend make you something to eat?

Do you find it tastes better? It could be anything, a peanut butter sandwich, a grilled cheese, or a steak. Food prepared with “love” in mind, seems to taste better. Why is that?

Simply put, when someone that cares about you cooks, and prepares a meal for you.. there is more care taken to the dish. You won’t get burnt toast. You won’t get burnt food. You’ll get carefully seasoned and prepared food, because the person cares…

When you cook with love, you are actually going that extra mile to prepare it right.

Now, we’ve all eaten in grease pits before. Where they slop the sandwich or burger together, with “time” (instead of love) being their momentum.

Rushed food never tastes the same as food make with love.

(Similarily, frozen food NEVER tastes the same as fresh neither).

So at this point, you might be asking, or wondering.. What is my point? Why are we talking about food prepared with love… ?

Quite simply: someone has to talk about it. It happens everyday, and no one seems to recognize it as being something special.

A grilled cheese is two pieces of bread, butter/margarine and cheddar cheese fried in a pan…

BUT NOT when it is made with love…

Then it is, two pieces of carefully selected bread. butter/margarine spread thinly, and to the corners… Cheddar cheese that is freshly sliced, or even if it is processed, it is placed on the bread in such a fashion that it completely covers the bread slice. The sandwich while it cooks is watched like a hawk. If the pan gets too hot, it is flipped over. When you make grilled cheese with love, there is NEVER any burning. When it is ready, you cut it carefully and perfectly, and you serve it right away.

…and then there is the psychological effect by the “eater”…

When someone you love walks toward you, with something they cooked or created for you… Smiles and says here you go “hunnie”….

It’s that magical angel dust in the air, that turns a sandwich into something spectacular. Someone spent the time and effort into cooking for you… with love… How could you not appreciate it?

Now some of you may think I’ve beaten this topic to death.. and to those of you that say that, I have one thing to say…

“Food prepared with love” isn’t something I came up with.. we’ve all heard it before. Perhaps I’m the first one to analyze and talk about it openly and publically?

Nagravision 3 and FTA (Free to Air) fix available?

Nagravision 3 (Nagra3) has recently hit BEV and Dishnet. This is causing a stir in the satellite FTA arena. Apparently currently FTA receivers cannot decode this latest encryption algorithm.

Now, I myself, pay for my BEV subscription every month, so I am not affected.

However, those satellite FTA people who have been using Viewsat and Coolsat receivers that previously decoded Nagra 2 (Nagravision 2) since 2005, now are running around wondering what they are going to do..

The truth is, that these temporary viewsat and coolsat binary firmware fixes (bin file), are exactly that — temporary. How could you feel confident watching TV for a couple days, and then having to download a new fix for your receiver?

I don’t understand why people would invest so much time and effort into trying to get a fix. Isn’t your time worth something?

Now they claim that people are already out there trying to get a hack for nagra 3. Everyday they are checking all the fta forums, hoping and waiting.

Now I do agree the cost of having a satellite subscription is probably 2X as expensive as it should be. Mostly because I read somewhere that over 2 million people illegally decode satellite signals (atleast under the old nagravision encryption scheme) at any given time.

Well perhaps if satellite providers were to charge 50% of what the current retail rate is now, for TV subscription, and they would give everyone 100% of the full channel offering, that includes pay-per-view and the porn channels… Guess what? I hardly doubt 2 million people would bother to try and obtain satellite TV illegally.

That would be more money in their pocket. Less worry about devising new encryption schemes. Less time policing people, taking them to court, etc.

It’s similar to the argument “legalize marijuiana” — if it was legal, there would be less crime, and you could tax it.

Well if indeed over 2 million people are waiting for a nagra 3 fix for their FTA satellite receiver bin files, why not take this time to talk to these people and win them over somehow?

Sounds like a lot of business ready and ripe for the BEV and DN (dishnet) marketing team to sell them on the idea while their receivers are down.