Lottery and lotto odds, what is your chance of winning a jackpot?

It is about time that someone is openly honest about your chances of winning the lottery.  Before I begin, the first thing I want to say is that irregardless of your chances, you should buy a lottery ticket. It doesn’t mean your chances of winning are good, infact it is the complete opposite. You have a greater chance of getting hit by a firetruck on its way to a fire call than you do winning the lottery.

However, if it only costs you $2 to play a lottery ticket, for a chance at 10 million dollars, then go ahead, and feel good about it.

If you win, it’s going to be life changing. If you don’t win, then what is happening is mathematical probability is rearing it’s ugly head and making itself known to you.

For most of the lotto tickets out there, irregardless of how many numbers you are suppose to pick, to win $10 million dollars, are all based on the same concept. Let me explain it to you in layman’s terms. If you had a sack full of 25 pound of rice, and pulled out a single rice kernel and colored it black, with a felt marker… that could be akin to the winning number. Now take that same black rice kernel and bury it back down the center of the sack of rice. Now you are set for a lottery draw!

That’s right – 25 pounds of rice, a single kernel colored black is the odds we all play with when we spend $2 to win $10 million.

Now invite your friends, neighbours, family, and anyone walking buy to dig deep in that 25 pound rice sack and see if they can pull out that black colored rice kernel. Bet you that no one can do it. Why? Simply the odds are against them.

Now, take 24 million people all reaching in, pulling out a single piece of rice to see if they get the black one.

Imagine what 24 million people outside your front door of your house would look like..

Anyway, as the story goes, one of these 24 million people manages to pull out the single black colored piece of rice out of your 25 pound sack. They are the winner!  Hard to believe, but it happened.

The moral of the story is simply this:

a) Definitely do play the lottery or lotto. A single $2 or $5 ticket in exchange for a $10 million dollar winner is completely worth it.

b) Definately do NOT expect to win. The odds are against you. Have a greater chance of being run over by a fire truck on its way to a house engulfed in flames.

c) Instead of buying 1 ticket (which seems reasonable) and instead buying 10 tickets is stupid. You’re much better off buying 1 ticket instead of 10 – to put that into perspective, let me explain further..

Let’s say on a certain lottery or lotto your odds of winning is 1 in 394,000 to get a decent, significant price.

You buy 1 ticket for $5. That is easily calculated to mean that your odds of winning is 1 in 394,000

Now let’s say you REALLY want to win, and instead of buying 1 ticket for $5, you buy 10 tickets for $50, let’s re-check the odds:

1 ticket has a chance of 1 in 394,00 of winning.

50 tickets have a chance of 1 in 344,000 of winning.

The difference here isn’t very tantalizing.  In one case, you spent $5 with a 1 ticket chance at 394,000 combinations to win $10 million. That seems like a realistic gamble that almost anyone would try.

Now for the aggressive person.. you spent $50, and now you have 10 ticket chances against 344,000 combinations to win $10 million.  That ticket purchase means you are going against 1 tin 344,000 chance you will NOT WIN. How smart was that? The guy that spent $2 for a win is a better bargain than the guy that spends $50 for similar odds.


If the odds are huge, unless you are going to buy “tens of thousands” of tickets, do not waste your time and money trying to lower the lottery / lotto odds. The game will beat you every single time.

So now that you are near the end of this article, remember:

a) 25 lb sack of rice, how many individual kernels are inside

b) 1 kernel is purposely colored black is the golden jackpot

c) 24 million people outside your front door, just dying to shove their fingers into your 25 lb sack of rice in hopes they pull out the black colored kernel

Now you have a full picture of what lotteries and the lotto draws are actually like..

Sure, of course, 1 in a few million people may win, but believe how rare the odds are.. If you are going to buy a draw or lotto / lottery ticket, spend the minimum amount.  Going broke over the ordeal simply is not worth it.

I hope I’ve explained things, if not, please ask questions below….



Hallowe’en or Halloween: Kids and Candy, why is this right?

Hallowe’en is important, and forever will be for a simple reason. It is about the kids. People confuse Halloween thinking it is nothing more than kids getting candies and chocolates from strangers. Some moms prefer to buy their kids sugary treats and keep them in the house.  That’s unfortunate. While that may really be a safer way of letting the holiday pass, you’re doing an injustice to your children.

First of all, I think it is important for parents to accompany their kids during their trick or treat adventure. That will never change. Kids depend on Mom and Dad to play chaperone to the festivities of Halloween.  If you, the parent, is standing at the edge of the driveway, with an eagle eye spotting your child’s every movement as they approach a stranger’s door to ring the door bell, not a lot can go wrong at that point.

Similarily when your kids go back home and empty their pillow sack or trick or treat bag on the floor, and have Mom or Dad sift through it first, the whole ordeal should be fairly safe.

Now that we have the obvious out of the way, let’s see what your kids have learned through this experience:

1) They have confronted fears about walking in the dark, at night, on strange streets in the spirit of Hallowe’en.  That is a big deal for someone under the age of 13.  It doesn’t mean they’ll do that any other time of the  year, but this is a huge learning lesson for them that at the right time, for the right reason, you can conquer your fears.

