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Dentures: Why they break, how to repair Dentures, and who to trust making them.

My grandmother got her first dentures about 18 years ago. Her first set last her 15 years before they broke.  It’s been a crazy situation over the last 3 years since she got her replacement set (which have broken a third time).

(By the way, the correct term is denture, no one calls them “false teeth” anymore.)

Sometimes when it comes to things like shopping for a new TV or a new refrigerator, we do our research.  Since something like dentures is something we don’t buy often, we normally do not understand the quality difference and we should. After all, it is our mouth and our chewing teeth that we’re dealing with.

Typically dentures are expected to last 5 to 10 years without problem.  Anyone that makes dentures generally has “some” training, and they may even be a member of a local Denturist Association. This is where things change.

In the denture industry, there is something known as BPS certification that we didn’t know about. I’m going to talk about that after you hear what happened to my grandmother.

After 15 years with her first set of dentures, they finally wore out and broke.

For almost $600 she was fitted with a second set of dentures 3 years ago.  Two years later, they broke.  The denturist charged her an additional $200 for a repair.  A week later, they broke a second time!

When she complained to the denturist that the $200 repair didn’t last, he showed her the denture. He said,”It appears they broke in a different spot this time. It will cost another $200 to fix them again, I recommend we order you a new set for an additional $600″.

We asked how long the new set would take, and they said since they “sent away” for them to be made, she’d have to wait until the new ordered set would arrive.  You’d expect the denturist to make them himself.  Well instead, all he does, is take moulds, orders, sends away for the product.  He makes small adjustments and repairs on site, but he doesn’t craft them himself.

Where does he get these dentures from? CHINA is our guess. We don’t really know.

On her small pension, she couldn’t afford to pay the $600 and she didn’t trust him on another $200 repair, so she looked for a repair product and found one called the D.O.C. Denture Repair Kit

Without too much trouble, she was able to glue and sand them back together again.  The dentures worked great for a full year! (It’s an ironic situation when an amateur repair can outlast the repair done by a Denturist).

Well a year later they’ve broken again. It is time to go with a new set, but we are surely not going with the same original denturist this time.  We started making some phone calls together.

First, we called our unreliable denturist anonymously. We asked if there was any warranty with their dentures. “No, sorry. The only thing we do is offer 3 months of adjustments, but there is no warranties on the dentures whatsoever”. (Great, at least now they admit the quality of their product).

Next, we opened the yellow pages and carefully began reading the entire details of each and every Denturist advertisment.

We noticed that a lot of them advertised a “BPS” logo, with the exception of a bare few.

We called a new Denturist and asked them about their warranty. “All of our dentures come with a 2 year warranty against normal wear and tear”, the receptionist stated. WOW! That’s a big difference than the Joe-Shmo who was playing denturist with cheap china made dentures down the street.

It turns out that BPS stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic Denture System which is a high quality denture.

This is why good denturists advertise “BPS” and our unreliable guy did not..

I’ve even seen it mentioned that a true BPS denture has an official BPS logo stamped somewhere on the denture itself, to prove it’s authenticity!  DO NOT be fooled by sub-standard denturists who use cheap quality products, who offer no warranties. From now on, we will only trust a BPS certified denturist. We learned our lesson the hard way.

So if you are wanting to find a high quality denture, made professionally by a BPS certified technican, you can find one on this official website link.