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Highbeams and the idiots who use them.

“IF” you are on a dark country road, in the middle of no where, go ahead and use your highbeams with caution.

If you are on a highway where a car passes you every 30 seconds, TURN the friggen high beams off and leave them off! There is nothing worse than being on a dark windy mountain highway, while its raining, and  you have idiots with their highbeams stuck on who refuse to turn them off.

Maybe it makes them see where they are going, but while I’m on that 2 lane highway and totally blinded it is taking everything in my power to avoid hitting them head on.  This happens quite frequently, and I could never understand why people insist on leaving their highbeams on..

It isn’t being forgetful either. When your highbeams are on, you definately know it. Seeing a million feet infront of your car instead of the regular 150 feet is easy to spot.

I think its all chocked up to the a*hole effect. They don’t care, as long as they can see, who cares how rude it is…

Well one day they are going to blind the wrong oncoming driver, and they’ll get what they have created.

Blog Writers Block and how to circumvent it.

Ok, I’ve got a solution to “writers block” for bloggers. There is nothing worse than sitting down ready to write your blog when you have some time only to sit and stare at the screen wondering what to write.

Now all day long (ok, slight exaggeration, let’s try this again)..

Once or twice a day during my regular routine, and thought will pop in my head, and I’ll say to myself “that will make a great blog topic, I have to remember that”. So the first thing I do is promise to remember, and the second thing I do is forget about 20 minutes later.

I’ve made quite a good routine out of this.. Unfortunately its causing me to have reoccurring epsidoes of writers block everyday.

Not anymore. This time, I will definately write a word or two down when I get these ideas, so that I have something to remember my thoughts by.  If you are a blogger, I recommend you follow this strict regimine yourself (if you need help circumventing writers block).

It seems like a simple concept, but often we always tell ourselves “oh, this idea I won’t forget. No, I like it too much, its too important. It’s very vivid in my mind”. Then.. 20 minutes later, you forget.

Now the last thing that is very important that I wanted to share with you is…

Ooops, I forgot.

Free Poker Online: Is it a joke?

Ok, I’m still new to Texas Hold’em Poker, only been playing it for the last 6 months or so.. But is it just me, or do those free chip tables just go nuts? There is nothing to be learnt when playing against players who haven’t bought in, and are simply playing on their 1,000 free chips handed to them.

Eventhough someone would say “well, there is nothing to lose, it’s all free”. I disagree with that point. Time is wasted. Why sit there and play round after round of poker with people who are not evaluating their hands properly, they are all hoping for that magical “river” card to win the pot, and everyone is betting in a non-logical manner.

I don’t even think playing this way is fun anymore. Bad beat after bad beat is evident. So who are these people? Why play the free poker players when you can’t learn anything, you can’t test your skills, you can’t win anything? It’s just a big joke.

I think they should do away with free poker tables online altogether.

Food Delivery and Tips

Ok, I can’t take it anymore.

When you order food delivery to your home, it’s traditional to tip the driver. Now things that usually spawn a better tip are things like.. How friendly the person was, how quick the food got there, what mood your in, etc.

Tonight we ordered something in, and the young adult (kid) that showed up seemed nice. I was ready to sign the receipt (it was on credit card of course) and he goes “uhhh, do you have a pen?”.

Now, how am I suppose to tip in a situation like this? If you went into a restaurant, the waitress shows up to take the order, pulls out a pad of paper, and says “oh, does anyone have a pen?” — How would you tip in a case like that? Isn’t it the same basic thing here?

You’re delivering food, you know it’s paid by credit card, and you show up at the door asking if the customer has a pen.

So we dart around looking for one.. This isn’t the first time it has happened either, it’s like the 3rd time. Is this something that happens on a regular basis or what?

I’m not trying to sound critical here, I think I’m being quite reasonable.

So… he got a $2.90 tip (to round it to the nearest dollar) meanwhile I would have happily gave him $5 if he has his own pen. 🙂


Here’s another one for you. We use to have a pizza delivery driver that had his speakers just cranked everytime he delivered to our house. We would know when the food has arrived based on our front windows vibrating when car lights illuminated our front windows. We were in a mature neighborhood with a lot of seniors. I was instantly embarrassed everytime this guy showed up.