2) They have learned that Mom and Dad is only a few feet away.  They trust you, and the fact you are walking these scarey streets with them, makes them love and trust you that much more. This is where you become the guardian angel in their life, and they feel it. You should love this part. It is a key time where your child wants Mom or Dad nearby when they enter a strange situation and you are right there to protect them.  Trick or Treating in the general public brings a bigger bond between you and your child, this is a really good thing!

3) Think of the rest of the year where your child can play a different character or fantasy role?  Halloween is the only time of the year that they get to dress up, be a character of their choice, and escape their regular day-to-day persona.  How lucky were you as a child when you wanted to dress up as a certain “something”. Allow your children to experience the fun and excitement that you did when you were their age.

4) Learning the neighborhood and community acceptance is what happens for parents and children alike. This is the time when the house 4 doors down that you do not talk to all year long, you finally have the opportunity to walk up their steps, ring their doorbell and say hello.  A great way to know your neighbors if you haven’t had the chance yet. Hallowe’en is a time for acceptance between neighbors. It can build some strong relationships simply by giving each other a chance during the holiday.

5) Ever heard of the BUBBLE BOY, which is an old story about a person who had need to live in a sterile bubble to avoid infection.  Think about this when you get the idea to tell your kids they shouldn’t trick-or-treat on Halloween.  One of the major benefits of Hallowe’en is to get you, and your kids out into the public arena where you both learn to trust, experience, and still be safe by talking to the same neighbors and overall community on your street(s).

There is even more lessons and good things that come out of Halloween, but I won’t go any further. By reading this far, you should start realizing the benefits. Halloween is good. At the end of the night, the parents get to dictate which candies the kids eat, or which houses they knock on the door to.. So what is the problem? Same as parents enjoyed Halloween as kids, they should let their own kids experience the fun too.

Someone might suggest “Well when I was growing up in the 80’s and we had Halloween it was different than in 2012″…

..and to that I would suggest..

“Nothing has changed. It was just as dangerous in the 80’s as it is in 2012.” The point is, you can’t keep your kids in a bubble, and all you have to do as a good parent is watch them knock on each door and inspect their treats and candies. Don’t take away the magic of this one-time-a-year event. Your kids want to dress up and experience what you did. Let them have their moments. There is a way to be safe without losing out on participating on Halloween altogether.

iPhone 5? What about the iPhone 6? How much better can it get?

So the latest trend is the iPhone 5. You can already guess that the iPhone 6 is already in top-secret development.  There is a feature that people should be asking for, and no one does. A major upgrade would be a replaceable or removeable battery.   The battery is basically the heart of the device. Without battery power, an iPhone might as well be a paper weight.

DISCLAIMER: these are my personal opinions and may not be factual. Let’s see if you agree?

While it is true, an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s can have the battery replaced by a specialist (With brain surgeon soldering skills), it’s not economically practicle.

It is no secret that Apple knows, and so does every cellular retailer, that iPhones often come with 3 year contracts in order to subsidize the phone cost.  What does that mean? In short, the next major revision of the iPhone has to hit the market within a few months of people’s 3 year term contracts expiring.

So when they design the phone, they do it with a battery that should keep up for 2 or 3 years before the phone starts turning into a dud.

Users usually ask for:

a) A bigger, and better screen

b) More memory

c) A faster processor

But rarely do people ask for the basic design upgrades, like how about an interchangeable or removeable battery?  As long as cell phones have been on the market, a key feature has always been pulling off the back plate, removing the battery and replacing it without needing a soldering iron.

For whatever reason that escapes me, iPhone gets away with hardwiring their batteries right to the motherboard. As far as I know, it is the only popular phone that does that..

So I’m hoping that iPhone 6 will have that single, most important feature. A removeable or replaceable battery without needing a soldering iron.

If they do that, it will bring longetivity to the device.  That’s probably their reason for not wanting to have that feature.  They know that once your iPhone stops keeping its charge, and it eventually starts crashing from irregular DC volt power, you’ll be looking for the next generation iPhone purchase ASAP.

It’s a consumer market, and they are your dealer to generate sales.

I, myself, am still using a Palm TREO 650, one of the earlier smart phones from 2005.  That was 7 years ago, but the phone still works, its quad-band, and lets me browse the web, check email, and use simple apps.  When I bought the phone when it first came out, it cost me $900.  Just last year, I bought another second one as a backup for $40 off eBay. That’s a $860 discount!

The reason the TREO 650 phone still works to this day, is because I was able to remove the battery and replace it with a new one. No soldering skills needed.

Once the iPhone 5 came out, a friend of mine “gave” me their iPhone 3GS, considering the iPhone 3GS worthless in the grand scheme of things.  The problem was simply that the battery wasn’t holding a proper charge, and the newest iOS upgrade was causing problems for the phone.

