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The reason why life works the way it does is obvious to some degree.

The famous question about life is “why are we here?”

Well that’s the end game answer everyone seeks, but before we go there, let’s look at some basic ideas:

If everyone was slim, no one would know what fat is..

If everyone was always happy, we wouldn’t know what sad is..

If everyone was rich, we wouldn’t know what poor is..

[starting to see the trend?]

If everyone ate well, we wouldn’t know what hunger is… on and on..

What if?

Life is about every one having different emotions, situations, fears, experiences, etc, and we all learn how to co-exist, develop and help one another?

For instance, say I was an obese guy, and some guy comes fresh out of the gym with his muscles pumped and goes “Hey buddy, you could use some time in the gym. Look how buff I am!”

..and I turned to him and said “How do you know you’re buff? The only way you know that is in comparison to looking at me..”

That’s right. We need to have a mixture of body shapes, attitudes, social status, and more around the world for anyone to be able to define themselves.

Would it make any one happier if we all looked the same, had the same attitude, same money in the bank, drove the same car, had the same pets, the same tastes, the same..

No, life would be a bore.

Perhaps some of us were suppose to be rich. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be poor. Perhaps some of us were suppose to be better well off, and others looking for their next meal. As imperfect as it sounds, maybe that’s the way life works.

So, with the example I just gave. The “buff” guy coming out of the gym talking down to some obese guy. Who’s the better person? The one with a great body shape and horrible attitude, or the innocent obese bystander who isn’t bothering anyone?

Now the point isn’t to say anyone that goes to a gym and exercises is always this way. It could be reverse. How about the obese guy who walks around in public with a dirty shirt, spits on the ground, farts in public, doesn’t bother to shower, and curses or swears profanities in public? Is he any better?

In these two examples, it doesn’t matter what you look like, or what your social status is.. Nor does anything mean about what clothes you are wearing, what job you have, or anything else. Everyone has the potential of becoming a strain on society.

So the reason why life works the way it does, is for us all to learn, we share the same planet.  If your ego tells you that you’re better than someone else, you’re probably wrong. On the other hand, if your ego tells you are no better than anyone else, you’re probably also wrong.

Too much self-confidence is a bad thing.

Lack of self-confidence is also a bad thing.

Walking past someone on the sidewalk and saying “hello” as you pass, irregardless of your social status is a GOOD THING.

Back in the old western days, it was common when you passed a lady, you took off your hat, or at least tipped it in her favor. That’s gone. When a woman entered or left the room, all men in her company would stand, in respect. That’s gone too.

Now the fault isn’t men in this case, because even today you could hold a door open for some women, and they won’t even utter a thank you.

What does all of this mean? The more I write, the more confusing it sounds.

Let me get to the point.

The reason why life works the way it does is quite simple. Life is full of experiences. Many good and many bad. Life is what you make it. Or to be more exact, life is what you strive for, and want it to be.

You can either let things get you down in life, or you can look at it as an opportunity to seek a better world out there.

For instance. Let’s say you say hello to four different strangers on the sidewalk and all of them either look away or grunt back at you. You could look at it and say “that’s it. I’m not being friendly anymore. There is no point”.

But some of you might go ok, perhaps I met the wrong four people. I’ll try again anyway. Doesn’t cost me anything, and it’s free to be polite. The fifth person in your travels, you say “hello” and they stop in awe and say:

“Oh, hi! I’m not from around here. I’m trying to get to 22nd street. I’ve been trying to ask for directions and everyone I approach they either look away or grunt.”

There you go.  Just because it SEEMS like that’s the social way people deal with each other, doesn’t mean that’s what is happening in everyone’s minds these days. Perhaps your next friend could be around the corner, and you’d never know it until you physically bump into them and strike up a conversation.

Life isn’t a roadmap. No one (as far as I know) is selling a roadmap to the inner workings of life.

So treat each new day as a new day, irregardless of how what your past might have taught you. Never give up hope. In any given month, you’ve probably walked next to about 50 people similar to yourself in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, in traffic, at the restaurant, wherever. However society dictates we can’t know each other unless we’re formally introduced.

Ever heard “we need to break the ice?”

Where does this ice come from? Why are people, who live in the same neighborhoods so foreign to each other. Is it really that bad to strike up a conversation with someone without sounding like a pervert or a salesperson wanting something?

People, we all share this same planet together.  Life works this way, but it really shouldn’t.  The leaps and bounds we could make as a society is unseen.

