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What is important in life?

I always thought at an early age, I’d be someone special like a famous person.

I now have a very clear understanding of what life is about. If anything I say isn’t true, you’ll know it pretty quick reading this..

Not everyone is suppose to be a celebrity. Not everyone is suppose to be stinking rich. While it is true, we are all trained to think that being a celebrity or stinking rich is the ultimate goal, it’s actually far from what why we were created or what we are suppose to do here..

If you ask anyone on the street, everyone has a dream, a goal, something they want to strive for.. and get there, and that is good. It keeps us on a certain path to get there. The problem is, is that many of us will never get there, and we begin to wonder.. if I never reach my goal, is my life just a complete waste of time?

Have you ever been in that moment of your life, when you have every reason why you could just walk away, and NOT help someone, but you do anyway?

That’s precisely why you are here.. You are listening to your alter-ego, your spiritual self, that basically says when you have the capability of helping someone, you should.

So now your question might be, so that’s it? I am here to help other people? That’s my sole mission in life?

No.. You’ll find that in tender moments of your own life, you’ll witness the same thing happening to you. When you are truly stuck for a while, some person will show up and help you out of your own problem and you’ll never see it coming.  Think back. Some of the terrible jams you’ve been in your life, some lucky thing has happened where you go…

“Omg, if I didn’t get that job, I would have been on the street”

“If they didn’t let me rent that place, I would have been homeless”


“If I didn’t get a meal, I would have been hungry for days”


I don’t know about your particular situation – but I already know, there have been times in all of our lives where we have suffered.  Give it a few days or a week, and something out of no where shows up and helps us.  That usually only happens to true spirited people.

So the next time you feel you are at the bottom of the pit of life, give some hope and faith. Someone around the corner might be helping you out of your jam just at the right time, just wait for it.

When we look at the question again “What is important in life?”

Maybe it is that simple. May be we’re here for those particular times that we are able to help someone out of their situation at the right time and the right place?

Everyone is on earth for a reason.

Many people abuse that opportunity.

Many people happily exist and help others.

Who are you? The one that abuses your existence, or someone who is not impartial to helping a stranger?

If you have gotten this far in this blog post, I already know who you are…

You’re someone who cares. Someone that thinks about the meaning of life, and wonders why you are here..

Thank you for that – you’re special,  and I’m interested in your comments.

I know that I’m here to share meaningful words without knowing who I am talking to, and I am happy to do that.. If there is some part of you that says, I want to respond, then DO IT. That feeling proves that you’re breaking out of your daily routine and comfort zone, and you need to share who you are, and what you think.

At the end of the day, we’re all human on this planet, and it is long overdue that we get to know one another.


What every one can learn from the Wizard of OZ

I admit, the title of this blog post is going to seem quite strange.  Many people have either heard about “The Wizard of OZ” or have seen the 1939 movie. Not much thought is put into it though. I’ll explain how this means something in your life right now!

This movie was based on the 1900 novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and it made its debut in film at the end of the Great Depression. Very few people actually realize the symbolism contained in that story and what it represents.  If you look past the entertainment value, there is plenty to learn from it.

Let’s go with some of the main characters as a quick refresher, and while I do, think about the overall picture and how it may relate to YOU or the people you KNOW:

1. Dorothy – a child lost in fantasy land, through a make believe dream, who is searching for a way “home”. As they say, home is where the heart is.. She travels through strange lands and situations, hoping to find her way home.

2. Toto – Her dog, her companion was PROTECTIVE of Dorothy

3. Scarecrow – He was missing a Brain. He was unable to THINK & REASON properly.

4. Lion – He was missing courage. He had FEAR and easily spooked.

5. Tin Man – He needed a heart. He didn’t know how to properly LOVE

Now fast forward to today. 2013, look at what most people have trouble dealing with…

Their thoughts are clouded because of too much stress. The newspapers and TV news constantly plague us with fear. Love from one another, even something as simple as “loving thy neighbour” seems strange and out of touch.

From 1939 until now, we haven’t really made much headway in life. THINK & REASON, FEAR, and LOVE seem to be things we are all obstacles in our lives, and at the end of the day, we may feel like we are as small and insignificant as Toto, but even that little dog got things accomplished.

Not much has changed in the last 74 years since the “Wizard of OZ” was shown in theatres.

That’s basically only a full lifetime of one person. There are still people alive today in 2013 that were born in 1939, that’s how short of a time span that really is…

So what can we learn from this story and apply it to our situation today?


All of us are looking for “Home sweet home”. The place where we feel the most comfortable. We don’t need to run away from our problems or our situations. We just need to realize that home is where the heart is and we need to appreciate the small things in life.

We don’t need to constantly be in fear.  We can think and reason, if we stop letting other people do it for us. Pick up a book and read it. Think, Reason, and come to your own conclusions about life without having to pick a side based some news report by some pundit on TV or columnist in the newspaper.  Show love for people you care about, and if you haven’t seen the movie “PAY IT FORWARD [2000]” watch that one too. It will show you how to learn to share love with people you don’t even know. As the saying goes, “love thy neighbor, as you would, love thy self.”

Soon as I say something like that (a quote from the bible with the word “thy in it”) it makes people on guard, worried that I’m going to be preaching here. I’m not.  Sometimes we just need someone to point out the obvious. Most people will watch a movie like this without putting much thought into what it truly represents.

In 1939 the movie was a symbolic representation of what society is lacking. 74 years later, the general population is STILL lacking these qualities, or at the very minimum, most people don’t know how to handle them.

There were a couple of other important characters in that movie, that you may be able to relate to:

1. THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST – That is a fancy way of saying “Your boss at work”, or “Your Mother-in-Law”, or some other person who hates you unconditionally whether or not you deserve it. Don’t let these people scare you into submission.  Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

2. THE WIZARD – Yes, this is the guy pulling on the levers behind the curtain, showing you how afraid you should be. Fire, spooky faces, thunder, and noise. Could this be our conditioning to fear the unknown and learn to end each day in fear? It was Toto, that tiny dog that revealed him.  In life, we feel like we’re small and tiny in the grande scheme of things. But as Toto showed us, be protective and don’t allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes.

When I was 6 years old, I loved that 1939 movie.  Fast forward many years later, I now realize, I should have paid more attention to the symbolic points of the movie. Those symbols represent my current day, and I see history repeating itself all the time.

If you’ve made it to this part of the blog post, then congrats. You’ve proven yourself to be a thinker. Now all you need to do is look around you, and see how much fear, lack of courage, love, and whatever else you may be missing.

I fully believe “what every one can learn from the Wizard of OZ” is simply the following:

a) Love

b) Compassion

c) Intelligence

d) Courage

e) Home is where the heart is

Sometimes we all need to be reminded about basic things like this and that is only fair. Everyone needs that sometimes.

What are your thoughts?