So all you iPhone 5 users today, touting your new device in 2012, I can already anticipate by 2015 most of you will be holding an iPhone 6. History dictates that when your 3 year term runs out, the iPhone 6 will be there waiting.

Let’s be more specific. I can estimate right now, the iPhone 6 will hit the market September 2014 or September 2015. That’s a fact (in my opinion). A few months before Christmas, but in time enough for iPhone 5 users who have term contracts that run out. It will enable you to buy the latest iPhone 6 and re-comit yourselves to the next 3 year contract period.

On another note, I fully expect by 2015 someone will gift me an iPhone 4S by then, considering it junk, once the iPhone 6 hits the market. People like myself that are patient enough, just wait for the hand me downs to be free or super cheap given to us. We never need to hop on board the latest technological wave and pay premium prices to enjoy the technology that everyone else has had the benefit of, over the last few years.

So my recommendation to iPhone 5 and future iPhone 6 users is this…. Please start demanding that they incorporate replaceable batteries in the new iPhone 6. Doing that will bring longetivity to the devices they create, and will stop this madness of when the battery loses its integrity, so does the usefulness of the iPhone.

We don’t need more junk in our land fills. If a user replaceable battery can keep a device working for years to come, then let’s see that already.

What are your thoughts?

Back to school: Supplies and Being Cool

So it is that time of year again where people are buying Back to School Supplies.

In the old days, it usually meant you had enough binders, lined paper, a ruler, enough pencils, pens, a padlock for your locker, that sort of thing.

While a lot of that is the basics, in 2012 now we have to add a USB Thumbdrive, an iPhone, an ipad, and things like that. Even worse, it not only includes a new pair of jeans and some running shoes for gym (physical education) but..

It has to be the latest pair of $250 running shoes that were just released on the market.

About 20 years ago, your back to school supplies would have cost probably about $60, and you’d have everything you need.

In 2012, it can cost upwards of $500 to $1000 especially if you add in all the digital toys and latest styles for clothing and footwear.

I remember hearing that back in the 70’s public schools (up to grade 8) use to give you the supplies you needed. You didn’t have to buy anything.  I think around that time they use to ask your parents to send $20 to school, and it included everything you would need for the entire year.

Back then field trips were free. You just had to pack your own lunch. Today? Kids have to get their parents permission and include $25 to $50 to attend. After all, gasoline is at a premium these days.

Even just eating at school can be expensive in the cafeteria.  You use to be able to buy a burger and fries for $3 before. I bet it’s up close to $8 now.

We all know that prices and inflation increases, it’s just too bad when we see it happen at school.

Your comments?


Coincidence? No such thing. Things happen for a reason..

Sometimes when things work out in our favor, we think well, what a coincidence. I’m lucky today.

What people don’t seem to understand, is that coincidence isn’t luck. Things happen because you deserve it to work out. It could be something you did 3 weeks ago, or three months ago. It is the universe paying you back your due.

Sometimes a good deed takes time to come full circle for you to see it. Usually when it does, we write it off as being coincidence, or being lucky.

For instance, you blow out your tire, roll to the side of the highway, and what a coincidence, a high school friend shows up with a tow truck. What luck!

Or is it really that simplistic?

We can live through our whole lives without realizing how luck and coincidence are purposeful helping hands in our life that show up at the right time, when we need it.

Karma is huge. What you put out there,  you get back one way or another. Don’t be negative or domineering to other people – if you do, you’ll get yours later.

After too many freakish moments, where something has happened “just too perfect”, I no longer believe in coincidence. Sometimes the universe is delivering what we need, because we deserve it. It is ignorant to think of it otherwise. Accept the gifts that the universe has to deliver, and recognize them without frivilously thinking of it nothing more than being coincidence or sheer luck.

Everything you do, the way you think, the way you act, and the way you live your life on earth might be evaluated somwhere out in the galaxy without you knowing it. (Or for religious purposes, God himself).

That does not mean that if you generally do good, you will not have a bad day, or terrible things happen to you. Those are life challenges that each of us have to experience every now and then..

What it does mean, is that if you go over and above the call of duty (sounds so official doesn’t it), for someone else, without any thought of reimbursement or payback? I believe that it means that in the next few weeks, or next few months, or next couple of  years it is going to come back to you at the right time.

Today I learned something about ID, EGO, and SuperEgo. Never heard of those concepts about our inner personalities before.

If you want to enrich your life and learn about yourself, check out this wikipedia page.

So the next time you get into a weird moment where something good happens by “coincidence”. Think twice about it. It is quite possible you did something good for someone else a long time back, and now the universe is staging the cards to help you out later.

It seems that everything I am saying is so spiritual and mystical. But, what if I’m right? You decide  😀

It is 2012 – What does that really mean? Apocalypse or business as usual?

So it is 2012. People many years ago thought by now we’d be riding jetpacks to work, flying cars, and having a computer based machine create and spit out our dinner through a slot.

So what happened?

In simple terms: Lack of cooperation.

Countries aren’t cooperating in 2012, they are simply competing against each other.