I’ve decided long ago that I’m not a “glass half-empty” person.  I believe the “glass is half full” has potential everyday. I hold that true. While it’s fine, the next four people I may meet won’t validate that, maybe the fifth person will.

I think we all need to be less pessimistic and friendly toward each other. Once some of us start doing that, the rest will follow. Soon, the world will become a better place to live, and we can all share and enjoy life much better.

This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s reality. Unfortunately most of us are contributing to the problem and we shouldn’t.

So the next time a stranger says “hello” with a smile… just smile back, and say “hi”.  Friendliness and happiness is contagious just like a smile can be..

Comments?  What do you think?





Flooding. First time happening to you. How and why?

Before I begin, I’d like to send my heart out to all those who have recently experienced a flooding in their neighbourhood. There is no way to soften a blow like that.. when mother nature decides it is time to reclaim her earth, she doesn’t pick and choose where it happens.

People need to remember, that we’re all visitors here, for a temporary time. The earth will do, what it needs to do, without consulting anyone first.

If you do historical research, you will learn that continents, mountains, and lands have been re-shaped, and re-formed many times over the centuries. When the time comes for water to flow over the river banks and flood your town, there is nothing you could have done ahead of time to stop it.

It is no secret. Everyone likes to live near water. Some of the most expensive homes are near the ocean, lakes, or even creeks or rivers. As humans, we need water to survive. The sound of fresh water is soothing to our ears.
But there comes the catch-22. If you have access to nearby water, be ready at some point in your life, for it to become your worst enemy.

You’re not at fault for that, any more than mother nature is at fault for the natural cycle of the environment.  If you are to blame someone, don’t blame nature. Blame the developers who built your house near floodplain who knew this was a possibility. Blame yourself for not checking into the potential problems that could arise by owning a home so close to a natural water source.

As I mentioned, the earth is going to do its thing regardless of what type of urban structures we’ve built nearby.

So in the end, a flooding problem could be blamed more on the naivety of the citizens, developers, and City Hall who allowed something to be build next to a possible “flash flood” area. Sure, you could live there for 10, 20, even 30 years. But the day will eventually come. For many people, that day has already happened.

How can you properly prepare for something like this?

Well that’s kind of simple. The day you move in, get ready for a “grab and go” bag when the waters start to rise. Find an insurance company who will insure against floods. Your realtor may tell you that the place hasn’t flooded in 40 years. All that means is, that your flooding situation is overdue.

Get to know your neighbours, so you can help one another in a time of need.  Learn where the high elevation parts are in your neighbourhood.  Read your community disaster plan before a disaster hits. (All communities have one).

Keep extra money on hand, so if an unexpected emergency shows up, you’re not holding the latest popular cell phone, laptop or tablet, but instead have funds available to clothe, feed, and move you to safe ground when things go wrong.

Long ago, before people had houses, electricity, or even the English language, natives were flooded out of their shelters. When that happened, they became wiser, experienced, and passed down that knowledge to their own children.  We are not exempt from that either.

When mother nature unleashes her fury, we need to learn from that, and not be upset. After all, the writing was all on the wall the entire time. We simply didn’t listen.

My heart goes out to those evacuated families in Alberta, Canada.  I bet none of them will be buying their next home next to a “riverfront”. But at the same time, we shouldn’t chastise them for an innocent mistake.  When disaster hits, it brings everyone together. It’s one of those few times that community spirit means everything.

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Parental instinct: New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

New mothers and fathers don’t need instinct.

I watched a TV show tonight (20/20) to be exact where they showcased mothers that have no internal instinct towards the children they’ve given birth to.. They had a whole avalanche of excuses of why it was ok to abandon their sons and daughters because taking care of them didn’t fit into the mother’s life long goals.

First of all, this makes absolutely no sense.
If you are a birth mother and bring another human on to this earth, knowingly and willingly, it is now your commitment to ensure your child grows, develops, and remains safe.

Some of these mothers who “check in” on their abandoned children figure that that because they have no inherent maternal instinct, it is quite okay, to walk away.

My response to that, is simply, raising children isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries day in and day out. Just because you don’t want to fulfil your roll as a parent, doesn’t make it ok, to abandon your children and leave them without a mother figure in their lives.

Some of these women will say “well, they’re doing well, and to be honest, so am I, living away from home. I’ve become a better mother by leaving the house and having our odd talks over the internet”


Are you serious?

How can you possibly carry a new born for 9 months, give birth to them, and then walk away like they are some sort of family pet? People aren’t hamsters, goldfish or guinea pigs.

Do you have any idea how much you could harm your own child in life by leaving them to fend for themselves, regardless if the father is present?

