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Phones and computers are enslaving people.

So now we have smart phones and everybody can be connected 24 / 7.  Is this a good thing? Who’s the nerd now? Just cuz you may believe that you are not a geek, doesn’t mean you’re not a geek. If you are walking around with an iPhone in your purse, and you’re constantly checking your email messages everytime the phone beeps…

Apparently you are exhibiting the behavior of a nerd.

Seems like I’m trying a little too hard to call out the guilty here.

But really look at the situation.

Is e-mail THAT important? Can’t it wait until you return to the office, or go back home?

Does a message from someone need to pop up on your smart phone while you are moving down the aisles of a grocery store?

Is it a life and death situation that if you don’t reply to someone 5 minutes after you left the house or office? What if they have to wait until tomorrow morning to get your response? Is everyone’s life hanging closer to financial ruin if we don’t respond instantly?

At what point do we all becomes slaves of technology? Why is it no longer socially or financially acceptable to leave the computer, to leave our phone, and just walk around in the open world without constantly checking for incoming email?

It’s a sad joke if you really look at it. We stopped living our own personal lives, just because technology is here.

Recognize the problem. It’s obvious.

What spawned this post, is that I was talking to someone recently that was bragging about how she gets her email on FOUR different devices.  “I get it on my phone, I get it on my iPad, I get it on my Laptop, and I get it on my Desktop”, she stated and then grinned.

I looked at her, like she was someone in need of a therapist. She had this idiotic happy look on her face that she gets the opportunity to re-read each message four times as it comes in. If I handed her a fifth device, I think she’d be ecstatic.

It’s akin to zombies walking around saying “more brains”

Only these zombies are saying “more email devices”

Thankfully the portable internet-enabled toilet never was created, but Microsoft tried!

What is twitter, facebook, and the internet really about?

Twitter is much different than Facebook, and if you haven’t tried it yet, look at what you have been missing! Some people wonder why Twitter and Facebook are so popular these days. Everyone hops onto Facebook to check out their friends and family, their status updates, etc.

For the most part, it seems like a big waste of time. You’re telling people about non-important things about your life, and you’re reading their status updates or tweets about nonsensical stuff, or so it seems.

Facebook is about talking to “your family and your friends”

Twitter is about talking “to the entire world” (and also just your family and your friends, if you want)

When you write something on Twitter, everybody usually can see it. This invites strangers to make comments about your tweets. This is a great way to meet people from all walks of life. You can talk to people that you’d normally pass on the street.

Take a step back for a moment – and really look at what Twitter can offer you.

You’re actually conversing with people. Real people. People who you don’t have to go and have a coffee with, just to know them or learn more about them. You don’t geographically have to be in the same city to know what makes them tick.

The internet is a huge place. You’ll meet many idiots. At the same time, you’ll meet one in every 1,000 that is worthwhile talking to..

I’ll share my story.  I avoided twitter. I’m not one of those fast thumb typists on my cell phone that wants to tweet.

I felt like I was missing something. I deliberately opened up a twitter account to see what it was all about. What happened next was totally unexpected.

You are hundreds, or thousands of miles away from someone, and all it takes is a few tweets or sentences here and there for you to realize you’ve met someone intellectual with a real persona to them.

What if, you will never meet for coffee, as friends, but know, there is someone else out there with the same brain power, sense of humor, strength as a person as you?

Could it be possible to be friends with someone you have never met?

I still have problems understanding why, but I met this person on twitter named @MercStarChild on twitter.  To be honest, all I did was read a few tweets from her, and I immediately recognized she was a person of substance. A thinker. Someone who feels she can express herself in public, without worry about what everyone else thinks.

I am much the same way.

Now there’s a small problem. When one person compliments another, right away it seems out of the ordinary. “Oh, he must like her”, or “he’s only saying that because he has an ulterior motive”.


What if, I am just paying her a genuine compliment, as a decent human being who deserves praise and recognition for who she is?

(which is exactly what I am doing).

So let’s get back to the subject of this blog post:

What is twitter, facebook, and the internet really about?

It is about meeting people across vast geographical regions that you may not have been able to meet otherwise.