You don’t know your neighbor more than you did 10 years ago..

Companies don’t take time to know (or especially care) about their customers other than their buying habits.

The world isn’t working together in unison.

This is why 2012 is no different than 1995…

As people, and as corporations, we’ve matured very little.  The government too, has matured very little.

We’re stuck, as a society.  We’re not progressing our way of living beyond electronic toys and gadgets.

This why there is no jetpacks, flying cars, or things like free energy.

As humans we’ve adopted GREED, take care of our own families. We only proceed in a group setting as long as I “get mine first”.

It is a sad state of affairs really. The people at the top seems content. Anything they want, they can finance and buy. But are they really content? My guess is no…

Everyone wanted to see the jet pack. Everyone expected to see flying cars.  The middle class wanted to see oil and gasoline unimportant where seawater could power the world.

But instead, instead of moving forward, we’re all stuck, because no one wants to give way to the future. It’s all about greed.

It is a sad state of affairs.

Things could have changed for the better a long time ago. It will still be a long time before they change in the future.  We’re caught in this hamster wheel of evolution. We’re going no where fast.

What is the meaning of life? Time to realize it.

People often wonder what the meaning of life is all about. I think here was even a comedy show from Monty Python about it.

To be honest, the meaning of life, in a general sense, means you were put on the earth do DO SOMETHING. At the very minimal LEARN SOMETHING.

I must have already lost some people based on those two statements alone. Do Something? Learn Something? What does that mean? Is it referring to the fact that I shouldn’t party every weekend? Does it mean this? Does it mean that?

What the meaning of life means (in my eyes), is that you were given birth, lived your life, for the purpose of discovering yourself as a human being and doing something significant before you go. This could mean creating a picasso art painting. It could mean that you helped someone in desperate need. It could mean that you wrote a book. It could mean that you smiled to someone on the subway who was about to commit suicide that day, but because of your smile, they held on for one more day.

I think it is an indisputable fact. People were born here, for a deliberate reason. You might go through your whole life and not understand why… and then.. the day comes. Omigosh, I can’t believe it!  Something happened today that was completely out of the ordinary that I was a part of..  (Now you can see it)

I believe that the earth is nothing more than a “proving ground” or “testing ground” for souls.  Sure, they give you a body, and let you run around amuck like children, but when truth comes to shove.. they watch how you react.

What IF the earth was just that? A trial or testing ground for souls.  You are not allowed to move on spiritually unless you become a decent human being on earth?

Sometimes you don’t get all the answers you want, simply by asking questions. Once in awhile, listen to the silence around you, ask the questions and see if you can intellectually hear answers in your head.

I realize that last sentence might seem strange to someone. “See if you can intellectually hear answers in your head”

Let me clarify.

We’ve heard terms like our “alter-ego”, or our “guardian-angel”, or the “voice of our conscious”.. It is that voice that you hear in your head that seems to come from abroad.

If you slow down for even just 5 solid minutes. Block out the city noise around you.  Breathe, and think of some questions, and listen…  You might be given an answer back. Where does that voice come from? Is it you? Or from some place far away? Is it the universe?

Actually it does not matter what you hear, as much as it means, how willing you are to know yourself, what you are capable of, and what you will try to do tomorrow.

For the people that still don’t get it:

You weren’t given life, to be born on earth, to watch TV, to buy the latest cell phone, and to dine at the best restaurants.

Perhaps you were put here to develop into a real person, with some importance, to give back to society, your neighbor, family, or even a stranger. But you exist for a reason. Some people never find that reason. Some people do.. It’s actually up to you. Are you receptive to the idea you can do some good while you’re here? Or are you just here to party your heart out without a care in the world?

Having fun, is nice.

Caring about the purpose of your existence is deep, and shows that you have a heart, are intelligent, and are in tune with things.

Understanding who you are is free. It just takes some time to realize who you are…

Summer solstice: What is it, and why is it important?

Most of us have heard the term “Summer Solstice”. But what does it really mean, and why is it important?  Here are the reasons why the summer solstice is an important event, and why you should appreciate it..

In short, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, but there is so much more than that..

Did you know that when this happens, it means that there is 24 hours of non-stop daylight north of the Arctic Circle?  If you lived there, you’d care. 🙂

At the same time, this is when 24 hours of darkness is experienced south of the Arctic Circle too.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, ok big deal. Two spots on earth it’s either 24 hours of dark, or 24 hours of light. Is that all this means? Nope..

In some parts of the world, namely Scandinavia, Estonia and Latvia, the summer solstice is actually the the most celebrated holiday other than Christmas.

When the summer solstice happens, this means that the sun is at its northern-most position in relation to the equator for the northern hemisphere and its southern most position for the southern hemisphere.  This only happens once per year.

Now here is the weird part… and you, yourself, might have experienced this..

During the summer solstice, people feel different.  They can’t put their finger on it, but they feel more energetic, and emotionally better.


We know that a sunny day makes us feel better in general, but why?

