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People: We suck don’t we? READ WHY

Here’s the thing.

You reading this.. have your family. You have your friends. You speak english, so do I.

We’ve all sat in restaurants or cafe’s and overheard a conversation one table over…  We hear their issues and can identify with them. We look at them as people, same as us.

We almost want to go over and say “Hey, how are you?”, but society dictates we can’t. We’re not suppose to ever know people we’re not introduced to…

It’s OK to listen, it’s just not OK to introduce ourselves.

This is where society is totally f*cked up. Why can’t we say hello to people near us? That’s the way the 50’s were (and I was born in the 1970’s).. but from what I understand, this is the way the 50’s were:

1. Anyone could say hello to each other on the street, and it was politeness, not a come-on.

2. Any adult could disipline any child that was misbehaving in public, or throw a punch to any adult that was completely out of line. If a cop pulled up, they’d ask what was going on, and the story would dictate whether or not the adult was out of line.

Here were are in the 2000’s, soon to be the 2100’s…

You can’t pay a female compliment without it being border line harassment. You can’t spank your kids without them taken away for child abuse. A lot of how we came to be, is completely gone by legistlation, laws, policy, and the way society dictates.

There was a time when people policed themselves, and only needed police when logic and simple right-and-wrong was not able to dictate how we behave.

Now… Something is lost.

We can no longer say hello to someone on the street, a complete stranger, without them wondering “why is this person even talking to me?”

Somehow, we think we are so much better than those people in the 50’s. We are so much more graduated in society.. a higher level of thinking. A better society.

So then..

Why is it so weird to say a simple hello to a stranger?

Why is it so weird to say “how are you” or “how’s the weather” ?

We’re so in the fight as a society to become better and more mature, but someone has to realize, we’ve lost plenty in the process…

So the next time I’m in a restaurant or cafe, and I overhear a conversation with people I can identify with, and want to introduce myself and feel welcome in their conversation…

Instead, I’ll sit away, realize my “place”, and realize, its the 2000’s, and its against society policy to ever talk to strangers. We can all co-exist, but NEVER EVER should we bridge the gap that we’ve created amongst ourselves over the last 40 years

Because.. that’s how life us is. Same language, same situations, same people, friends on the horizion. But NO… don’t do that. Don’t ever talk to someone you haven’t been formally introduced to, because, that makes you a freak, and no one likes a freak.

Without blogs, we couldn’t talk about this either. But you’ve all been in those positions at some point to… Thank god for the internet. Atleast we can talk openly without someone slapping us and saying “why did you say that?”

Restaurant Business: Is it about hair, or stale buns?

We all enjoy going out to eat. But the guys in the kitchen work hard, and at some point they have the chance to realize whether or not they are going to serve a stale bun, or a hair (cuz they’re not looking).

What goes on in a restaurant kitchen, is somewhat sacred. The point is, none of these people are suppose to serve food that they wouldn’t eat themselves.

But in a busy environment, in a busy commercial kitchen, some things happen that shouldn’t.

So the question is… Do we all stop eating out? Or do we realize, this stuff goes on, and we’re suppose to accept it?

If you want it made exactly right, I firmly believe you should cook / make it yourself. 🙂

Fuel Prices: Should be regulated

When fuel prices go up, so does everything else.  Anything that can trigger widespread problems, like natural gas or hydro, is often regulated by the government, even if it is delivered by a privatized corporation.

So why is gasoline any different?

I understand that with global warming concerns and the environment, having high gas prices does keep us driving less. But it’s also driving up the cost of groceries and other basic necessities. We all need to eat. We all need to therefore make a living to support basic survival.

Fuel Prices need to be regulated. Find another way to charge people who drive too much. But leave our grocery prices alone.  There is fuel surtax on wholesale food. Which in turn, drives up the cost of retail food.

It’s important that our Government gets more involved, and starts regulating Fuel Prices, even if it means, only for the trucking industry.