It’s not a lot to ask. Every child wants to know their mother and father as they grow up.

So do new born birds, new born puppies, and new born hamsters.

Now the weirdest part of these mothers who decided to abandon their children, never went through the experience their advocating. For instance, many of them had Dad and Mom nearby. But in 2013 with new age thinking, they fully believe they don’t owe anything to their own children.

Listen closely. If you brought someone onto this Earth, you have a duty to them, as a civilized human being to guide them, help them, and be there for them.

This is common sense. These idiotic mothers who put themselves first, and leave kids behind, need a wake up call.

Now the 20/20 show did a camera cut to the kids which one 13 year old daughter said “I understand, and I’m fine with it”

Want to know why she acquiesced to that? Because she has no choice. She simply doesn’t know better. If you grew up as a child and your mother was a click a way, on the internet via Skype, you wouldn’t know better. You’d simply learn how to accept things as the best you could get.

Now I realize that not everyone is going to be Super Dad or Super Mom.. that’s not my point.

But at the very minimum, if you bring a child into this world, you have no right, under any logical point, to let them fend for themselves like that..

Just to reiterate, the person I’m mostly speaking about has her own “justifiable” blog here:

I read through her nonsense and half cared about her points. All the while I was thinking, how selfish are you to put your own wants and needs ahead of your kids that you birthed?

Life is a challenge. Being a parent to kids is a challenge. What none of us are really allowed to do, is bring new kids into the world and abandon them.

Here’s the clincher:

This same woman is now complaining about 4th stage cancer after abandoning her kids for her own goals and paths in life.

Her idiotic attitude to this day must be “why me – why do I have cancer?”

Well, you were given life on this earth to do something for the betterment of mankind. Instead you chose to use your time on this earth for “Me, Me, Me, and more Me”. Now you have 4th stage cancer, and still holding true to your illogical values. Your kids are suffering, and you use your time to write a blog talking about your 4th stage cancer.

You, Madam, by your own accord have become a waste of space, time, and effort on this earth. I have no compassion for your 4th stage cancer any more than you have compassion for your children out there that you have chosen to ignore.

At the end of the day, justice will prevail. Her eldest daughter (under 15) is already talking about the day will come when she has kids and she will never act like her own mom.

Life’s responsibilities aren’t a choice. They are a calling. If you avoid them, and ignore them, and you get 4th stage cancer, don’t wonder why.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. But in this particular case it is hard for me to break down and cry for her.  I fully believe this woman brought it on herself with her selfish attitude. Perhaps the Universe in it’s intricate way s gave her an opportunity to do something valuable here, and she decided instead to spend her time here on her own self-interests.

I wish the best for her kids. For her, I hope before her medical condition worsens, she realizes her mistake. Selfish ideology never pays off. Shame on you.

If you have any comments to share, I’m really interested in hearing them.


Just so you know, I’m like you, but if I was your neighbor, you wouldn’t know it!

Every one likes to think they are different.


A) Do you sleep in a BED? So do I..

B) Do you try to have breakfast every morning? So do I

C) Does it bother you when terrible things happen in the world? It bothers me too

D) Do you hope for a new, brighter, future tomorrow? (So do I)

How are we different? We’re not. We’re very similar. We want to enjoy life. Or are you the type of person that doesn’t want to enjoy life? (never met someone like that before).

We may look different, and be on different paths, but we both want the same things in life. Happiness, enjoyment, good feelings about our day, and more.

Problem is that you are reading this website and I’ve never had the opportunity to shake hands with you or smile at you. That is strange to me. Anyone worthwhile is surely deserving of a smile or a hand shake.

The problem is (in 2013) that community relationships are no longer important.  I could be your neighbor next door, and I bet you wouldn’t know how old I am, or what my middle name is.. Think about that for a moment.

Here you have, someone living right next you, and you’re not sure of their age, their middle name, or even any part of their history. How is any of that right? I could understand if you just moved in a month ago, but what if you’ve been living there for years?

Today’s problem is that people put walls up, and they don’t talk to one another. They do that for the sake of privacy. If a tornado or earthquake hit your home, how much would you be concerned about privacy at that point?

What if the things you cared about, and are worried about, are the exact type of things your neighbor cares about? Could it make a good conversation? Could you support each other, or is it something that will never be known?

That’s the funny thing about people.  We are so obsessed with our own lives, we don’t look around. What IF there was something you could do to help your neighbor? What IF there was something your neighbor could do that could help you?