The sun’s rays allow us to use the cholesterol in our skin to be converted into vitamin D, which we need.


It is true.


This is why we are emotionally in a better frame of mind during a sunny day. The heat of the sun feels good. The brightness is pleasing to our eyes. While all of this is going on, there is a healing and cleansing going on physically with our bodies.

I read that sunlight prevents 17 different kinds of cancer from this website.

So the more we talk about the summer solstice, the more it seems obvious that it is celebrated for a very good reason. It’s a time to feel emotionally well, physically well, and to celebrate an event that only happens once a year.

The topics about summer solstice I’ve shared so far is only scratching the surface.

So we could sum up the significance of summer solstice these ways:

1) the sun is shining on the earth this time of year, more than it does any other time of the year

2) the sun has a huge impact on our bodies, how we feel, and our emotional well being

3) We’re converting cholesterol in our skin into vitamin D for “free” because of the sun, this happens more frequently during summer solstice.

4) Certain cultures and countries celebrate summer solstice almost equivalent as if it was a “Happy New Year” event on a paper calendar. To be honest, it makes you wonder why we celebrate a paper calendar New Year more than we do a summer solstice when the latter seems to be more important to us than the former.

So Happy Summer Solstice to you!!  Until this blog post, I didn’t know what it was either. But knowing now that the flaming ball of radiation in space called the Sun is actually giving us things we need as humans to survive.. and the fact that these few days during the summer solstice is when the Earth feels it the most. Sure. Sign me on, I celebrate it too. The Summer Solstice is a good thing, and it makes me want to walk outside and feel the sun that much more.

Life is funny sometimes. We’re so busy texting and watching TV, that a simple concept like the summer solstice needs to be explained. We should have learned this in school, or better yet, from our own parents long ago.




Being rich is boring. Receiving an inheritance and being wealthy sucks.

If you are rich and wealthy and found this blog post, then you’re lucky. Personally, I watched a documentary on how rich kids who inherit fortunes get bored easily. That makes perfect sense.

For regular people, everyone thinks that if you are born into money, life must be so easy and they look down upon you. You’ll have servants in your life who give you a fake smile, which you see through, because the family has money.

From an early age, you are taught, to respect money and how lucky you are to have a family with fortune, but how lucky are you?

What IF, you were ready to make life more challenging, and wanted to be important in your own way irregardless of your family path?

All of this is possible! Being rich does not have be boring, and having an inheritance does not have to be such a burden if you use it the right way.

So what could you do with your fortune?

Always giving money to charity just to gain tax deductible donations is boring. But it doesn’t have to stop there..  Perhaps you are not using your fortune the right way.

What if you.. something out of the ordinary? Find a struggling entrepreneur, a business person in need of funding. Make their dream come true. Who knows? Maybe a small investment on your behalf ($50,000) could double in the next couple of years, and at the same time, you helped someone else who needed the money to get started?

Investing in the right people, even on a gamble, for a wealthy person can turn into a WIN-WIN scenario.

If you have wealth, use it in a creative way. Enjoy your gift and share it with other good natured people (even strangers) who can help it grow.

Strategically using your wealth to financially back a struggling entrepreneur could have unexpected rewards. Think about it. Why let your money sit in a bank account, when you could invest $50,000 into a sole proprietor who has the talent, but no funds?

I’ve never understood that about rich kids. They have more money than they can spend in their life, yet they don’t seem to seek out the people who could really use their help. I’m not talking about charity. I’m talking about the silent majority of new start up business entrepreneurs. People that have a dream and want to get there, and are looking for that “angel investor” to help them make it come true.

I already know, if I won the lottery tomorrow, that is exactly what I would do.. I’d give a bunch of money to charity, but I’d also reserve some money for helping out a struggling entrepreneur who could really use the help. The bonus here, is if it paid off in the long run, together we could generate more money and help charity even more.

Want to know where I’d start?

Two places:        or

Both of these are project proposal websites that have posted business plans. These entrepreneurs just need is funding. You could send them $5 dollars or $5,000 dollars.  There are rewards for your contribution, (or you can be anonymous too).

Seed money is a beautiful thing to a project. Problem is, that everyone expects banks to be the only source of funding.

What about wealthy kids who have inherited their wealth and want to help build something?

Why does life suck?

Someone, out there, is eventually going to type into a search engine “why does life suck?” and they will be hoping for an answer.  In this blog post, I will answer that question, or at least do my best..

Life sucks, in general terms, because people wake up each morning hoping that every new day will bring something different. A new idea, a new thing to marvel over, something that will make yesterday seem like the stone ages.

The reason life can sometimes “suck”, is because most of us are caught up in this circular warp. We’re forever going to bed at similar times of the night. We’re waking up at similar times of the morning. We’re drinking that similar coffee, and having that similar breakfast to start the day off..

We work the similar jobs, or go to the similar school, and then have that similar wonder each day that passes “why does life suck”.

