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Aspartame vs Stevia – Why is there a choice?

For those of us on a low-calorie diet, we’ve been introduced to aspartame — a chemical produced by man that tastes sweet, has zero calories, and is a substitute for sugar.

Then there is the stevia plant. A natural herb, quite similar to sugar cane, again, with very little calories, totally natural, but it’s not readily available.

So which do you prefer?

An engineered, scientifically produced chemical named aspartame as a sweetener that is widely accepted?


A natural herb, that hasn’t received the merit from the government yet, but beats everything hands down, as a low calorie sugar substitute?

The choice seems pretty obvious to me.

The question is… “why is there a choice?”

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your wife.

The Valentine’s Day “flowers” thing is getting old.

The dinner out, and chocolates, shows that you’re not creative, and very predictable.  It’s like getting a new “tie” for fathers day — been there, done that, no more.

So this Valentine’s Day, if diamonds are too pricey, there is plenty that can be done for $200 or less. Here is some gift ideas for hubby’s trying to do something a little different for their wife.

Night in a hotel

This is an outing, but if you get a nice hotel room that has a nice skyline view of the city, it can be a nice change of pace. Waking up with breakfast served to both of you in the morning, is nice.

Day at the spa

Every woman likes to get pampered at the spa. Nails done, facial makeover, massage, sauna — it costs $100 to $200, and they normally don’t like to ask for money for this purpose.  So take the initiative and get her a gift certificate at a local full-service spa.

Order some cutsy “lover” gift online

Have it sent to the office. It comes in a brown box, no one will know what it is… this way you can get the Valentine’s Day gift and advance and surprise her with it.  It can be sexual, or just playfully romantic, like a stuffed bear that says I love you, or separating heart keychain where each of you get a 1/2 of the heart. There are many things to choose from.

This should get you thinking along the right lines.  Just run the following “gift” test:

a) Is it something out of the ordinary?

b) Does it focus on “her”

c) Is it creative?

d) Is it something you both can enjoy or gain benefit from in some way?
(the spa idea, helps her to feel pretty, and be at her best for you, so that idea counts)

If it meets these basic requirements, it’s probably going to be an appreciated Valentine’s Day gift.