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Bloggers want comments. Readers just want to consume.

This is a rant. Bloggers, people who take the time to sit and type from their heart to the internet feel that it is worthwhile as long as someone is listening out there. All it takes is a few comments from their readers like “I agree” for it to be worthwhile. Yet comments are like pulling teeth.

I, myself am guilty of the same thing. I love blogs. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them. When I come across a decent blog post, I’m ecstatic that someone took the time to write it.  Rarely do I comment though, and I should. Here I am writing blog posts and getting very little, to no feedback.

Bloggers need to understand, that in order to get more comments, you simply need to giveaway a free iPad or iPhone, or something like that… (that’s half joking and half serious).

…but we are all dumbfounded on what to say. It’s easier to read a post, gain the benefit of it, and click off and leave.   That may be easier for the reader, but it’s really tough on the blogger who spends the time to write the blog post.  I fully expect this particular post will yield hardly any comments, and if it does, it means I’m right! 🙂

If you, yourself, is stumped, and won’t leave a comment below, is that what you look like? (See the cartoon pic above).  Are you puzzled and too busy to write a sentence saying things like “I liked what you wrote…. or I understand, and agree… etc, etc”

The internet is such an evolving place, yet we’re all abusing it.  It’s suppose to be about being open and sharing with one another.   If someone shares ideas with you, share a comment back.  To prove my point, I think I’m going to make a special concerted effort to do exactly that…

See if you’d like to join me in this endeavor.

Anytime you read something of value, leave a comment. Even a simple one that says nothing more than “I enjoy what you’ve written, and thanks”.  Not only is it polite, but it also encourages the person to continue doing it.

If you are a blogger yourself, leave a comment below, and I’ll visit your blog AND leave a comment. I promise.  I’m self admitting that you can hold me to it. 🙂

…for the rest of the silent readers out there. I’ll continue to post without comments, but it really is becoming amusing to me (in a sick sense) on how many people will yield the benefits of some of the content I write, and just enjoy and leave without saying a word.

If it sounds like I’m calling people out, I don’t mean to be quite so direct. But let’s put it this way…  Your thoughts and feelings toward any topic have just as much importance to something you’ve read on a blog as the blogger as well. Use this opportunity to create a dialog.  When that happens, and people speak out, usually the blog comments have more power than the initial post itself.  I love seeing that..

Unfortunately I won’t be giving away a free iPhone or free iPad today. But will this post yield even one comment from _someone_ out there?  Let’s see.

Freegans & Wasted Edible Food: Witness this!

Today I was at the green composting center where you can drop off your yard waste, tree trimmings, and other compost material.  When I arrived, I was stunned to see the following massive waste of food:


It must have been about 900 lbs of apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, bananas, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, even bread! Worse yet, the food wasn’t rotten. It was simply bruised in some way or another.  This food could have been cleaned, and the bad parts sliced off.  Completely edible. At the very minimum, it could be made into soups, stews, even fed to chickens or pigs.  This is good food that is left now to rot and be composted.

They had bunches of bananas with small black spots on them. Perfect for making a lovely banana bread.

The food had SKU sticker codes on them, which meant this all came from a grocery store or commercial fruit stand.

When a grocery store wastes this much raw product, it simply means they have to compensate for the loss, by raising their regular food prices.  Could this be a clear example as to why food costs are as high as they are these days?  If the grocery store is throwing out 900 lbs of food, where do they recover that loss? On your next grocery bill!

This amounts to simple mismanagement at the grocery store. Not having enough SALE items, and overcharging for their food in the first place. Under no circumstance should 900 lbs of salvageable edible food be thrown out this way. At the very minimum, contact some soup kitchens, or some farmers with livestock who could use this stuff. Why let it rot and decompose?

If a truck dumped this off in a starving nation like Ethiopia or Uganda, this 900 lb waste would be 95% used.

What a wasteful society. I’ve heard about this, but never seen it before myself.

Now I have – and it’s a real shock.

Having a sense of humor is great. Overdoing it is idiotic!

Cracking some funny jokes is great. People love someone with a funny spirit who wants to make us laugh. Here’s a big problem though, and it is important that someone point it out.  I just witnessed a perfect example of someone who could be funny, but ruins the moment.

The other day I was waiting in line to get my passport photo taken. The girl behind the counter was running around rampant trying to serve the line up of customers.  The guy ahead of me sat in the chair and decided to crack jokes one-after-the-other hoping he’d be funny and amuse everyone.

To be truly funny, means you carefully pick and choose a pun, a joke, a situation, to make a comment.

To arbitrarily crack 50 jokes in a 15 minute period, hoping 2 or 3 are actually funny just makes people roll their eyes…

..and I rolled my eyes…

Let’s give you a rundown of what this guy did, and let me ask your opinion if you thought he was funny.

Actually I won’t.

I began to write a lengthy play by play about it, and I decided to stop and save you the trouble. We’ve all been there. Someone who cracks non-stop jokes hoping that some of them will be funny. That’s not a funny person because people see through it.

I find this type of raw sense of humor is often echoed by the new breed of teenagers and young adults these days.  In a group setting, they all try and crack as many jokes as possible hoping some of them will be funny.

That’s not good comedy.  Cracking as many jokes as you can in hopes that a few of them will be a hit, just makes you look stupid.






A good comedian will carefully pick and choose special moments to crack a good joke, or poke fun at a situation.  It gets greater laughs if you are SELECTIVE about when you come out with something funny.  Be patient, and wait for that truly funny opportunity to present itself.

…but just running your mouth off, non-stop, hoping some of the things you say in jest are funny, is just purely idiotic.  When you eventually do come out with a knee slapper… it will be too late. By then people have begun to ignore you and shrug you off.

This is a strange topic for me to cover, considering this blog is titled “Life is funny”. But sometimes, idiots ruin the best funny moments by overdoing it.

Don’t be idiotic with your humor. Save it for those special moments when a crowd will erupt with laughter because you came out with the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME.

I found this article difficult to explain, because humor is subjective usually.  I’m going to depend on the comments below to see what other people can contribute.

No comments? That’s fine. Everyone is too busy these days it seems.

Hopefully you got my point.