If you, as a person, have never thought that… “why does life suck”.. then I have no idea why you were able to search out this blog post, or why you are reading this far in…

..but for everyone else.. here’s the answer to your worries..


To be honest.. life doesn’t stuck. Perhaps your perception of life sucks. That means, you’re in the wrong lane of the superinformation highway of life. It means you need change, and need it now.

Even if your life seems manageable, it’s still creating this “it sucks” feeling in you. This is a key time to look at life around you, and instead of blaming life, learn to decide why you have allowed an environment around you to be created this way.

Does life suck, or perhaps you, as a person, have allowed it to suck?

It sounds like I’m giving you answers in riddles, but to be honest, sometimes life works that way.

In short, I can tell you why “life sucks” today. is because you didn’t change the path significantly yesterday..

THAT’S RIGHT.  Your yesterday is the reason you are feeling, seeing, and experiencing today.

So when someone gets upset about the way their life is going “today”, the real answer is embedded in the way they acted “yesterday” or the week before, or the week before that…

You are experiencing life today, because of what you neglected to do yesterday.

It is as simple as that. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news (and remember the adge: don’t shoot the messenger)

..but if you really look at it. Today, the way you feel about it, has a significant reason for happening, based on yesterday, a few days back, a few weeks back, or a few months back.

To change this situation, so “life doesn’t suck any more” is quite easy…

Make a significant change today, of any sort, so that when tomorrow shows up, it may become a different day as a result of your change.

It could be anything.. here are some examples of how to achieve real change

1) Quit your job: (be careful with this one, unless you have a for-sure opportunity elsewhere)

2) Say goodbye once and for all to that annoying friend

3) Spend a solid 2 hours learning about a new talent, or trade that you are interested in – work at it

4) Re-arrange your habitual duties. Are you the type of person who wakes up, pours yourself a coffee, and sits on youtube each morning? Well the next morning, avoid youtube, pour yourself an orange juice, and walk around the block instead.


So if you realise “today” only happened because of what you did “yesterday” perhaps tomorrow, “life won’t suck quite as much any more”

Think of what you  want for the future, and know, that your actions today, really do dictate tomorrow.

Hopefully some of this helps.

(ASMR) The sound of rain, how to appreciate it, instead of hating it

It is easy to hate rain.  When it rains, we get wet. Everyone loves a sunny day, so when rain shows up, it puts a damper on things (pun intended). But are those real reasons we should hate rain?

People can be strange this way. After stepping out of a nice shower, people feel clean, and they’re happy they had one. But if water falls from the sky, all of a sudden it’s a bad thing. If you really look at it, rain is under appreciated.

Rain cleans the world.  It washes away dirt. It cleanses things.  It fills up the water reservoirs in the city, so when you turn on the taps, you get water.

Ever heard of a rain dance? Native indians knew the importance of rain.  People all around the world in dry climates beg for rain. Those same people that beg for rain would laugh at people who complain about it.

The human body consists of 57% water.  So you’d think that people who can’t live more than 72 hours without drinking water wouldn’t hate rain quite as much as we all do.

“Oh no, it’s going to rain!”, is a common complaint we hear often.

It’s like listening to gorillas complaining that there are too many bananas.  Why do we complain about rain?

What’s even better, is the sound of rain. There are CD’s you can buy, just to give you the sounds of rain. There is a thing called ASMR, and I don’t know if you have heard about this phenomenon, but it finally has a name.

ASMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Never heard of it? That’s quite possible, since it’s not widely talked about.  Perhaps you’ve experienced ASMR without knowing about it.

ASMR is an experience when sound can trigger pleasurable senses in your brain, and more often then not, you logically cannot explain why.

It could be ridiculous things, like someone turning pages of a magazine. Or someone shuffling through their purse looking for their lipstick. It could be the pitter patter of rain on the window.

Good sounds, and pleasurable sounds don’t always come from Lady Gaga. Not that I have anything against her as a musician, but she does have competition for pleasurable sound, and it could be as simple as the rain.

So the next time it is raining out, rather than duck for cover, and curse at it. Take a second glance.  Watch the rain, watch how leaves and plants respond. Smell the freshness in the air. Listen to the sound, and appreciate this is nature’s way of speaking aloud.

We’ve all heard the phrase “take time to smell the roses”.

…maybe now it’s time we learn how to appreciate rain, instead of hating it.

What do you think?


What gives? A horrible expression that shows lack of intelligence.

There are certain phrases that people use without putting much thought into them. One of them that irks me is the phrase “What gives?”

What taints that expression is that it’s usually found in the same sentence as WTF.

“WTF man, why is this thing still broken? What gives?”

Often when someone says “what gives”, it’s rarely used when something positive is happening.  The speaker who says it, is usually pissed off and complaining about something.

Here’s the problem. (By the way, this blog post might be coming out in riddles. You may have to re-read it a couple times to understand my points. There is no easy way of taking a phrase like this, splitting hairs about why it’s wrong, and convincing anyone of the alternative).

Emotion is stirred into the phrase, which means, logical communication has dwindled down to the point someone has to say “What gives”.. it is akin to showing anger. That’s why I hate the phrase “What gives”.

