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It is 2012 – What does that really mean? Apocalypse or business as usual?

So it is 2012. People many years ago thought by now we’d be riding jetpacks to work, flying cars, and having a computer based machine create and spit out our dinner through a slot.

So what happened?

In simple terms: Lack of cooperation.

Countries aren’t cooperating in 2012, they are simply competing against each other.

You don’t know your neighbor more than you did 10 years ago..

Companies don’t take time to know (or especially care) about their customers other than their buying habits.

The world isn’t working together in unison.

This is why 2012 is no different than 1995…

As people, and as corporations, we’ve matured very little.  The government too, has matured very little.

We’re stuck, as a society.  We’re not progressing our way of living beyond electronic toys and gadgets.

This why there is no jetpacks, flying cars, or things like free energy.

As humans we’ve adopted GREED, take care of our own families. We only proceed in a group setting as long as I “get mine first”.

It is a sad state of affairs really. The people at the top seems content. Anything they want, they can finance and buy. But are they really content? My guess is no…

Everyone wanted to see the jet pack. Everyone expected to see flying cars.  The middle class wanted to see oil and gasoline unimportant where seawater could power the world.

But instead, instead of moving forward, we’re all stuck, because no one wants to give way to the future. It’s all about greed.

It is a sad state of affairs.

Things could have changed for the better a long time ago. It will still be a long time before they change in the future.  We’re caught in this hamster wheel of evolution. We’re going no where fast.