Back in the western days, you would have had no choice but to know your neighbor. When things got rough, every one helped each other out.  They did that, because they wanted to, but most of all, because you never know when you might need a helping hand back.


OMG,  How awkward is that? Asking for help from the guy on the other side of the fence? I’d rather do it myself than ask for his help. Guess what he/she is doing? The same thing! AWKWARD.

Want to know what an awkward situation really is? Two people capable of helping one another, but because of societal disconnects, neither one helps the other.

Is that logical?

Back in the old days, when someone new moved into the neighborhood, they were brought pies, the neighbors introduced themselves, and there was a community spirit.

Today, everyone segregates themselves like we’re enemies at war. Why do we do that?

…the answer will come “because it’s safer, and easier that way”


If there was an earthquake or tornado ripping through your neighborhood and your house was in shambles, and one of your loved ones was trapped would it still be “safer and easier that way?”

We all don’t need to wait for a catastrophe to learn who our neighbors are.. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you have to bake pies or lasagna and continually shower them with home coming gifts. But a simple conversation, “Hello, how are you? Goes a long way!”

There are people on your street, very similar to you, and you don’t even know them. You could have a campfire at a campground and have better conversation with the passersby than the people on your own street that live there all year long. How does any of this seem right?

The point of this blog post is to say.. You, yourself may not want to make the first move to knock on your neighbors door, to say “Hello” or go in for a coffee.  In addition, your neighbor probably isn’t going to come to your door either.

But at 9am when you’re both sipping coffee, why not share the moment and do it together?

That’s the strangeness of society. Everyone thinks they are above, beyond, and better than the person next door. It causes a disconnect, which is pure stupid.  If you are going to live right next door to someone for the next 5 years, then it is about time you get to know one another.

Knowing your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to love them, or want to be with them every waking minute. What it does mean, is that you can both to learn how to socialize and be friends. Doesn’t mean someone is knocking at someone’s door once a week. But if a tornado or earthquake hits, you know who you could call for help (or volunteer help) ..

Don’t be afraid of your neighbors. Make the first move. Because it is obvious that if you don’t, no one will.


What is spam and why do we have to keep seeing this crap?

The problem is ten-fold. The answer is quite easy.

Sending spam is cheap. Guaranteeing delivery is not important. If you send 5 million spams (for free) and 75,000 of those are actually read, you’ll end up with at minimum 100 idiots that will respond to the spam with a buy order.

This is why spam exists today. On the greater scale, it is not worth the return on investment (ROI). However, those few hundred idiots that respond, buy, and pay money is what keeps this circus going.

It’s 2013 and yet there are idiotic people that still respond to spam and pull out their wallets to buy a good deal that can’t be true.  Until that stops, we’re all going to have to continue to deal with spam.

What’s that you say? I can enlarge a part of my body for a simple fee of only $29.95? (Male or Female). Then I’m in.. Have you ever known someone close to you to grow a bigger or shorter nose? How about a bigger ear?

Why are people so ready to believe they can give bigger reproductive organs based on some miracle vitamin they mail order? If someone said “Our studies show, that people’s elbows grow by 300%” everyone would laugh at them. Talk about breasts or that significant male organ, and everyone becomes a believer. Why?

Our physical bodies are what we’re made with. Our DNA isn’t changed easily. Learn to accept the way you are made and stop trying to find the miracle herbal cure that will change you into something you’re not. It doesn’t exist. If spam was non-profitable, then there would no longer be spam on the internet.

Now, for you North American continent folks, or European folks, if you are beginning to think “wait! I’ve never tried spamming, is it really that profitable?”

The answer is a resounding NO!  Spammers may take 8 hours of their day, upsetting over 3 million people to make $5 USD.That $5 buys them a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, and if they are lucky a bottle of milk.

There are much easier ways to make money than spamming people by the millions. These people, however, are already in the poor house. Their justification is that 3.5 million spams enable them to buy a dozen eggs, milk, and bread. They’re desperate people and will result to desperate tactics.

So how do we handle this type of problem?

Quite easily actually. Do NOT click on any strange links from a strange email that you receive. If you get an email that DHL first class service has sent you a package (and you’re not expecting one) do NOT click the link.

The only way spammers seem to survive is by the recipient’s stupidity and greed. Do not buy into their games. Comb through each and every email, and be suspicious of the ones you receive.

If everyone was more diligent about the email they receive, then spammers would have no ability to use trickery to find new prospective victims. That would slow spam down to a crawl.

As soon as we all stop responding to spam, schemes, and the like, the sooner they’ll stop sending them.

If you have a suggestion or comment, let’s hear it.