In my opinion “What gives” is a simple way of saying “Why am I experiencing this problem, and who is going to fix it before I get even more upset”.

…so I ask, why do people keep saying it? What gives???

If people were to calm down a little, realize that not every problem in existence is present “just to piss you off”. Sometimes it’s something that can easily be fixed. Or, it simply means, that a solution hasn’t been found yet.

How about instead of asking “What gives”.. ask “Is there anything that I can do to help?”

“What gives?” Shows frustration, and anger, demands a solution, and does very little to help the situation, instead, it only compounds the problem further. Now there is two problems. The first problem which is unsolved which caused someone to demand “What gives”, and now there is a second problem, calming down, and satisfying the person who demands “What gives”.

As someone who has worked with customer service before, I’ve heard the “What gives” phrase one too many times. Usually our response would be “Thank you for reporting the problem, it’s been worked on right now, and will be fixed shortly”

…but at no time is there a way to truly answer “What gives?” why bother asking that question in the first place.

Similarily, if someone asks “WTF?” — again, there is no way to answer that question either.

My recommendation to you, the next time you’re upset, and want to communicate that you’ve noticed a problem. Don’t use “WTF” or “What gives”, because they are both negative connotations that are not constructive or helpful. Just leave them out of your speech.  Instead, just report a problem, ask if it has already been reported, and what is being done to correct it.

Maintaining your composure during problematic times, by not stomping your feet, wailing like a child, and using phrases like “WTF” or “What Gives”, will earn you a lot more respect in the long run.

This is the best way I can articulate how I feel about the phrase “What Gives” and how I wish it would disappear from existence. After that, “WTF” can be next.

Enjoy the rest of your day or evening. 🙂

Phones and computers are enslaving people.

So now we have smart phones and everybody can be connected 24 / 7.  Is this a good thing? Who’s the nerd now? Just cuz you may believe that you are not a geek, doesn’t mean you’re not a geek. If you are walking around with an iPhone in your purse, and you’re constantly checking your email messages everytime the phone beeps…

Apparently you are exhibiting the behavior of a nerd.

Seems like I’m trying a little too hard to call out the guilty here.

But really look at the situation.

Is e-mail THAT important? Can’t it wait until you return to the office, or go back home?

Does a message from someone need to pop up on your smart phone while you are moving down the aisles of a grocery store?

Is it a life and death situation that if you don’t reply to someone 5 minutes after you left the house or office? What if they have to wait until tomorrow morning to get your response? Is everyone’s life hanging closer to financial ruin if we don’t respond instantly?

At what point do we all becomes slaves of technology? Why is it no longer socially or financially acceptable to leave the computer, to leave our phone, and just walk around in the open world without constantly checking for incoming email?

It’s a sad joke if you really look at it. We stopped living our own personal lives, just because technology is here.

Recognize the problem. It’s obvious.

What spawned this post, is that I was talking to someone recently that was bragging about how she gets her email on FOUR different devices.  “I get it on my phone, I get it on my iPad, I get it on my Laptop, and I get it on my Desktop”, she stated and then grinned.

I looked at her, like she was someone in need of a therapist. She had this idiotic happy look on her face that she gets the opportunity to re-read each message four times as it comes in. If I handed her a fifth device, I think she’d be ecstatic.

It’s akin to zombies walking around saying “more brains”

Only these zombies are saying “more email devices”

Thankfully the portable internet-enabled toilet never was created, but Microsoft tried!

What is twitter, facebook, and the internet really about?

Twitter is much different than Facebook, and if you haven’t tried it yet, look at what you have been missing! Some people wonder why Twitter and Facebook are so popular these days. Everyone hops onto Facebook to check out their friends and family, their status updates, etc.

For the most part, it seems like a big waste of time. You’re telling people about non-important things about your life, and you’re reading their status updates or tweets about nonsensical stuff, or so it seems.

Facebook is about talking to “your family and your friends”

Twitter is about talking “to the entire world” (and also just your family and your friends, if you want)

When you write something on Twitter, everybody usually can see it. This invites strangers to make comments about your tweets. This is a great way to meet people from all walks of life. You can talk to people that you’d normally pass on the street.

Take a step back for a moment – and really look at what Twitter can offer you.

You’re actually conversing with people. Real people. People who you don’t have to go and have a coffee with, just to know them or learn more about them. You don’t geographically have to be in the same city to know what makes them tick.

The internet is a huge place. You’ll meet many idiots. At the same time, you’ll meet one in every 1,000 that is worthwhile talking to..

I’ll share my story.  I avoided twitter. I’m not one of those fast thumb typists on my cell phone that wants to tweet.

I felt like I was missing something. I deliberately opened up a twitter account to see what it was all about. What happened next was totally unexpected.

You are hundreds, or thousands of miles away from someone, and all it takes is a few tweets or sentences here and there for you to realize you’ve met someone intellectual with a real persona to them.