It is about finding that diamond in the rough. That worthy person to talk to, who may be on the other side of the country, who is like you.

It is about bringing people together, without people feeling like they are alone with seeing life a certain way.

It is about how I met @MercStarChild and loving her odd tweets as she talks about her family, whether it be good or bad.

Real people are scattered around the globe. It is up to us to find each other, and talk to each other.

So maybe now, you know what the underlying reason of twitter and facebook, and what the internet is really about.

It should be (and will always will be) connecting like minded people together.

I’d love to hear your comments

Vegetable Gardens vs Mowing your Lawn!

People know how to mow their lawn. They know how to rake their leaves, they even know how to wash their driveways and trim their bushes.

What the majority of people don’t do, is grow a vegetable garden. It is surprising to me that people do not take the time to grow some tomatoes or cucumbers and save money by reaping the benefits of their efforts.  You can’t eat grass, but people spend countless hours maintaining their lawns.

The few courageous people out there that actually do plant a vegetable garden, usually go to the local nursery, or hardware (even drug store) and buy pre-potted vegetable plants, bring them home and transplant them in their little vegetable garden.  They feel they are urban farmers at this point. They took a plant, stuck it in soil, watered it during the summer months, and picked off the fruit or vegetables that the plant grows.

Then you get the die-hards – these are the people that just buy seeds from the store, grow them in pots, or in a greenhouse, and think they are farmers, because they bought seeds in a packet and successfully planted them, transplanted them outside when the weather was nice, and reaped the rewards when they were in full bloom and producing vegetables and fruit (especially in the case of tomatoes).

Who is left?  The truly organic people. Those few people, maybe 1 out of every 1000 that knows what HEIRLOOM seeds are.. Or better yet, how to save, and create their own seeds from things they’ve grown in previous years without needing to run to a store to buy a packet of seeds.

Imagine that, you eat a watermellon, and spit out the seeds. You eat grapes with seeds, and spit them out. Slice a lemon, you have to get rid of the seeds.  Has anyone taken the time to realize that the annoying “seeds” could provide real food for you the following year?

People will say, well I’m too busy to save seeds and grow a garden, I work all day, and have to go grocery shopping afterwards.  Well what if the grocery store was in your backyard?  If you took a few minutes to cultivate some soil, plant some heirloom seeds, grow a plant, and reap what you sow, and actually harvest your efforts “FOR FREE” and save yourself a bundle of cash in the process, wouldn’t that be worth it?

I can tell you from experience this single thing. A wax coated imported tomato that was picked green, and trucked to your location and ripened along the way, will have no where near the taste.. that one that you could have grown on your own. To illustrate my point, is a frozen pizza from a grocery store (think cardboard) as tasty as one delivered to you hot and fresh?

So let’s see what we’re really asking people to do, because this idea seems so foreign to most people:

1) Get a hold of a decent seed (heirloom in a packet, or one that you saved yourself)

2) Plant it in decent soil, that has nutrients and organic material enough to feed the plant

3) Water it

4) When it produces fruit or vegetables, take them

5) Next year, repeat…

There is something so special about eating what you created.  It is true, tomatoes or cucumbers, or even beans will not grow widely in your lawn without you taking the first few steps. But if you do take the few moments outside of your internet, gaming, TV, or texting day, to actually sink a seed into the soil and ensure it gets watered.. You can reap what you sow.

People keep complaining about the economy, but savings to survive are right infront of you. GROW something, and eat what you produce. It will give you a greater outlook on life, and there is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Many people will suggest, “well I’m not a farmer, and I don’t know what I am doing”. Well google is there to help you. Watch some videos, do some searches, and see how easy it can be. If you are an early starter, you might kill a few young plants by accident. But at least you tried, and you are learning along the way.

Every new year that shows up, and every seasonal cycle that we experience, you have a chance at trying something new. Try to grow at least one single vegetable or fruit bearing plant, and if it doesn’t work out, learn from  your mistakes.

It doesn’t take much to sink a dried corn seed into the ground, to grow a corn plant, and get free corn.

If this is something you haven’t spent much time thinking or learning about, then perhaps it is time you did.