So I told him that the volume of his stereo directly influenced his tip. I said, today I’m tipping you a $1, but the next time you come, if your stereo is turned down before you pull up near the house, you’ll see that change. I went on to explain about the seniors in our area, and he kind of grinned and left.

Guess what? Every delivery after that, I was tipping him $5 or $10 depending on the order total, and I never heard his car speakers again. Talk about a way of voting with your dollars. 🙂

All in all, everyone won. I was no longer embarrassed to order delivery, he was happy because of the increased gratuity, and my neighbors were happy too..

Human kindness, where has it gone?

Things like honor, kindness, being cordial, polite, giving…

All great words, but they seem like these actions seem like they have disappeared in society today.  These days it seems it is all about “whats in it for me?” or “why would I waste my time?”

Has anyone noticed that true acts of selfless kindness are irregular and very rare these days? Why does it have to be this way?  Things like carrying groceries to a Senior Citizen’s car, and when she hands you a dollar or two, and you say “no thank you, I was happy to do it” seems like something out of a novel or a short story.

I think we are all living in the greedy age, where we only care about ourselves and our immediate families. It really doesn’t have to be this way, but it is… 🙁

Come on, you see it all the time, everywhere you go. It’s every man/woman for themselves.  Cracking a smile, or saying something pleasant to someone is a big deal, but it really shouldn’t be..  When is the last time you mowed your neighbors lawn? When was the last time you volunteered at a food bank?

When did you last give blood, or donate to a charity? How about volunteer your time for a non-profit?

Some of you have, but the majority of you don’t, and won’t.

All this does is stunt the abilities of the human race. Don’t wait for the next guy to do it first, because, quite simply, YOU are the next guy! (or gal, as the case may be).

So if it has been awhile since you can remember the last time you did something out of the ordinary for a stranger, with nothing in it for you… Then that means its time again to do that little extra something and exclude yourself from the majority who are self-serving.

I’d like to hear your comments..

Credit and why it’s bad for most.

Sounds like a simple no argument statement. Of course the concept of credit is bad for most people. So why then, do the majority of us who are able to have credit? Use credit?

Basically we’re gambling on our future. When we buy something for $700, we’re saying we’ll have it paid off within the next year or so. The credit card company is saying, we’ll bet you 18.99% of your purchase, that you won’t.  They bet this amount month after month, while you continue to pay interest charges.

For them, it’s a win-win situation.  For us, it’s like taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit and hoping for the best.

I think it would be a nice wakeup call if credit card companies had to write out detailed statements when they charged interest. I am speaking rhetorically here. For instance:

$73.50 is the interest charge on your credit card bill. It shows:

$10.32 interest charge on shirt bought 2 years ago
— $54 shirt + $36.32 interest to date = $90.32 total cost

$  6.25 interest charge on meal at steakhouse 1 year, 3 months ago
— $42 dinner + 23.52 interest to date = $65.52 total cost

$  1.25 interest charge on $12 parking fee paid 1  year ago
— $12 parking + 7.25 interest to date = $19.25 total cost

Etc, etc…

Let’s not hide the nastiness of credit cards. Let’s see them exactly what they are for..  Now some of you will have your noses in the air, saying either “I don’t use credit cards” or “I never carry a balance” or “I’m a debit card person only”

..thats fine. But there are many more us who do carry balances, and do have more than one, so this rant is to all of you who share the same frustration that I do.

World of Warcraft Cost

I find the cost of playing World of Warcraft expensive. This is why I’ve recently begain looking for some free servers to play on.  In our house we had 3 accounts going (one for each person), and that’s $45 a month, a little excessive!

I think World of Warcraft should not cost more than $5/month to play. That would still bring them plenty of revenue, maybe even more than they are currently making now!

Of course we can vote with our dollars, so I have decided to cancel my accounts and just go with the free WoW servers out there.