What if, you will never meet for coffee, as friends, but know, there is someone else out there with the same brain power, sense of humor, strength as a person as you?

Could it be possible to be friends with someone you have never met?

I still have problems understanding why, but I met this person on twitter named @MercStarChild on twitter.  To be honest, all I did was read a few tweets from her, and I immediately recognized she was a person of substance. A thinker. Someone who feels she can express herself in public, without worry about what everyone else thinks.

I am much the same way.

Now there’s a small problem. When one person compliments another, right away it seems out of the ordinary. “Oh, he must like her”, or “he’s only saying that because he has an ulterior motive”.


What if, I am just paying her a genuine compliment, as a decent human being who deserves praise and recognition for who she is?

(which is exactly what I am doing).

So let’s get back to the subject of this blog post:

What is twitter, facebook, and the internet really about?

It is about meeting people across vast geographical regions that you may not have been able to meet otherwise.

It is about finding that diamond in the rough. That worthy person to talk to, who may be on the other side of the country, who is like you.

It is about bringing people together, without people feeling like they are alone with seeing life a certain way.

It is about how I met @MercStarChild and loving her odd tweets as she talks about her family, whether it be good or bad.

Real people are scattered around the globe. It is up to us to find each other, and talk to each other.

So maybe now, you know what the underlying reason of twitter and facebook, and what the internet is really about.

It should be (and will always will be) connecting like minded people together.

I’d love to hear your comments

Vegetable Gardens vs Mowing your Lawn!

People know how to mow their lawn. They know how to rake their leaves, they even know how to wash their driveways and trim their bushes.

What the majority of people don’t do, is grow a vegetable garden. It is surprising to me that people do not take the time to grow some tomatoes or cucumbers and save money by reaping the benefits of their efforts.  You can’t eat grass, but people spend countless hours maintaining their lawns.

The few courageous people out there that actually do plant a vegetable garden, usually go to the local nursery, or hardware (even drug store) and buy pre-potted vegetable plants, bring them home and transplant them in their little vegetable garden.  They feel they are urban farmers at this point. They took a plant, stuck it in soil, watered it during the summer months, and picked off the fruit or vegetables that the plant grows.

Then you get the die-hards – these are the people that just buy seeds from the store, grow them in pots, or in a greenhouse, and think they are farmers, because they bought seeds in a packet and successfully planted them, transplanted them outside when the weather was nice, and reaped the rewards when they were in full bloom and producing vegetables and fruit (especially in the case of tomatoes).

Who is left?  The truly organic people. Those few people, maybe 1 out of every 1000 that knows what HEIRLOOM seeds are.. Or better yet, how to save, and create their own seeds from things they’ve grown in previous years without needing to run to a store to buy a packet of seeds.

Imagine that, you eat a watermellon, and spit out the seeds. You eat grapes with seeds, and spit them out. Slice a lemon, you have to get rid of the seeds.  Has anyone taken the time to realize that the annoying “seeds” could provide real food for you the following year?

People will say, well I’m too busy to save seeds and grow a garden, I work all day, and have to go grocery shopping afterwards.  Well what if the grocery store was in your backyard?  If you took a few minutes to cultivate some soil, plant some heirloom seeds, grow a plant, and reap what you sow, and actually harvest your efforts “FOR FREE” and save yourself a bundle of cash in the process, wouldn’t that be worth it?

I can tell you from experience this single thing. A wax coated imported tomato that was picked green, and trucked to your location and ripened along the way, will have no where near the taste.. that one that you could have grown on your own. To illustrate my point, is a frozen pizza from a grocery store (think cardboard) as tasty as one delivered to you hot and fresh?

So let’s see what we’re really asking people to do, because this idea seems so foreign to most people:

1) Get a hold of a decent seed (heirloom in a packet, or one that you saved yourself)

2) Plant it in decent soil, that has nutrients and organic material enough to feed the plant

3) Water it

4) When it produces fruit or vegetables, take them

5) Next year, repeat…

There is something so special about eating what you created.  It is true, tomatoes or cucumbers, or even beans will not grow widely in your lawn without you taking the first few steps. But if you do take the few moments outside of your internet, gaming, TV, or texting day, to actually sink a seed into the soil and ensure it gets watered.. You can reap what you sow.

People keep complaining about the economy, but savings to survive are right infront of you. GROW something, and eat what you produce. It will give you a greater outlook on life, and there is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Many people will suggest, “well I’m not a farmer, and I don’t know what I am doing”. Well google is there to help you. Watch some videos, do some searches, and see how easy it can be. If you are an early starter, you might kill a few young plants by accident. But at least you tried, and you are learning along the way.

Every new year that shows up, and every seasonal cycle that we experience, you have a chance at trying something new. Try to grow at least one single vegetable or fruit bearing plant, and if it doesn’t work out, learn from  your mistakes.

It doesn’t take much to sink a dried corn seed into the ground, to grow a corn plant, and get free corn.

If this is something you haven’t spent much time thinking or learning about, then perhaps it is time you did.