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How are people really different? – Actually we’re not!

Today I spent a couple of moments outside of a grocery store, and a casino. Two different places, same people shuffling out of the exit. I sat there wondering, how am I different from any of these people? I learned, I’m not really.. and neither are you.

To put it into perspective. 99% of everyone you know, buys groceries at a grocery store.  Once a week, or once every two weeks, we’re in a grocery store, buying food.  I do that, you do that, or someone you knows does that..  Immediately we have a connection of some sort based on the way we shop for food.

If you sit long enough in a grocery store parking lot, watching the exit, it starts to look like some sort of ant farm, where people are running about their day to day lives, almost like ants do.. We’re all part of the same scope of life.  Now, it may seem annoying that I’m pointing something out that no one asked me to point out. But my question to you is “why is it so annoying?”

Could it be true?

Do we run our lives in the same rhythm as ants? Are we really that predictable that every week, or every second week, we’ll show up in a grocery store and not think much about it?

It is bothersome, even to me, when someone points out the obvious, without be asked to do so.

Too late. I’m doing it. The reason why, is quite simple.

I don’t want to be an ant. I don’t want to predictable with my grocery shopping behaviour that way either.

But it will continue to happen, and just like you, I can justify 100 reasons why it is fine to be seen in a grocery store each week, or every 2nd week. That doesn’t change the concept.

So why is this important?

You have unwittingly have been reproducing repeated behaviour each month of your life without realising it. Don’t believe it? Start writing down each trip to the grocery store you make each month. Record the date, time, how long you were in the store, and how much you spent.  Keep a log book. Review it after 5 years. Of course, no one will do this, that would be insane behaviour. But if you did, what would you find?

Exactly my point.

We are creatures of habit, always have been, and always will be..

So when we act indifferently towards one another in public, we’re actually being idiosyncratic which is a stupid way of isolating yourself away from the world around you.

People can come up with tons of reasons why that is good. Safety, individuality, efficiency, reason, etc. the end of the day..

It’s stupid.

To prove this fact, if you are a person that has ever gone camping in the wilderness.. Have you ever had friendly conversation with someone in the next campsite? Two different people, in the middle of the forest, camping, that find a common ground, to be friendly.. most people have done this..

What’s different?

Why do we have to be camping in the middle of the forest to meet our neighbour, when we can’t possibly look them in the eye when we grocery shop?

Pride, stupidity, and ant-farm behaviour gets in the way.

What a laugh. We have a better chance of meeting a new friend in an forested campsite, than we can, in a grocery store that we both visit each week or two.

If you can’t see this by now, maybe you never can. For me, I see a real problem with it.

..thats why I am blogging about it..

Life is funny that way. We all can be in the same line up at the grocery store in the cashier line, but no one dare say a friendly word to a stranger!

Social stupidity regulates the way we interact with one another, and it has been this way for decades. At what point do we learn and change things?

Just to be silly, I think I might try something on my next grocery store visit.

I am going to do something renegade, totally off the wall. Something surprising, and shocking!

I’m not going to wear a mask. I’m not going to dress strangely, nor am I going to draw attention to myself by dancing in a weird way.

I’m simply going to turn to the person behind me in the cashier line, introduce myself, and say “how are you doing today”.

When I do that, I’m sure the person is going to cycle through about 300 reasons why they should label me as a freak. I’ll know at that point, that’s more their issue – not mine. I simply broke the forever repeating cycle and chain of life by recognizing people around me without asking for social approval first.

Wouldn’t that be interesting and fun at the same time?

So, what is it I’m trying to advocate?

Be friendly to a stranger. OMG. How dare you do that?