Do you play on a free World of Warcraft server? If so, which one?

Pizza Delivery and lousy quality food.

Pizza is very simple to make. Roll out the dough, add sauce & cheese with ingredients, bake until ready and serve.

So why is it so darn hard to find a decent pizza place that delivers? We all have had the same problems at one time or another. It’s either overcooked, or not enough ingredients, or a cheese “blend” instead of real mozzarella. The sauce is either too tangy, too watery, too spicy. There is either too much sauce, or not enough.

Then we get into crusts. The crust is undercooked, or its too hard and crunchy. It’s too soft and flimsy. It’s too thick. It’s too thin.

So what do we do? We try so many different pizza places and you could go years before finding one that does it right. Even when you do, you might get a nice pizza tonight, but the next time you order, they do something wrong and muck it up again.

Or have you ordered pizza from a delivery place, and try their lasagna too? Why does it sometimes look like they’ve taken a bunch of Chef Boyardee lasagna from a can, mixed it with BBQ sauce, added some cheese, and baked it in a tin foil tray?

I swear, if some of this food was served in Italy, the restaurant cooks would be shot.

Now I have had good pizza in my life, but none of it is near where I live. How about you?

Pay at the gas pump and car washes

 I am starting to get sick and tired of being asked if I want a carwash while I’m paying for gas at the pump.

 Today it was basically a snowstorm, and the pump asks me “Would you like a car wash?”. Do you have any idea how ill timed that question is? How about when it’s just pooring rain like crazy and you get asked if you want a car wash?

Let’s just add a “carwash” button, and leave it at that. Don’t ask me everytime I fill up. Or at the very minimum, have them be able to turn this feature on/off from inside the store. If the clerk sees its a nice day outside, sure, activate the “want a carwash” question.

No instead, the pump, in the middle of the snowstorm is going to ask probably about 200 or 300 people at that location whether or not they want a carwash in a snowstorm.

There’s probably 100 other gas stations in this area asking the same thing. That’s 30,000 people that are going to have to be asked if they want a carwash during a snowstorm.

It’s an annoyance. Don’t think I’m pointing out petty stuff. Petty to 1 person, sure. But it’s certainly not petty when 30,000 people all have to be asked a stupid question.

Why not take it further and have the gas pump ask us “Are you having a nice day? Yes/No”

Just give me my gas, and lets stop with stupid questions at inopportune times.

TV Commericals and paying for TV

Can anyone tell me why we’re paying almost $100 a month in Canada for the ultimate satellite package?  We shouldn’t be paying more than $30 a month for full service. The only reason why things cost this much is because there is a monopoly on the market.

To top it all off, the TV stations plant their logo in the bottom right corner, taking up a nice portion of the screen. We’re so use to seeing it these days that often we’ll ignore it. But if that’s the case, why put it there in the first place? Does it even have to stay there that long? Why not put it on 20 seconds before commercial break and leave it off otherwise?

What’s worse is that the amount of commericals have greatly increased from what I remember. A normal commercial break was only 3 or 4 commericals back in the 80’s and now there is as many as 6 or 7 of them.

I record shows on my PVR and burn them to DVD afterwards if they are good shows. I take the time to edit out and delete the commercials. When I do this, it shows me a graphical representation of the commercials on the time line.

A 30 minute TV show, often has almost 9 minutes of TV commercials. That’s basically 1/3 of the TV show is just commercials. Not only that, but I’m paying $100/month just to have the privilege of watching those commercials.

I think the cost of TV has gotten way out of hand. The amount of TV commercials is excessive.  I’ve been waiting forever for internet TV, where amateurs and novices have their own TV channel to become common place. Its time to hook our computers up to the TV and watch some real solid shows, made both by professionals and amateurs alike.

This website is a good read. It says that the average person watches more than 30 hours a week of Television. It really adds up. I read somewhere else that the average man will spend about 9 years of his life infront of the TV.

Maybe we should check ourselves into a TV rehab facility and finally stop watching TV forever.