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Food – Restaurants – and abuse

I’ve always wanted to talk about this, and I don’t know if anyone is listening, but my words are in cyberspace now, so hopefully some is seeing it.

Anyone ever had a fantastic meal? The taste and flavor was awesome, your body felt warm and fuzzy by it, and you totally enjoyed every morsel and every bite?

In addition, anyone ever had a nasty meal? Just the sight of it was unappealing. Someone served you something and you look down on the plate and think “are they kidding?”. You ate it, and the flavors and spices were all over the map. You did eat and filled your hunger, but immediately worry about the next 12 hours how your body is going to react while you digest it?

Most people, at some point in their life, at one time or another, have had those two moments. An amazing meal, or a meal that was basically nothing more than an insult and later, a health concern. 🙂

Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this, now that we’re on the same page. It is a very distinct point. The title of this blog is “Food – Restaurants – and abuse” and for good reason.

In point form – not for a particular recipe, but for how food is abused in general:

1. Tomato – It’s not the tomato’s fault it was sliced, left in the refrigerator for 3 days uncovered and then served. Meanwhile upon close examination, it was growing white spiney things throughout, has a pungent taste and obviously left to expire from its freshness

2. Chicken – it clucked around, and gave its life to please people. What do people do? They freeze it until its freezer burnt. Or even worse — they cook it until every ounce of moisture is cooked out of the darn thing. Even with a blind fold, you’d have a hard time telling the difference between sawdust and chicken.

3. Tomato Sauce (spaghetti sauce) – on Pizza, on Pasta, etc. Personally, I don’t think anyone even understands tomato sauce anymore. Twenty years ago people use to joke about canned or bottled sauce, RAGU was the comparison for that.. Now, you have every restaurant within 20km having “Chefs” abuse this basic item on the menu. Let’s examine the importance of this — if you RUIN the tomato sauce — the pizza sucks. If you RUIN the tomato sauce — the pasta dish sucks. If you RUIN the tomato sauce — the lasagna sucks.

So how do they do they ruin tomato sauce? Oh that’s easily figured out. TOO THICK, TOO RUNNY, or its unnoticeable things like WRONG SPICES, or even worse, TOO MANY PRESERVATIVES. That’s right. We’re all use to getting Ketchup out of a bottle, because — who wants to make Ketchup? But tomato sauce, just because tomatoes is the main ingredient, doesn’t deserve the same treatment!

If I could teleport myself around the world. I undoubtedly could find 29,000 variations where tomato sauce / pasta sauce was just “nasty”. Didn’t deserved to be just bottled, but sunk to the bottom of the ocean like toxic waste. During that same trip I could probably find a hefty 30 awesome tomato sauces in use today, that deserved attention.


Rather than rambling, here is the point:

IT IS RARELY the raw ingredient’s fault something comes out bad.

 99% of the time, the chef just ruined the food!


When you are served something in a restaurant, and it tastes putrid — don’t blame the ingredients – always blame the chef. People sometimes want (or need) to believe that “well the Pizza” in this region of the world just isn’t great because it is “that region” of the world.

Nonsense! With globalization the way it is today, you can get Bananas in Iceland as easy as you can in Australia. Albeit, at a different cost, but the movement of raw ingredients globally is attainable.

So the next time you get a nasty meal on a plate in front of you — realize, it isn’t the ingredients fault – it is the people who prepared it. That’s what food – restaurants – and abuse is all about. It’s about abusing fresh raw ingredients (which goes on everyday).

As the public we need to realize “that’s not a bad restaurant” — instead — “that’s an establishment that abuses raw ingredients and turns out crap on a plate”

It’s all about abusing raw ingredients that took the time to be born, grow, and be harvested, whether it be fruit, vegetables, or meat.

In human terms, we have “child protective services”

In animal terms, we have “animal rights activists”

Who is out there for fresh raw food ingredients who get abused and turned into slush in the frying pan and served on a plate? No one! 🙂

It sounds like I’m overworking this issue – and I also am self aware that I am – but the point is there.

Next time you are served a bad dish in a restaurant — who do you blame? the restaurant? NO. The ingredients? NO. The person that abused the raw ingredients was given to them? A BIG YES.